10 Reasons I Believe In The Idea Of One Partner For Life

Human is a social animal. All of us have a lot of friends we spend our time with and enjoy, but after a particular age, you need that one special person in our life to whom you can call the life partner. One who can always be by your side no matter what. The special bond between you and your partner will always make you happy. Your partner can influence your life to a great extent, and hence, it is essential to have the right life partner.

But today, in the era of fast and forward relationship, you can’t decide if the person you are dating will be your life partner or not? Or if the person you are married to will be like a partner for the whole life or not? The idea of monogamy – the process of having one partner for life have become rare in some areas of the world, but I still believe in that concept. It has many advantages and welcome bonuses.

Here are the ten reasons for believing in the idea of one partner for life.

10. You know each other very well

If you have dated that person for some time and got hitched, you know that person very well. You both are aware of the likes and dislikes of each other. If your relationship is going well, you should stick to it because starting a new life with someone else because of some small issue will be very hectic. Knowing each other well is advantageous in itself because the adjustment with the new person is not so easy.

9. Fewer efforts required

As mentioned above, knowing each other well plays a vital role in any relationship. When your partner is with you or away from you, you have to take fewer efforts to his/her behavior and situation. You can figure it out no matter what circumstances you both are in the current case.

8. No Formalities

When you and your partner share the same values and beliefs about a relationship and sexual orientation, there is no chance of cheating and show in your relationship. Both of you feel free in the marriage or your relationship, which make your bond even stronger.

7. You start working towards the same goal

With a committed relationship, you start seeing your future and life together. Your personal goals are different, but when it comes to togetherness and living along, you both start working on the same goal, which benefits both of you.

6. You know what your partner wants

When you are in a relationship, it is essential to understand what your partner wants. When you have one partner for life, you know that person inside out. The idea of being together no more seems scary because both of you are like personal diaries of each other.

5. Mutual Romance

Romance is an integral part of any relationship. When you are with a person for many years, you don’t need to put extra efforts to be romantic. You don’t have to fake the idea of giving gifts and surprises just for the sake of continuing the relationship. It all comes from the heart. Both of you become so comfortable and effortless in case of romance that, you don’t need any special occasion to show your love.

6. Stable life

Changing a life partner can never be easy emotionally, as well as practically. The phase of changing a life partner can cause chaos and turbulence in your life. You will have to make yourself emotionally stable while taking the decision. Detachment will take time too. You will suffer a lot. So, having a single partner can make your life quite permanent.

5. No trust issues

Once both of you are committed to a relationship and you know that you will be together forever, the terms like ‘trust issues’ do not float around. You know what your partner does, where your partner goes and all about each other and vice versa, so you don’t have to ask him/her whereabouts always.

4. Opinion Caring

Once you are with a person for a longer time, you know the thinking process of that person. As individuals, both of you start caring about the opinions of your partner. Even if there is some friction in your views, you understand the fact that your partner has the right to hold your perspective. It is a fantastic part of having one partner for life. Every relationship should preserve the individuality of a person, and that’s what monogamy does.

3. No risk of rejection and comparison

When you are with a person who will be there for a lifetime, your relationship will never go through the fear of rejection and comparison. Both of you will work towards the same goal and values. You will never feel jealous of each other’s accomplishments. Both of you are aware that you act as a unit while maintaining the individuality at the same time.

2. Safety

Yes! Having one partner for life means having a sex life with one person who eliminates the issue of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Also, sex life gets better if you practice it with one person. Many people who don’t believe in monogamy, usually face this problem of STDs if safe sex does not happen, which is risky for life.

1.Special Bond

The most useful thing about monogamy is the special bond between you and your partner. All the things mentioned above give you unique and special memories and moments with your partner, which leads to an excellent relationship. Mutual understanding and respect become a smooth and effortless practice, which is usually missing when a person changes a life partner.

Bottom Line

Having a partner of your choice is the most crucial thing, but having the same partner for life will make your life simpler. It will not create any chaos or adjustment issues. Being a human being, we need someone to share our feelings, emotions, and experience with and why not make that someone one person throughout life? But all that is mentioned above is definitely according to specific cases. It is not applicable if your partner is abusive, restrictive, and non-loving. If this is the case, you must take a stand. But if everything is going well, then some minor issue should not lead to the decision of changing your partner. After all, mutual understanding should always be there in any relationship.

There are many things to make your relationship/marriage work, but the efforts should be from both the ends. It will not help when only one person makes efforts. Make your relationship healthy with trust, love, and care.

Have a happy life.