10 Stupid Things People Do Under The Influence Of Drugs

Addictive substances like alcohol, smoking, and drugs can ruin a person’s health as well as life. Any addiction is a chronic disease considered by the intake of substances like alcohol and drugs. They are compulsive and difficult to control. They have harmful consequences. An initial intake of the drug is voluntary, but once a person is getting addicted, it is tough to get rid of those habits. Drugs can make persistent changes in the brain, and that’s why it is not easy to recover from such addictions.

It is tough to get rid of such dangerous addictions, and if it grows without any resistance, habits can make people do nasty things. Similar is the drug addictions, and people do several things under the influence of drugs.

Have a look at such ten stupid things.

Have a look at such 10 stupid things.

10. Self-harm

The craziest thing one can do is self-harm, and that’s what drug addicts do. Self-harm is when people hurt themselves but not in a suicidal way. It includes hair pulling, burning, cutting, head banging, and hitting themselves. Certain drugs promote self-harming, and it just grows with addiction. People get into a habit because of stress and pressure, and by self-harming, they try to release both the things.

9. Forget about finances

When addicted to drugs, people don’t think about the money they are spending on this addiction. Because, if they stop taking this substance, they feel restless and insecure about themselves. Hence, they forget about finances and continue to move more towards this addiction. Finance balancing remains no more a thing in their lives. Not caring about money and related stuff may consequently frustrate a person and disturb his social life.

8. Hurt friendships, relationships and family

Under the influence of drugs, people forget about their loved ones. They remember one thing, and that is their addiction. Drugs affect the social life of a person, and that’s the worst part about it. Because human is a social animal and can’t live mentally healthy when he isolates himself that too with such addictions. The person who is taking drugs lies and verbally abuses people, which affects the relationships and anyway takes him away from society.

7. Forget about corporate life and job

One of the most significant contributors to the addict category is employers. Due to stress and deadlines, they tend to do substance abuse and addiction, and with time, it just gets worst. While doing this, they don’t understand the destructive effects of these addictions. Most of the drug addicts forget about their job and ignore it. They tend to lose the profitability of their career or business. It may affect their social and personal presence.

6. Become asocial

Drug addicts usually isolate themselves and become asocial by breaking all kinds of contacts. Being a social animal, humans should not do this because it may affect them mentally. Drug addicts never try to bond with people on any social gatherings. Most of them think that people will hurt them or harm them in different ways, which is entirely untrue. The chances of damaging people are by addicted people.

5. Abuse

Drug addicts don’t hesitate to abuse people and their loved ones emotionally or in any way. When someone tries to stop them, they become violent and destructive. It is a common thing any drug addict does.

Addicts try to threaten people by being dangerous or malicious. They may attack people mentally and physically also. Physical violence is a genuine possibility toward spouses, children, elderly parents.

4. Lose morality and ethics

While on drugs, addicts forget about all the morality and ethics they have learned all their lives. They don’t think about people’s emotions and situations. All these lead to breakups in different relations at a different level.

3. Drug addicts lie

People under the influence of drugs lies a lot. With lies, they try to operate the people around them. It happens because whenever they crave for drugs, they become crazy. Everything related to love, trust, and honor goes to second place. They find drugs as necessary as food and breathing. This overwhelming need for them makes them insane.

They have to tell lies to do wrong to people about their whereabouts and addiction. They need to lie about the money they spent. They have to lie about what happened to them, even if a scratch from self-harm is there.

2. Manipulation

Manipulation comes with lies. Drug addicts manipulate the people they love or surround. Family and loved ones take time to recognize that they are being exploited. After making promises about stopping the drug use, focusing on study and work duties and going to rehab, they fail to deliver. Addicts try to control their loved ones to get what they want.

1. Criminal mindset

Even if they don’t want to, drug addicts are bound to have a criminal mindset because of the effect of drugs on their minds. Addiction and illegal behavior go hand in hand. Because of the instability, addicts often engage themselves in criminal activities.

The criminal mindset fact isn’t right for every addict, but it is very typical behavior of an addict. Most of the time, they do it for money because the money runs out. They try to sell things illegally or do illegal stuff like burglary, robbery, identity theft, credit card theft, car thefts, and shoplifting. They even try to steal items from their own house. Drugs destructs the self-respect from people’s mind, and that’s why they don’t feel guilty for it.

Bottom Line

Drugs are dangerous, and so are the consequences. Not all addicts can recover from addictions, but it is necessary to try else it may ruin a person’s life. At first, people take drugs voluntarily, but later they can’t resist the need and wanting of the substance. It can disturb the health and life of a person and may lead to undesirable outcomes from personal experience.

It is not impossible to take people out of this whole tragic, chaotic situation. You can always hope for the best. Rehabilitation and recovery are still good options. If an effective rehabilitation program is employed, a person may experience positive results. Not every method emphasizes on bringing about philosophical changes. Some programs give some chemical medicines to treat the addictions.

Though the person does not behave nicely with his loved ones, it is mandatory for those people to help that person overcome the addictions. Therefore, be helpful and attentive to such people. Take the necessary steps when required. Seek for medical and professional help before you lose that person completely.

Lead a good life, help others too!