30 Popular Chinese Tattoo Design Ideas with Meanings RTP

Tattoos: They have been in and around the world from time immemorial. Studies have shown that tattoos date back as far as Neolithic era that will be around 5200 years back. Tattoos have been rooted in various cultures.. Chinese tattoo arts are the ones which are most evolved.

Tattooing in China is called Ci Shen (Or Wen Shen) which literally means puncturing the body. Traditionally, it was meant to identify criminals. But in some communities in China, girls on reaching puberty, are tattooed. Men tattoo themselves as a symbol of bravery and masculinity. Having close involvement with tattoos in their history, the types of tattoo designs in China are diverse. Let me take you through some of those.

30. Chinese Olympic Tattoos










These tattoos came into existence right before the Beijing Olympics 2008. Don’t get confused it with the usual Olympic tattoos. As much as it inculcates the theme of Olympics, it mainly revolves around Chinese symbols and culture. Since this tattoo is more like one time use, sadly enough, there is perpetually no demand for this one.

29. Unique Chinese Tattoos










Are you a person who likes to stand out and be different? Then this is the tattoo that you will want. This is one tattoo that doesn’t have any replica. It is made by the Chinese tattoo artist just once and they refuse to redo the same one again. Get this one done and you will never have to run into another person with the same design. Since getting this tattoo is quite a task, the demand for this tattoo is the least.

28. Chinese Demon Tattoos










Are you attracted to dark mysteries? Then, here is the tattoo for you, Demon Tattoo. This one is not for the faint hearted ones. This design is very similar to Hannya mask from Japanese mythology. It is believed that these tattoos awaken desire in a man to fall into temptations of sin, deceit and weakness. In short, it’s got everything to do with demon’s temptations. Still, want it? If yes, you are a dare devil. And, for obvious reasons, it ranks the lowest in tattoo popularity.

27. Chinese Stylish Abstract










This is a kind of Chinese tattoo which is trending currently. It is mainly single Chinese letter, more of an abstract style. It is gradually gaining popularity among the youth and is making its way towards the most popular.

26. Chinese White Forest Tattoo








The exact meaning of this tattoo is unknown. But it has everything to do with respect for forests in the Chinese tradition. But the most relevant point of this tattoo is its uniqueness. It certainly is one of a kind.

25. Chinese Super Hero










By Superheroes, I didn’t mean Superman or Batman, but Chinese superheroes. Are you a fan of one? Then this is for you. This is another Chinese tattoo that doesn’t have any hidden inner meaning.

24. Chinese God/ Goddess Tattoo








Show your faith in God or Goddess with this tattoo. It holds some deep mystic grip over other tattoos. It is one of the most straight-forward tattoos. The most popular Goddess tattoo is of Goddess Quan Yin, shown in the image above. She is the goddess of mercy, protection, and compassion. Her name means “She who hear prayers”. Really, a very meaningful tattoo.

23. Chinese Butterfly Tattoo










Butterfly tattoos are for the ones in love, especially young love, according to Chinese culture. Butterfly with the Chinese script is among the hot tattoo designs among women now.

22. Chinese Special Panda Tattoo

The obvious reason for this tattoo is that it is the national animal of China and a representative of WWF. But Panda symbolizes peace, tranquility, balance, wisdom and serenity. If you are looking for an inspiration in life, then you should go for panda tattoo.

21. China Pattern Love Birds

This is a pretty straight forward tattoo, usually done by couples in love. The two Chinese plate blue doves carved on back symbolize the lovely chemistry between couples. It is heavily influenced by China Pattern.

20. Chinese Devil Dragon Tattoo

This tattoo ranks the next in popularity among men, after the dragon and tiger tattoos. But the strangest fact is, even though it is of Chinese origin, it is most popular in West. It is not your regular tattoo. It has hidden deep meanings which are unknown to most.

19. Yin Yang Tattoo

Being the Chinese representation of male and female energy, it is something that is known to almost everyone. This is a tattoo design that has got fan base even in the West. It is simple, yet got a substantial presence. This tattoo has caught the notice of people interested in Eastern spirituality. Yin represents the dark female part representing night, water and earth. Yang represents the white male part representing day, fire and air. It shows that everything in this world has two aspects and one cannot survive without the other.

18. Chinese Phoenix Tattoo

How about some fire? Phoenix (aka firebird) tattoo is the most meaningful or apt one if you are looking for some fire. Do you know that it was used as a symbol of royalty? In Chinese culture, the phoenix is known as Fenghuang and was used to represent the empress. Chinese phoenix tattoos symbolize high virtue and grace and also the union of yin and yang.

17. Chinese Tiger Tattoo

Another popular Chinese tattoo is the tiger tattoo. The tiger represents the third animal sign in the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. It is supposed to represent courage, self-reliance, friendliness and hope.

16. Chinese Goldfish

Those in touch with Feng Shui will be familiar with the importance of Goldfish in Chinese culture. The goldfish is the symbol of luck, wealth, and harmony. In Chinese culture, goldfish mean abundance. So, goldfish tattoo designs can mean a desire for a fulfilling happy life with wealth and joy.

