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10 Things to do to Get Over Monday Blues

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Mondays can be dreadful or delightful depending upon the mindset of people.  Monday blues are a cross-cultural phenomenon where people feel tired, lazy, and cynical on Monday morning despite having the weekend to relax. On Monday morning, people resist getting up early to do their daily tasks. While a lot of people face Monday blues, chronically Monday blues means feeling sad or depressed by thinking that there is a week ahead. A negative attitude develops when the frequency of Monday blues increases. Monday blues decreases the day’s productivity.

10. The Underlying Cause

What makes people feel this way?  Usually, many of the companies or offices have off on  Saturdays and Sundays. That means there is no commitment and responsibility on a person’s shoulder on weekends. People feel lazy, and tension free with no obligations and stress on weekends whereas duties begin with the start of the weekday, i.e., Monday.  People feel tough to start their Monday as they know that they have a whole week ahead to perform their responsibilities. People like us are not ready to accept the challenges in front of us, and we get feared. One should take the commitment and challenges happily. Proper plan to outperform them during the weekdays.

9. Previous Night Preparation

Most people do not make a plan for the next day. The unplanned person on Monday is full of stress as he does not know what he needs to do throughout the day. There will be a lot of pressure in putting all the tasks together. On the contrary to this, When a person is ready for the next day, he won’t feel depressed. He will feel relax and tension free. One should understand that planning is the foundation of success.

8. Stay Organized and On Top of Things

After the pleasant weekend, sometimes it can be challenging to rush out the door on Monday morning without forgetting something. The disorganized person will function without planning and in an unsystematic way. He is undisciplined in his life. It short, unorganized people feel more Monday blues than organized people because of the characteristics he has. An organized person is prepared and planned on Sunday night for the next day. To become an organized person in life, he should do meditation, cutting down on social media, and going out with friends are effective solutions. After distressing, a suggested next step is re-structuring life, to get discipline in life.

7. To Do Lists are Key Habits

Hectic mornings leave people tired when they know they have a lot of tasks to perform in a day. If a person does not have a To-Do list, he does not know from where to start and where to end. He tries to rush here and there in an attempt of trying to get everything right. What productivity experts recommend Monday morning to-do list is the best solution. To -Do list is a checklist of things that needs to be performed in a day. Tick the task from the list once completed. With the help of the To-Do list, a person feels more planned and organized in his routine life. He knows what all tasks he has done and what all jobs are pending. The person should make ready To-Do list night before. Such a list can be used every day in routine life.

6. Maintain a Healthy Sleep-Cycle

The sleep cycle is known as the circadian cycle. The circadian cycle process tells the body when to sleep and when to be awake. A healthy period is created by sleeping and getting up at nearly the same time every day. If there is any irregularity in the circadian cycle, the body will start adjusting to the new circadian cycle that we follow. For example,  Jay uses the circadian cycle on weekdays as (11 pm sleep -8 am wake timing ) whereas on the weekend he followed the circadian cycle as (1 am sleep -12 pm wake timing). Now the next day if he has to follow the weekday circadian cycle, he won’t be able to wake up around 8 pm because his body has adjusted according to the weekend cycle. On, Monday morning person will notice physical symptoms of irritation, lethargy, and sluggishness.

5. Diet and Exercise

Usually, people set their routine life over the weekdays. Many of the people try to do the diet and exercise on the weekdays even after the hectic office schedule. With the mindset of the weekend, people tend to become lethargic and lazy ignoring the exercise training programs and diet schedule. People tend to eat unhealthy food over the weekends which creates harmful microbes in the body. On the first day of weekday, i.e. Monday people start feeling less concentrated and a slow mind. It is because of the harmful bacteria present in the body over the weekend which causes Monday blues. One should eat healthy food whether it’s a weekday or weekend and do proper exercise to come out of Monday blues.

4. Staying Off the Grid: Weekend Routines

Nowadays, people have a mindset that the weekend means party days or spending a maximum of their time on electronic gadgets. Productivity experts recommend that people get ‘off-the-grid’ over weekends that cause Monday blues. They consider the weekend as leisure time. Usually, people spend more time watching movies, games, etc.  Psychologists state that friends and family are good for rejuvenating the spirit while social media can be draining. Spending time with significant friends or relatives can help you relax while building a strong social support network.

3. Breakfast and Meditation

On Monday, people are usually in a hurry to reach their workplace. Many of the people try to skip Monday breakfast and meditation sessions.Nutritionists recommend that a healthy portion of protein and fiber is essential in the mornings. So healthy breakfast and meditation session on Monday can be an excellent source to provide energy to the body and also keep the body active and healthy throughout the day.

2. Dress for the Mood You Want to Be In

Dressing up is often done in haste. However, ‘dress to impress’ and ‘dress for the job you want’ are old sayings that we have usually come across. Psychological research indicates that grooming and hygiene are crucial for creating the right attitude towards the day. It means that you should try and spend time to dress up appropriately for your job. It creates a certain mindset towards the day.

1Positivity in Mind

Positivity does not comes naturally; It hard work. One should be optimistic every day and time. He should think that something good going to happen in the day. Optimistic people look so confident, courageous and happy throughout the day. The day before Monday, People start imaging in their mind that Monday would be full of frustration and problems. People should look at things differently. People should read positive journals to have positive thinking.  A positivist journal makes people look at the positive side of life. People realize that there might be something to look forward to in the day or they may find that there are things they would like to do during the day.

One should read the points mentioned above carefully to come out of Monday blues. These points will make a person positively look Monday. Feeling depressed, lethargic or lazy on Monday can be overcome if a person follows the discussed points.