How to Relax after Long tiring Work day: 10 Effective Ways

” Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So Relax.”  -Byrant McGill

We spend most of our time working like a machine, exhausting our body and mind and still dragging ourselves to work again the next day till the weekend arrives. But why wait till the weekend when we can relax every single day?  There are many ways in which we can relax ourselves after a tiring day at work, so that we are able to rest and start afresh the next day. So, don’t wait for the weekend to find rest, just follow the given ways and relax yourself, after long working hours.

1. Going Out

Most of us work all day long sitting on a chair with our eyes glued to the computer screens. This type of work environment leave us with little time for going out and relaxing. We should go out after our work hours for a stroll as it deviates our mind from workload, provides a different environment, keeps our body fit and helps us to remove our exhaustion.

2. A Short Nap

Our eyes are continuously tortured while working on our laptops and smartphones. So, after work we need to chill out and give our eyes some rest. For doing so, we can take a quick nap. Sleeping helps us in many ways as our eyes need rest after long hours of exposure to the harmful radiations emitted by the gadgets. It relaxes our mind and reduces the physical and mental exhaustion that we go through, all day. It relaxes our muscles and prepares our body for further work. We can use scented candles for a nice environment as the fragrance would soothe our nerves. We can also dip cotton in rosewater and apply it on our eyes for a few minutes before sleeping.

3. Food

The best way to chill out is to feed yourself. While working, we do not get much time to eat properly, as we are always in a hurry to get back to work. So, after completing your work, make sure to satisfy your stomach with delicious and healthy meals. Eating not only removes our hunger, but it also makes us happy.  We can also drink healthy beverages like green tea, energy drinks, juices etc. as they help in relaxing our minds and also rejuvenate our bodies.

4. Meditation

In the list of our ignored new year resolutions, meditation ranks number one. We all know that meditation has countless benefits, yet we avoid it every time. Meditation can take you to the ultimate destination where you can relax your mind as well as the soul. It does not take much effort to close your eyes for ten minutes and let your inner self wander around, in search of peace. It is definitely not overrated, as it possesses the power to help a person in attaining a state of bliss. Meditation also helps in increasing our concentration, in exploring ourselves and in generating positive thoughts. So, just close your eyes and let go all your tension and stress.

5. Socialize

We humans are social beings and thus, seeking company and interacting with others, is in our nature. While working, we do not spend much time communicating with others. At our work, we are expected to behave formally. hence, we are not able to socialize properly, but we can do that after our working hours.  We can go out with our family or we can spend time with our friends. Socializing provides an outlet for our emotions and thus makes us feel lighter, it also helps in taking our mind off the work and its pressure. After a warm and cordial hangout with our closed ones, we feel mentally and emotionally satisfied.

6. Reading And Writing

Reading is a great way to forget about all your stress and work pressure. It helps in diverting your mind from all the complications of life. Before going to bed, after a long day at work, you can grab an interesting book and read on. Reading helps in giving us the much needed break after a tiring day. Writing is yet another way to relax yourself. You can keep a journal and record the daily events of your life. You can also write about your achievements and failures or anything that makes your mind clearer.  You can write some fictional stories or poetry which would give you some refuge in the word of imagination, away from the gross reality of this world.

7. Acupressure

Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses fingers to press key healing points and relieve energy blockages. The energy flow in our body affects everything — how we feel, how we think, and how we breathe. While negative thoughts can block our energy flow, positive thoughts can increase it. If the pressure is applied in right points and in a right manner, it energizes our body and also heals it. Applying pressure on these points helps in relaxing the muscles and joints, removes anxiety and stress and eliminates headaches.

8. Music

Music is a remarkable way to calm ourselves after a long day. You can choose any type of music that you like. You can listen to slow romantic songs and lull yourself to sleep or you can listen to pop rock songs while dancing your worries away. Music can reduce stress and depression and increase your happiness. Listening to songs with positive lyrics may have a great motivating effect on us whereas, rock songs can excite our nerves and infuse some energy within. So, shake off your exhaustion, put on your headphones and sing along with the lyrics.

9. Playing

Remember your life as a kid, when there were no worries, except to finish your homework fast so that you can go out and play? Those childhood days were the best phase of our lives and thinking about them always brings a smile on our faces. Well, it is time to bring those days back. Finish your work fast and play like a kid after office hours to remove your stress and to find the child inside you. You can play anything you like. You can go out in a park and play with little kids there, it will bring you immense satisfaction and joy or you can also play with your colleagues. Playing not only relaxes our mind but it is also helps in keeping us fit. So, work like an adult during the day and play like a kid in the evening.

10. No Gadgets

After spending a major part of the day on laptops and smartphones, one obviously feels tired and wary. So, leave your gadgets after getting back from work and relax, because as long as you are in the vicinity of this gadgets, you are tempted to use them and they tire you even more.