Top 10 Actresses Who Look Worst After Surgeries

Actresses are always under pressure of looking good and excellent else they may lose fame and work. To look good and to remove unnecessary features or to add any, many actresses have gone under plastic surgery. Some succeeded to a greater extent and achieved what they wanted, but some look the worst because of their failed operations.

We have a list of such top 10 actresses who look worst after surgery.


10.Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson has done something to make her pout look great, and it went wrong. She has denied the surgery, but from her pictures, it is visible. She said that she isn’t interested in things like this. Also, her films have gone viral where her bust enhancement can be seen easily, and it looks crazy. Fans noticed all the changes when they saw her. It was her transformation from sexy to scary. One of her friends told, ‘She is addicted to plastic surgeries. She’s had loads of Botox, fillers, lip injections and breast implant surgeries.”

9. Lindsay lohan

Lindsay lohan has undergone a substantial change in look with her plastic surgeries. Being a child star, she was super cute, but now, with plastic surgeries, her real face is no more the same. It has somehow destroyed the innocence, and you can say the beauty factor. According to reports, she has undergone rhinoplasty and Botox. If you look at her before and after surgery pictures, you will notice the difference.
Plastic Surgery

8. Lil Kim

The rapper Lil Kim has surprised the world with her different look as compared to her early career in the ’90’s. She did several surgeries, and each time; only shocking results came out. She also lightened her complexion too much. If you compare her pictures with her older ones, you won’t be able to recognize her. Lil Kim once confessed that all men told her that she is not pretty enough; even the men she dated. It is one of the possible reasons for doing so many surgeries.

7. Donatella Versace

Donatella has done so many surgeries like cheek implants, lip injections, facelifts, and the list goes on. In the fashion industry, she is much more but, in makeup and beauty, she has done it all wrong. If you look at her before and after pictures, the after-surgery film may scare you because it has gone drastically wrong, especially her lips. She looks so much better in previous photos.
Plastic Surgery

6. Jocelyn Wildenstein

It was printed everywhere in papers that she might have undergone a brow and facelifting, chin augmentation, fat grafting and cheek implants, upper and lower eyelid surgery, and canthopexy, a procedure that raises the eyes to give them a catlike appearance. Many called her the poster child of ‘Plastic surgeries gone wrong,’ and it seems right if you see her before and after pictures.
Plastic Surgery

5. Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family is famous for its beauty. Pretty faces and toned bodies are the most visible features of this family. But because of the dozens of plastic surgeries, people are confused about which of their characteristics are the real and which one is artificial. Out of their family, Kim Kardashian has continuously been in the news for the surgeries she has done. She admitted a few while she declined many, but all her pictures are enough to tell the difference. Some of her operations went wrong, especially the nose job. She looked way more beautiful before her surgeries.
Plastic Surgery

4. Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra’s heart-breaking and disastrous nose job made everyone believe that not all plastic surgeries make you look beautiful. She has done many dance numbers and glamorous, and she was known for it. But after her surgery, only talked topic about her was her nose job. When her nose job went wrong, doctors gave up, and only prayers could help. Koena initially didn’t come out of home right after her surgery, but after a few days, she took a brave decision of coming out. This one incident showed her the ‘uglier’ side of fame.

3.Lauren Goodger

Lauren’s face and body can tell so many stories about what it went through. She did boob job, rhinoplasty, liposuction, jawline surgery, and fillers in the past. It is noticeable that most of it went wrong. When the reasons behind her urge to plastic surgeries were revealed, two of them were her failed relationships and lack of self-confidence.

2. Farrah Abraham

’16 and Pregnant’ fame ‘teen mom’ Farrah Abraham is an actress whose surgeries went wrong to the next level. Farrah admitted that she had done lip fillers, breast augmentations, a nose job, and a chin implant, which she has since had removed. Abraham posted a video of getting butt injections. She looks the worst with the result of her all surgeries. If you don’t believe, you must look at her before and after pictures because they speak enough. The worst of all is her lip job as you can see in the photos.

1. Aisha Takia

Aisha Takia is a Bollywood actress who often gets criticized for her after surgery looks. Right after, when her photos went viral, she rejected it several times that she has done nothing like surgeries, but it is entirely evident that she has gone through a few. The most talked operation of her was her breast surgery, and she declined that too. She said that people were trying to troll her.

Bottom Line

When you are in the show business, you need to follow specific beauty standards. You have to take care of your skin, hair, and health to be in the market because they always need you to ‘look good.’ It is most of the time, applicable to actresses and hence they undergo specific knives and try to get the look they want. Some actresses achieved what they have wanted with the help of plastic surgeries, but a few actresses look horrible after their, and nobody can help them.

Though this was about showbiz, one must learn to accept themselves as they are. Other than good looks, people do surgeries out of low confidence and constant rejections too. They think less of them and remove or add certain features on their bodies even after knowing that there are many risks involved. It might be one of the solutions, but it does not mean you should do tonnes of them that too after constant failures.

Self-acceptance and self-love are essential things in one’s life, and we must practice these things regularly. Love yourself the way you are and accept yourself first before you want them to recognize you.