10 Colors and their Significance

Introduction: –

Colors have the power to influence our souls. It is a reflection of our mood and state of mind. We love bright colors when we are in a good mood and soft colors when sad. We wear clothes according to the seasons, i.e., light and fresh clothes in summer and bright clothes in winter. Colors have various significance in different customs and religions. In some religions, white is for mourning, whereas, in others, it is entirely the opposite. There are around 200 shades of colors, but only some of them have their names. It is essential to note the significance of some of the widely used colors around the world.

Here is a list of top 10 colors and their importance in our life: –

10. White: –

White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, which welcomes all other colors. It motivates the painter to showcase his talent on a blank page and is a symbol of transparency and calmness. It is a soothing shade that helps in energizing the mind and the body. Brands like Apple use it to showcase their perfection. In western regions, it shows sterility, youth, growth, birth, and birth. Whereas, in The eastern areas, it shows death and cold. Similarly, in Greece, it represents happiness and divinity in Christianity. It is a color that maintains an equal balance among all the colors.

9. Black: –

Black symbolizes power, boldness, and sophistication. It is a symbol of elegance and power, which attracts negative energies around us. It is associated with darkness and has a strong sense of appeal. Black shows the grace and wealth of society. That is why expensive cars like Mercedes are in black. Due to its captivating nature, people wearing black look slim and sensuous. It creates suspense and mystery scenes in the movies, which help to hide the real face of the culprit. Executives wear black clothes showing their high status. The priests wear it, which shows their holiness. Black is a color of mourning for people living in Egypt and Rome. Similarly, black cats bring good luck in Egypt, whereas, in other countries, they are a sign of bad luck. It is a traditional clothing color of boys in China. Hence, black has an unpredictable nature.

8. Pink: –

Pink is the color of feminity. Every girl or woman loves this color as it is a delicate color. It symbolizes love, affection, purity, beauty, and relaxation. Due to this calming effect, prison walls are painted in pink to help them control their aggression. It is appropriate to give pink flowers to those who are emotionally unstable. Pink color brings happiness, gentleness, respect, and admiration in everyone’s life. It makes a person confident and realizes his self-worth. In Korea, it is a symbol of trust. Whereas, in Europe, it is a belief that a girl is born from a bud of a pink rose. Hence, the pink color symbolizes joy, sensitivity, sweetness, and goodwill.

7. Brown: –

The brown color symbolizes a grounded personality. It symbolizes organic and original things in the world. It shows honesty, stability, comfort, endurance, and reliability. Hence, most of the men love to wear it. Various shades of brown have different symbolism. The ivory shades depict loyalty and simplicity, whereas the darker shades show depression and possessiveness. Similarly, the coffee brown shades portray style and richness. In Japan, there is no color as the brown color they, call it a fox color. In the USA, it is a symbol of thanksgiving. It is said to bring down sales if the company uses a brown color in Columbia. In India, also it is not lucky as it portrays the falling of leaves.

6. Purple: –

Purple symbolizes royalty and power. Hence, it the favorite color of the royal family. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra also had a liking for this color. It arises creativity, magic, and imagination in the minds of everyone. The lighter purple shades depict feminity, delicacy, and sensitivity, which are the traits present in a woman. On the contrary, the darker purple shades portray flustration and luxury. It is also a belief that the effect of meditation increases in the purple background. It is a symbol of mourning in Thailand and Catholic culture and that of harmony in China. In America, the bravery award’s title is the Purple Heart, and in Egypt, it depicts faith and virtue. Hence, it portrays wisdom, compassion, arrogance, and spirituality.

5. Blue: –

The blue color symbolizes professionalization and neatness. It also portrays trust and authority. Due to this, it is in the logos of famous companies like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It is appropriate to wear blue color clothes to an interview as it shows productivity. The blue sky, sea, and heaven have a soothing effect on our minds. The lighter blue shades depict ideas and imagination, whereas, the darker shades portray superiority, authority, and royalty. In Egypt and Greece, it is useful to get rid of the evil spirits. According to Hindu mythology, it is the color of Lord Krishna. In Christianity, it symbolizes Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. In Spain, the title of Blue Prince represents a baby boy, whereas, in Belgium, Blue color is for baby girl.

4. Green: –

Green color symbolizes nature and wealth. The green environment, including plants and trees, show fertility. The lighter green shades have a calming effect, creating harmony between the body and the soul. On the contrary, the dark shades portray wealth and prestige. Hospitals use it because of its relaxing features. It is the color of the US currency and the Go signal in the traffic lights. It is the sacred color of Iran and defines birth in Japan. In Mzab and Egypt, the holy places use this color to show divinity. If in China, a man wears a green hat, it means that his wife is cheating on him. Hence, green is for fertility, growth, sympathy, concentration, and good luck.

3. Yellow: –

Yellow color symbolizes warmth and happiness. It is the color of sunshine depicting brightness and positive energy. The lighter shades spread joy and elegance, and dark shades portray sickness and jealousy. Yellow walls stimulate the hunger so many restaurant walls use this color. It depicts a harvest in India and nobility in Japan. It is a color of mourning in Egypt. Americans consider it a symbol of love and France as jealousy.

2. Orange: –

Orange is the color of energy and warmth. It makes the person more confident and independent. Therefore, it is a bright color that helps to energize the mind by spreading positive energy. Orange is a lucky color for women as it brings joy and happiness. It is also a symbol of harvest in India and a national color of the Netherlands. The priests and the saints wear it to show their spirituality. It also symbolizes Halloween in the US. It is, therefore, a color of high spirit, endurance, and adventure.

1. Red: –

It is a bright color symbolizing passion and desire. Every person loves wearing this color as it goes well with all complexion. The lighter red shades portray joy and sexuality, whereas the darker shades depict anger and rage. Red color also indicates dangers like fire and accident. It enhances the creativity of the person and is the best highlighting color. In India, the brides wear red color clothes at their wedding. It brings good luck to people, in Japan, whereas it depicts death in South Africa. Hence, it is a vibrant color, stimulating lust, heat, love, and willpower.

Conclusion: –

Every color, in this world, has its specific meaning and is unique on its own. It has its depth which each one of us must learn. Each color creates a unique aura in the atmosphere, influencing our mind. They are an image of our present state of mind and personality. Soothing colors reveal about our caring traits, whereas, darker shades portray our positive side. Our world is empty without these beautiful colors.


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