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15 Best Cities for Parties and Nightlife in the World

The best part about winters is December and December is great because of the holy party season. The party season is right here and we cannot wait to head out to favourite places to end the year on the best note and welcome the new year with the most energetic vibes. Talking about the parties and vacations, we are listing some of the best cities for parties and nightlife in the whole world.

Well, as they say, life is more of a party than a runway, so let’s enjoy each bit of it and make our nights super happening in these cities. Let us explore them right here.


You name the kind of party and they have it in their city. Sex parties, jazz parties, house parties, techno parties, and hip hop joints are some of the best parties of the city. They say when you are in Berlin, you just don’t have to stop and neither can you stop.


One synonym which we can give to Montreal is legal everything. Be it drinking your heart out at 18, attending the strip club being a teenager, and some similar embarrasing moments which you would love to laugh out later can be done in Montreal. Tam Tams, Larping, and musky billows of pot smoke are some of the common scenarios at Montreal.


Yes, I guess Spain and America would top the charts in being the best party hosts. Ibiza is an island paradise and it is breath takingly beautiful. Every club or beach party over here is famous for being different. Theme parties, powerhouse parties, top tier parties are some of the main parties that are being hosted in the city.


The Greeks are not far behind when it comes to exotic and lavish paties and night clubs. The best part about the Athens parties is that their parties are mixed with their culture and that makes it more enjoyable. Spend some time in the yatch during the evening and you will come across some of the best scenes rolling with the best music and drinks.


The king country which is famous for its nightlife and parties is Bangkok. Bangkok is the destination to always reach out with your friends. There are too many pubs and clubs in the Bangkok city and the tough time that you will face is choosing the best one to go and enjoy. The open air bars and the red lights area are always jammed. The window street strip clubs are most famous.


One of the best cities for parties and nightlife is Mexico. People keep naming Mexico for lit parties and Playa Del Carmen may be an offbeat place to few but to those who know about this place, they know about their party culture. The city has gorgeous beaches, crazy ferries, and world’s best music festivals. They also host 10 day long dance parties.


Singapore is a happening country and hosts some steamy parties. The unique part of Singapore parties is that they have clean parties which do not hamper their city and lifestyle. They serve a variety of cocktails and you must try them out if you are there. The chilled open air bars attract most of the people during the party nights.


The ultimate party destination of India is Goa. Goa is the smallest Indian state with lots and lots of party clubs. Small, large, themed, beach, all kinds of clubs are there in Goa. Goa is a beautiful city with beautiful beaches, greenery and extremely lavish villas and cheap drinks. But it is expensive during the party seasons.


Hong Kong is obviously famous for the Disneyland and is a city loved by the kids. If you love the hippee parties and champagne then you have to try out Hong Kong as this is one of the best cities for parties and nightlife. Ferry parties are also a common party scenario in Hong Kong.


We are talking about the best cities for nightlife and parties so it is must to mention Rio De Janeiro in the list. Non stop parties at the beach is what you expect at Rio. From sassy carnivals to partying at the shores of Copa Cabanna this city gives you the experience of best parties ever. The city is undoubtedly beautiful and they welcome their party people with amazing taste of music and drinks.



As fancy as this city is, their nightlife and parties are extravagant. Miami is one of the best cities for parties and nightlife and they are so savage that they beat Monday blues with their mad parties. Their parties do not have restrictions and allow you to do whatever you want (legal party things though). Drinks, nights, beaches, EDM light, electronic music and everything of kind sums up Miami’s culture.


I know Amsterdam is a wishlist city for everyone. But, Amsterdam is more happening at nights than it is in the daytime. Amsterdam is famous for having the world’s biggest DJ, street clubs, music festivals to add to their party culture. The King’s day in Amsterdam is one of the biggest party functions of the world and their National holiday as well.


If I have to take one word for Cape Town then I would say it is sexy. Not only does it has sexy nightlife but it is an all day party destination. During the summers, beach parties are always high. There is a no Sunday or Monday when it comes to partying in Cape Town.


If you want to celebrate and enjoy the party in the clubs and same sort of parties at the beach, then Barcelona is going to satisfy you to the core. Apollo, Burj-esque W, Tuset St, El Born are the options for the best clubs in the town and for beach parties you can head out to CDLC, Opium. As we said, they have plenty of options to satisfy your party cravings.


Okay, so here is the lord city of parties and it is none othet than Vegas. Las Vegas is the first name that pops in every one’s mind when we are talking about crazy nightlife and parties. Vegas breathes parties  with its big clubs like XS, Marquee, Hakkasan. Their parties are like music festivals going on throughout the year. Vegas hosts parties and when you are done with it, they host after parties. There is no end to this city.

These were some of the best cities for parties ans nightlife from around the world. If you are a party lover and would love to explore new kinds of parties every time, you know where to head.