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9 things You Must Avoid on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most bi-polar celebrations ever. It is full of joy and excitement for couples who are truly in love while being completely loathed by couples who aren’t or people who are unhappily single. It is the day dedicated to love, the day which is either make or break for many couples and for those who are single – it’s the day of either rejoice or regret. Rejoice because you aren’t obliged to spend all your money and time on a person in one day. Regret because you may feel low looking at, practically, everyone in pairs. If you’re one half of a couple you should take advantage of this day to make it better for your other half – make them feel more loved than ever. Show them that you care by dedicating the day to them and showering them with affection. There are many things you can do to make this day all the more special. But there are also many things you can do to wreck it all.

Here are 9 things you must AVOID doing on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day


9. Having irrational fights

Valentine’s Day is the day of love and if there’s one thing you must avoid doing with your partner throughout the day it should be unnecessary fights. Make it a resolution to not quarrel or even nitpick at each other and just enjoy the day as a tribute to your love. Treating the day like a utopian love fantasy, where you fail to see each other’s faults and just go with the flow, is the best way to keep things jolly and bright! Keeping everything positive, especially on Valentine’s day, reflects a much brighter and happier future for a couple. Even if you may feel low, cheer up for your significant other because a bad mood on this day can lead to much bigger fights than usual.

8. Lacking Interest

Showing a lack of interest on Valentine’s day to your partner is bad news. If they’re excited and looking forward to enjoying this day with you, DON’T ruin it with your mood or disinterest. Afterall it’s something that you both should equally enjoy – a holiday just for each other! If you truly love the person you’re with, it’s natural that you’ll be excited and happy. However, if you are feeling down or stressed about your work or school, don’t let it translate on your face. This is the one day you must compromise your negative feelings for the person you love. Better yet, talk to them about what’s bothering you but don’t stress entirely upon it or else it would look like you’re too disinterested in celebrating.

7. Giving only materialistic gifts

What’s this day if you can’t show you care enough to make something with your hands? Be it a meal or a handmade card or even a playlist of songs, little things go a long way. It’s obviously great to surprise your significant other with a gift you bought but when you actually make something it’s 10 times better. If you’re willing to buy a card then you should be willing enough to make one yourself! There is a different set of feelings attached to handmade gifts which cannot come close to materialistic gifts. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your love a gift from the store as well. A combination of both, a store-bought gift and a handmade one, hits the sweet spot!

6. Overdoing things

There are some good things we can overdo on this day and some bad. The good ones include spending more time than usual with each other, showering each other with gifts, dedicating the whole day to your significant other, maybe. But there are also some bad things we tend to overdo on Valentine’s day. Some people compare each other with other couples – avoid it. It’s not a competition but a day dedicated to love. Some people also tend to deprioritize important things like work and overdo the celebratory aspect of Valentine’s. Make time for your partner while attending important priorities of your life. Also, ignoring friends and family is wrong and oversizing things to show off is not how you should be celebrating the day. Being hearty and organic in approach ensures the perfect Valentine’s day!

5. Acting formal with your partner

It’s a weird tradition that many couples subconsciously follow on this day – they act weirdly formal with each other. Absolutely avoid doing that! Valentine’s Day is a day to enjoy your love for your partner. Don’t act like it’s a job interview where you fret a lot, act as though your partner is a stranger with whom you must interact in a formal manner. Go with the flow. Treating this day like a formality translates badly in a relationship because it is a day dedicated to love. Being yourself with each other is how it should be instead of acting strangely.

4. Crowdy Places

Celebrating Valentine’s day in a loud, crowdy place is a no-go. It surely is difficult to find a quiet place on this day but a little homework beforehand can ease things out. Going to the movies is fine, eating out as well but when it comes to talking and just embracing each other’s company, crowdy places can be very off-putting. For couples who aren’t married, or living together – instead of reserving a seat at a packed restaurant cooking a meal at home is a great way to show you care. For couples who are married or living together, things can be tricky. Since you live together, you’d rather go out to enjoy Valentine’s day. The best escape from home and the crowd is a long drive outside of the city. You can stop at random shops, watch the sunset from a different place, there’re so many possibilities!

3. Wasting too much money

Yes, it’s okay to get carried away with spending money for your significant other but buying gifts on Valentine’s day is a complete nightmare. Chocolates and flowers can cost multiple times their usual price and people stress too much about what they should gift. People equate spending more with more love and affection which is completely wrong. Wasting too much money is a huge mistake – and malls and shop vendors take advantage of it. Instead of *only* buying gifts, make one! Cook meals for each other. Buy chocolates and gifts a few days before the actual date. Afterall Valentine’s is an intimate day, not a day to prove your wealth or taste in gifts.

2. Being desperate for sex

If your partner isn’t feeling it – you shouldn’t be forcing it. Valentine’s day isn’t an excuse to force your partner, or any person, into sex if they don’t want it. It’s a common thing couples expect on this day but some have to live in the fear of disappointing their significant other, in case they don’t want to engage in sex. This should go out for any day, gender and situation in reality. Always avoid pushing your partner into sex – if you detect even a slight hesitation coming for your partner then stop suggesting it. Being in love is more about understanding each other than having someone to have sex with all the time. Compassion, understanding and respect for one’s partner’s wishes go a long way for a couple.

1. Spending the day with the wrong one

As melodramatic as it sounds, this is something that should be obvious. You shouldn’t be “celebrating” this day with someone just for the sake of it. A one-day date with someone you don’t love is the worst thing to do on Valentine’s day. It’s going to make you feel pathetic afterwards. In fact – it’s not even necessary to enjoy this day with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it could be a friend you love or family members. It’s instilled in everyone’s minds that this day is only for capricious love but that’s not the case! Avoid getting yourself in a situation where your “need” to feel good on this day leads you to forcefully spend it with the wrong person.

These are a few things that people should take into consideration on the day of love. It is special for many reasons but can sometimes backfire as well. Avoid these at all costs. Happy Valentine’s Day!