Office Politics and How to Stay Out of it: 7 Tips RTP

All of us have to go through office politics at least once in our life. Either there is some random gossip about you that is spreading like wildfire among your juniors, or you are the one who apparently spread some news about a colleague whom you don’t even know. It doesn’t matter if you actually started a gossip or not, office politics is something which is going to bite you in the butt irrespective of the fact whether you did something or not. But how do you stay you of office politics? Don’t worry, here are a few tips that will help you stay out of office politics  –


7) Don’t Gossip

Social interactions are a need for every human being, but that doesn’t mean that you have to gossip. Do not ever start a false news about someone else as it is going to affect them and it will get back to you somehow. If someone comes to you with gossip, try avoiding discussing it and change the topic. No good comes out of gossiping. If there is a rumor being spread about someone else, it can easily be spread about you as well. It can highly hamper one’s reputation and that is certainly not what one should do.


6) Try maintaining a peaceful environment

Try maintaining a peaceful relationship with all of your peers. If you try to get along with others, you will most likely stay out of office politics. Trying to maintain peace doesn’t mean letting people walk over you. You need to be polite, but don’t forget to assert your will at the same time. Try to avoid having to choose a side in an office war. But if you do have to choose a side, be polite to the people who are supporting the other side. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, but it is not sensible to argue or spread rumors about someone because their opinion differs from yours.

Relaxed Businesswoman leaning back in office.


5) Be helpful towards your peers

Try helping someone without expecting anything in return. Not only will it make you feel good, good karma is bound to come back to you as well. By helping others you will establish a good rapport with them and can hope to make good friends in the office who will have your back. If you are helpful towards others, they are most likely to be helpful towards you as well. Try thinking about that one person in your office who is always lending a hand to others. If you hear something bad going around about him in the office, won’t you contradict it? You will most probably tell everyone else that it is false news and someone is trying to hamper his image. Similarly, if you try to become that “helpful” person in your office, people are going to consider you to be a loyal friend and will be loyal towards you as well.


4) Be true to your word

Be straightforward and remain true to your word. If you make a mistake, admit your fault rather than trying to avoid it. If you tell someone that you are going to do something, ensure that you complete what you said you would. People respect a man who sticks to his word as they can expect him to be loyal and assertive at the same time. It is possible that you might come off as harsh, if that is the case make it a point that you don’t hurt anybody’s sentiments. If you do end up causing harm, just ensure that you apologize and sort out the matter before it goes out of hand. No one likes a fibber, don’t promise things that you cannot do. Don’t tell people that you are going to help them with a particular thing if you are just going to bail on them in the end. Always do what you say you are going to do.


3) Stay informed

It is very important to be aware about what all is going on around you. There is a huge difference between staying informed and participating in gossip, but many people fail to realize that there is only a fine line separating the two. Keep on listening to the hot topics going around in the office. It is possible that they hold important news regarding upcoming events in the office that can effect you or your job. Also, the more you know the more you can use to your own benefit. If you are regularly aware about what goes on around you, you can make that to be your strength and use it to make your tasks easier. Bosses respect those employees who can get work done, if you want to be that employee it is high time that you started keeping your ears and eyes open.


2) Think before you choose your friends, and choose carefully

Social interaction is a necessity if you want to survive in the office environment. It is not possible to survive in the office without talking to people. If you surround yourself with people who are more career oriented, you are likely to stay motivated to complete your work on time. It is also possible that the decisions that your boss makes regarding you are influenced by the company you have. If you feel that you are hanging out without people who are likely to start rumors about your peers, maybe you’re not hanging with the right crowd. Just like you should avoid hanging out with the bullies in school, you should avoid hanging out with such people in the office. You are judged on the basis of the company you keep, ensure that it is a positive judgement.


1) Talk about the prevailing issue of office politics

The issue of office politics is going to be there in every office, irrespective of the company you work for. You can be working for one of the top companies in your country, you will still face office politics. No matter how hard you try, you can’t always get along with every person in the office. All of us have our own differences which might creep in; no matter how hard we try to keep them at bay. If you make an error, don’t wait for it to die down on its own. Take the matter into your own hands and apologize to the person if any harm was caused. If someone spreads a rumor about you, wouldn’t you prefer that they came to you and apologized in person?


Don’t ever believe that you are above office politics, you are going to have to deal with it eventually. Just remember the tips mentioned above and you should be able to make it!