15. Foo Dog Tattoo

Being a purely mythical creature, a Foo Dog is often called a protective lion. It is also known as the Chinese lion. It is always considered as a symbol of luck and protection. Moreover, it is very eye catching and majestic looking. Have a look for yourself.

14. Buddha Chinese Tattoo

Buddha Tattoos are quite unusual and pleasant to look at. They usually attract positive vibration, being often made in Black and White. They are also closely linked with Yin Yang symbol. Most noteworthy aspect is that it is closely linked with prosperity.

13. Chinese Warrior Tattoo

This tattoo is mainly fancied by men for obvious reasons. They portray power, strength, and style. They are epitomes of bravery and class. There are two types of Warrior tattoos and they are Angel warrior tattoo and Demonic warrior tattoo.

12. Cherry Blossoms Tattoo

Cherry blossoms are thought to represent feminine beauty and grace. Some also consider it as a symbol of life. If you are not a fan of getting a tattoo of the entire tree, get a one with just flowers. Let it bring out the feminine beauty in you.

11. Chinese Flower Tattoo

This tattoo is in great rage among the woman tattoo lovers. Flowers hold a special place in Chinese culture. Different flowers mean different virtues in China. For example, Lily means innocence. Also, the difference in colors means different emotions, red for passion, pink for grace and much more. There is a special category among flowers.

10. Auspicious Chinese Tattoo

This rare tattoo is a combination of a lioness with its cub alongside a blue lotus. It is considered very lucky and auspicious. Blue lotus stands for knowledge, learning, and intelligence. Lioness with cubs stands for protection.

9. Chinese Luck Symbol

These are a series of three Chinese letters that means luck, respect, and strength. This tattoo is very common among people who always look for a pinch of luck in life. Are you in need of luck?

8. Chinese Angel Tattoo

From Ancient times, Angels have been considered as the messengers of God. So for the same reason, Angel tattoos have been the most popular tattoo designs for generations. It is considered to display one’s belief or faith in God. These tattoos have two variations, either in the form of hands or angel wings. Typically, this design is in great demand by girls.

7. Chinese Lady

One of the most striking tattoos that I found was that of the Chinese lady. On seeing this tattoo, the first thought would be looking for the underlying emotions. These designs often symbolize the loss of someone important in one’s life.  It also represents a person’s passion, fervor and even spirit. These tattoos are also chosen by men who experience unrequited love. Add some color to it, there you own yourself a spectacular tattoo.

6. Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish or brocaded carp is one of the most colorful fishes. Both Chinese and Japanese hold Koi fish in great respect. According to them, a swimming koi represents advancement and determination. Chinese believe, koi fish indicates success in business and academics. Moreover, Buddhists respect Koi fish as it is a representation of courage, while a koi pond indicates love and friendship. If you are a fan of colored tattoos, I say that there is no better tattoo for you. Just look at the picture, you will understand what I mean.

5. Chinese Black Dragon

Do you want something that is more fierce and powerful looking that the colored dragon? Then you must go for the great Black Dragon tattoo. It evokes power and a feeling of fear. Are you an adventurer or swashbuckler? Go for this one. It will certainly compliment you.

4. Chinese Colored Dragon

Dragons have a very special place in the Chinese culture and mythology. Colored Dragons are supposed to symbolize wisdom, courage, longevity, prosperity, strength, power and good luck. Guys are usually the ones who demand this tattoo more as it seems more masculine. But nowadays, more girls are finding dragon tattoos trendy. So all the girls out there, try it as it is really incredible. It adds an edge to your charisma.

3. Chinese Animal Name

The Chinese have a peculiar way of naming zodiac signs after animals. This is often used as a tattoo design by many. Why not just find out your zodiac animal and turn it into a tattoo? Some even select the animals for the trait they represent.  The best part is it won’t be just boring animal names. The Chinese tattoo artists wield their tattoo machines to create perfect strokes and curves to the tattoo.

2. Single Chinese Letter

This is one of the most common and simplest tattoos among the various Chinese tattoos. Unlike the English counterparts, a single letter in Chinese can be eloquent beyond our imagination. A single letter could mean peace, strength, destiny, harmony or even energy. Have your pick from the lot, go according to your inner gut or maybe pick out a word that you want to be a constant reminder throughout your life, pick the exact Chinese letter translation. Stamp it on your body.

1. Chinese Calligraphy

The Chinese are very fond of their calligraphy. It is more like their own secret pride. We do calligraphy in many languages. But in China, it’s an art. These tattoos can be any word, phrase or even your name. Just choose the style and color, you want the tattoo in and let the tattoo artist do his magic. These tattoos are done at the back of the hand by most of the people. This is one of the most popular tattoos, not just in China but abroad too. Many celebrities have tattooed themselves in Chinese calligraphy. David Beckham is one of them.