10 Reasons Why Winter Is Better Than Summer

We always blame or praise the season for whatever happens around us. Everyone has there own favorite season among-st summer, Winter and monsoon. Frankly telling, most of the people like monsoon because of the fun things they get to do in that season. The reality is that some people like summer and few like winters. People believe that summers give them a great feeling of warmth and happiness whereas they don’t like that winters offers. They hate to wear fluffy clothes. But another set of people think that Winter is better than summer. That is pretty obvious because of the festive vibes, healthy food, lots of coffee, comfy clothes, and the list goes on.

Here are the top 10 reasons Winter is better than summer.

10. Winter is the healthiest season

Winter is the most vigorous season of all three seasons. You will wonder why there are many reasons to justify this statement. First of all, your body burns more calories in Winter to maintain the temperature of your body. That’s so amazing because you anyway try to find a way to burn those calories. In Winter, your body is fully resistant to allergies and inflammation. You will be surprised to know that, according to research, colder temperature helps people think clearly and more. Another advantageous thing about Winter is, you sleep better, which is the solution to most of the problems in your life.

9. Lots of Hot Coffee and Chocolate

There is no time like Winter to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. It is the perfect time to ask anyone out for a cup of coffee, and the probability of a positive response is too much. Coffee is undoubtedly one of the best beverages, and we need no reason to have a cup of coffee in Winter. On the other hand, summer does not allow us to have a hot cup of coffee because of the hotness around us. Even if you want to drink the hot drink in summer, cold drinks attract you very strongly.

8. Comfortable and Stylish Clothes

You don’t get a chance to wear your stylish jackets or turtle neck t-shirts in summer because obviously, that will heat you. But in Winter, you can wear all those clothes, boots and coats. You can showcase your fashion sense in Winter by combining all the clothes you have with all the heat you need. Winter gives you the chance to use all of your wardrobes without being judged and tanned.

7. No Sunburn and dehydration

In summer, whenever you step out, you have to worry about getting tanned and sunburned. You can’t get out without sunscreen and shades. Also, you always have to take care of not being dehydrated. All these summer issues are so irritating that people hate summer because of those. Winter does not scare you for such things. It is all cozy and comfy, and that’s great. It’s an excellent season for your skin, you have to take care of dryness, and that’s all. If you use moisturizing agents, your skin will feel the healthiest.

6. No Bugs

Who likes bugs and ants all over their house? Nobody, right? Winter is the season when all those bugs disappear somehow. Because mosquitos, flies, and ants surely irritate all of us. There is no more itchy feeling because of a mosquito bite or bed-bug bite. That is so great and peaceful.  Even if you like bugs, we bet you don’t like the itchy feeling they leave.

5. Cuddles

Winter is the time when you wear puffy jackets, chunky sweaters, and snowshoes. It gives all the coziness you want, and that undoubtedly makes you cuddlable. Cuddling is one of the best reasons to love Winter. Cuddling someone you care about, surely eases your stress and make you feel better. It connects you with the people. It also helps you to sleep better at night, which relieves pain, stress, and nervousness.  An interesting fact that you must know is person heals, grows, and calms in the night sleep. So, yes! Getting better sleep is very advantageous for your health and growth.

4. All Veggies are available

hose who love vegetables, they love Winter because most of the plants are available in Winter. Some of the winter vegetables are cabbage, sprouts, garlic, spinach, spring onions, beans, peas, carrots, and the list of healthy veggies goes on. It gives all the reasons to make a healthy salad, which is again fit for you. Eating vegetables is highly beneficial for your body because it gives you all the nutrients that are vital for the maintenance of your body. It reduces many chronic diseases like cancer, stroke, and other heart diseases.

3. Sunrise

Watching the sunrise is a fantastic experience, but you have to be an early bird to get that experience. But that is not the case in Winter. One need not to wake up so early at 5 am to watch the sunrise. You can take your time to wake and still see it. Isn’t that amazing?

Also, it is said that the pictures of sunrise you get in Winter are the best ones because of the scattering of light. The color of sunrise based on how light enters the atmosphere. It happens to be Winter when all this looks good.

2. Christmas

In Winter, when December comes, you can smell the Christmas air in the market. One can feel so good to see all the festival vibes and happy faces shopping gifts for their loved ones. All the decorations, food and drinks, festive music, holiday fun surely make the Winter better than summer. Being a Santa for someone you love gives you the best memories as well as feeling.

1. New Year Resolutions

Let’s admit it; Winter gives us all festival feeling with new year parties. Every year you get to make new year resolutions, most of which we don’t fulfill but still, that’s the fun part. We create amazing promises to ourselves to improve ourselves. Though more than half of our promises fail, they inspire us to be a better version of us. Summer, on the other hand, irritate you with all the heat waves.

Bottom Line

Winter is the season of love, cuddles, and festivals. It surely makes most of us happy with all the happy vibes. Summer, on another hand, gives you heat, itchiness, and a lot of reasons to worry about your skin and health. You need to hydrate yourself continuously to not to fall sick or not to be a victim of sunstroke. Winter does not scare you with all this stuff. It is all about coziness and comfort.