Top 10 Oldest Trees in the World

The mystic exuberance of nature is personified in the majestic trees that continually grace us with a transcendental experience of the greenery around the globe. Don’t you think?  Well, if you are a nature person then I have something to share with you all.

Here’s a list of the world’s oldest trees that is sure to inspire awe and wonder.

The magnificence of these trees is still consistent, standing as the epitome of strength, vitality, power, and beauty, keeping an eye on the things going on. These trees embody a spirit of helpfulness and dominance at the same time and represent what John Keats expresses when he says “The poetry of the earth is never dead”.


1. Methuselah –

Said to have an estimated age of around 4845 years, Methuselah is one of the oldest trees in the world growing in the white mountains of Inyo County in eastern part of California. It’s location is one of the major contributing factor in it’s survival, keeping it undisturbed and isolated from the chaotic cacophony of city life and deforestation. However, recent discoveries show that this Great Basin bristlecone pine was superseded by another one existing for about 5000 years around the same neighborhood. Since bristlecone pines are known to grow in rough climactic conditions and high altitudes, Methuselah has remained consistent among the oldest living trees in the world. However, it is not an easy task to locate this particular tree. While one is sure to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place where an exceptional tree like Methuselah is located, it’s unlabeled existence makes it a tiresome and challenging task to locate it.


2. Sarv-e-Abarkuh-

Also known as the Zoroastrian Sarv, the Cypress of Abarkuh is located in the Yazd province in Iran and is categorized as the oldest tree in Asia. Sarv-e-Abarkuh is one of the major tourist attraction as it is believed to be approximately 4000 years old. This tree has witnessed the development in human civilization,cultural and social changes and the environmental alterations. This tree is a heritage for the Iranians that welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world with open arms. There is a myth associated with this story that says that it was planted by the Iranian Prophet Zoroaster.


3. Alerce-

Commonly known as Alerce, this Fitzroya cupressoides is known to have been living for about 3600 years in Chile. This species- incredibly tall, thin evergreen- is native to the Andes Mountains. According to some botanists, Alerce is the second longest tree in the world. It stands as an watchman, keeping an eye on every thing that’s happening around. It is among the major attractions in the Valdivian Temperate Rain Forest and is kept protected.

4. Llangernyw Yew –

Located in the churchyard of St. Digain’s church in Llangernyw, Conwy, North Wales, this Yew is said to be between 4000 to 5000 years old, that was initially planted in the prehistoric bronze age. This yew tree has been fragmented in the middle but that doesn’t take away from it the spirit of vibrancy and buoyancy that is manifested in it. This yew has been given the tag of one of the 50 greatest Yew trees in the year 2002. The tree is spread across the ground symbolizing a blanket surrounding the earth from all adversaries.


5. General Sherman-

Named after the American Civil War General, William Tecumseh Sherman, this remarkably giant Sequoia is nestled in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park Tulare County in California. It is widely categorized as the largest known living single stem tree in the world. Having its largest branch fall off in 2006(which smashed the fence surrounding it), this tree lives up to it’s name and doesn’t cease to inspire admiration and wonder. It was perhaps nature’s own way of expressing it’s inevitable mighty prestige, symbolizing how silly it is to try to create boundaries in Nature. It is approximately 274.9 ft high and is said to be 2300-2700 years old. It is also regarded as the largest non-clonal tree by volume.


6.Old Tjikko –

Residing amidst the Fulufjallet Mountain of Dalarna province in Sweeden, Old Tjikko, a Norway Spruce, offers an ideal amalgamation of captivating beauty and sublimity. This is one of the most visited tourist spots in Sweden. This tree complimented by its ethereal surrounding never fails to disappoint the photographers and nature enthusiasts.The method of carbon dating and genetic matching was chosen yo determine the age of this still-standing tree and it was figured out that the tree survived because of the process of layering or vegetative cloning that allowed it to regenerate new trunks, roots and branches and grow. The tree’s root system is responsible for it’s survival amidst harsh climate and rough environmental phenomenon. The tree is after after a dog by the man who discovered it.The tree’s stems die and grow back but the root system ensures it’s survival strategy by expanding the tree over and over again.


7. Patriarca da Floresta –

This 3,000 years old tree is regarded as the oldest deciduous tree in Brazil, where it is also believed to have spiritual significance. This particular tree belongs to the species Cariniana legalis. One can spend hours sitting by the tree and still not get bored. For all the writers out there, the next time you need any kind of inspiration, this is the place you have to look for.


8. Olive Tree of Vouves –

The estimated age of this Olive tree that still produces Olives is between 2,000 to 4,000 years. The above of this magnificent Olive tree is in the Greek island of Crete. It’s artistic appearance and productive value makes it one of the most valued treasures in nature.


9. Jomon Sugi –

The oldest Cryptomeria tree on the island of Yakushima stands a UNESCO World Heritage site in Japan. This tree is said to be at least 2000 years old but some botanists and experts feel that it could be much older than that, maybe between 2,170- 7200 years old. This tree is the major component of Yakushima’s tourist industry as every year a number of tourists from around the globe are attracted to witness this gigantic piece of wonder. It is situated at a height of 1300 m at the highest peak on Yakushima. The girth of this tree is 16.4 m, it’s height being 25.3 m. This location, with it’s cedar forests, lush greenery and splendid waterfall could serve as an ideal movie scene.


10. Chestnut Tree of One hundred horses –

It is pretty evident from the name that this tree derives its name from a legend or myth. Believed to be between 2000-4000 years old, this sweet chestnut is listed in the Guinness World Records in the category of the “Greatest Tree Girth Ever”, because of it’s unusual circumference of 190 ft. According to local legends, when the Queen of Aragon and one hundred knights serving her were stuck in a dangerous thunderstorm, during their trip to Mount Etna, this tree gave shelter to each one of them, which is why it is called the “Chestnut tree of one hundred horses”. Located in Sicily, Italy, this enormous chestnut tree is the inspiration to many literary allusions.