9 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Calluses Naturally

The Winters are coming to their peaks. We are burning the midnight oil to meet the needs. In this chase, we often drive our body to the extremes. These conditions of continued prolonged friction, pressure, heat and sweat give rise to protuberances like corns and calluses.

Today’s discourse is about calluses. Calluses are mainly dead, dried and thick patches on the skin. Mostly, they occur on feet or hands. Those chubby fingers tips coming from regular guitar sessions and excessive pen work, the padding toe tips forming due to regular running and jogging are attributed to the formation of calluses. Although, it is not harmful though it can cause skin ulceration and infection if not treated before worsening.

So, lets cut to the chase and check out these 9 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Calluses Naturally:-

1) Pumice stone:-

The indigenous tool for dead skin removal is certainly the pumice stone. You may well remember your moms constantly boring you out for rinsing your feet and hands with this. They never were wrong, were they?

Easy to follow, just rub them against those dead skin patches and see them erode off. Do make it a habit as it would make it impossible to develop again.

2) Lemon Baking soda:- 

Baking soda is known for its exfoliating properties on the skin.Lemon, on the other hand, provides softness to the dead skin areas. So, it makes sense to use them on the calluses. Get going with these instructions:-

  • Take a sufficient amount of baking soda and mix it with 3 tbsp of lemon juice.

  • Make a thick paste out of it.

  • Tie the paste to the calluses and leave it overnight

  • Perform the task regularly till you achieve the perfect healed skin.

3) Epsom salt:-

One of the most ready-to-go remedy to cure calluses is Epsom salt. All you got to do is to follow these instructions:-

  • Add Epsom salt to a tub of warm water.

  • Stir it thoroughly

  • Place your feet or hand in the water.

  • Now, rinse the affected area and peel off the dead skin.

  • Don’t leave it rough though apply some lotion to keep it moisturised

4) Aloe vera:-

Aloe vera is nothing new to skincare and treatment. It is popular for its healing, moisturising, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Consequently, it acts perfectly well on calluses. Aloe vera is available easily on the market. But it is suggested to grow them in your backyards as they are marvellous herbs. You can apply it directly or consider our directions:-

  • Pour out some aloe vera gel, better if fresh, and dip some cotton balls in it.

  • Attach it to the affected area.

  • To make it stay that way, knot a bandage on it.

  • Let it stay overnight and rinse it off the other day.

5) Aspirin:-

Aspirin tablets are also pretty effective in easing your way to heal the calluses. It works by softening the dead and dry bit of skin. Try out these instructions to know:-

  • Crush 5 to 6 aspirin tablets and make a fine powder of it.

  • Mix it with half tbsp water and half tbsp lemon juice, till you have a neat paste.

  • Apply it to the affected area and cover it with a plastic bag.

  • Keep it warm by wrapping a warm cloth over it.

  • Wash it clean the next day

6) Apple Cider Vinegar:-

This substance is often included in many skin care regimes and it comes with a certainty to cure your corns and calluses. It is acidic in nature, this accounts for its antibacterial and antifungal nature. Its application is quite simple and effective.

Just dip some cotton in it and cover it on your affected area and let it linger on it for the night. Exfoliate it the next morning and apply moisturisers to top it off.

7) Oatmeal:-

This desi prescription may chew a bit off your time. But the results will make it worth your time. Oatmeal is already popular for its high protein and roughage content which makes prominent in the diet for weight loss. It is less known that Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliating agent. Therefore, it makes its way to our list, check it out:-

  • Get 4 tbsp of oatmeal and add a cup of water.

  • Now, boil the water and oatmeal to form a thick paste.

  • Let it cool for a while

  • Spread it all over the calluses for about 15 minutes.

  • Wash it off with a nice scrubbing with the pumice stone.

  • Do it regularly till the results are visible enough.

8) Turmeric Powder:-

Turmeric has been there for ages and is labelled as the secret cure for all your skin ailments. Bleaching, antibacterial, antifungal, just name it turmeric has it covered. No wonder it is capable of eliminating calluses too. Turmeric is bundled up with honey to get the best results. Follow the manual:-

  • Mix an adequate of turmeric with honey.

  • Apply it directly to your affected area.

  • Let it stay for 15 minutes

  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water and repeat it as required.

9) Coconut oil:-

To cap off our compilation of remedies, we have something right out from the grandma’s jar, Coconut oil. Everyone remember those chumpis we got from our grandmothers. Coconut oil can also provide for healing to your calluses. So, let’s get to it:-

  • Drop 2-4 drops of coconut oil on the calluses affected the skin.

  • Rub it gently all over it till it is absorbed.

  • Do it repeatedly and regularly.

Our body is a temple. It is meant to be worshipped. This worship often involves treating it with these skin care regimes. It won’t hurt to employ a bit of caution as you reach your limits. Prevention is always better than cure. You should certainly try to maintain hygiene for avoiding all such hassles.

Do tell us which of the above worked wonders for you.

Now, just as a token of appreciation and patience for hanging with us till the tethers. Here’s a bonus callus’s cure:-

# Onion Juice:-

This all wonder vegetable may be the star of your kitchen. But the acids of this veggie has some amazing qualities. It neutralises the infections and stimulates the immune system. Additionally, it also softens the calluses and thus, help it exfoliate.

Extract the juice of the onion and apply it on the calluses. Or you can put pieces of onion on the area and knot it with a bandage.

Prevention is always better than cure. Be sure to follow that bit of advice. It never hurts to change unhygienic habits. Mend your way to a healthier and satiable life.

Disclaimer:- Some prescriptions can have adverse effects, therefore, it is advised to seek medical guidance. Certainly, consult a doctor if any of the above doesn’t cure your calluses.


Written by Taru Dev Tewari

Passionately Inquisitive, Anytime Stroller, Adamantly Driven, Compassionate:- These words define me enough