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Top 10 Benefits of Using Baby Wipes for Kids

Nowadays, baby wipes have become an essential part of the daily life of any family with babies and toddlers. Parents have regarded Baby Wipes as one of the most useful baby products of all time. A baby wipe is a small, folded, and moistened piece of paper cloth. Baby wipes can also be made of a plastic known as Polyester, which does not decompose, unlike the paper cloth. Usually, baby wipes are used for wiping the baby’s bottom while changing a diaper. They are also used to clean the body of the baby when giving a bath isn’t possible or feasible.


Baby wipes were introduced in the market when there was an increase in the number of working parents. The product also saw a rise in usage when people started traveling with their newborn babies as well as toddlers. Baby wipes are very convenient and can clean the babies instantly and hygienically on the go.

Here is a list of Top 10 Benefits of Using Baby Wipes for Kids –


  1. Baby wipes ensure proper cleaning.

The skin around a baby’s bottom is regularly exposed to wetness, urine, and feces when they are wearing a diaper. Cleaning a baby’s bottom area becomes a little tricky as there are more folds and creases compared to other parts of the body. Along with this, babies move a lot, and keeping them still is next to impossible. It results in severe cases of rashes and skin irritation. Every day, there are hundreds of babies who suffer from rashes due to diapers. It is essential to frequently change the diapers and clean the bottom of the baby to prevent outbreaks and redness. Baby wipes are handy to clean the baby in between diaper changes. Proper cleaning is required to avoid any risk of bacterial infection.

  1. Baby Wipes are easy to dispose of.

One of the main benefits of using a baby wipe is that disposing of them is very easy. The wipe can be thrown in the dustbin along with the diaper. Although, it is recommended to use an outer covering to wrap the used wipes and then dispose of them. Following this practice would make sure that there is no foul smell left in the room or the bathroom. Baby wipes are hassle-free and easy to use. Statistically, babies require 8 to 10 diaper changes a day. Baby wipes are convenient to use after every diaper change.

  1. Baby wipes are better than Muslin cloth.

Although Muslin cloth is cheaper than baby wipes, it is not possible to carry many clothes all the time. Baby wipes come in a compact packaging which makes them travel-friendly and easy to carry. Along with this, cleaning and washing the muslin cloth after every use would become a hassle for the parents. Most of the time, they won’t get any facilities for cleaning the fabric. Storing the used material to wash afterward will also require several other resources such as plastic bags. Due to this reason, baby wipes are an excellent alternative to muslin cloth as they are easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to dispose of.


  1. Baby wipes are softer than Washcloths and Sponges.

Baby wipes are made specifically for the soft and sensitive skin of the babies. Other materials that are used to clean a baby can irritate their skin and cause severe rash problems. Also, using reusable products may introduce contaminants back onto the baby’s skin if not cleaned properly. Using a baby wipe ensures that any such chance is eliminated.

  1. Using Baby Wipes saves Water.

In places where there is a problem of water scarcity, using a baby wipe would be feasible to wipe and clean a baby. Cleaning a baby between every diaper change is a necessity, and without water, the best alternative is to use a baby wipe. There are many places when water is not available at all times of the day, which is very inconvenient and challenging for the parents.

  1. Using Baby Wipes in Winters.

If your baby is born in winters, you would know that giving him/her a bath would be challenging. Baby wipes come in handy in such scenarios. As babies are small and vulnerable, it is difficult to set the temperature of the water optimally. If the water is colder than required, the baby might catch a cold. Using Baby Wipes to clean the baby and giving him/her a bath every two to three days is a feasible solution.

  1. Maintains pH balance.

The human body maintains a skin pH balance. Using a baby wipe will ensure that this balance is sustained and not disturbed. If the pH balance gets disturbed, the baby may suffer from redness and rash. Water alone cannot maintain this balance. The wipes are produced, keeping the pH factor in mind and have components that help in keeping up the pH value required. Along with this, messy diapers can increase the pH of the skin. Using a baby wipe will restore the pH value of the baby’s skin.

  1. Use of Baby Wipes instead of a Bath.

Giving a bath to a newborn baby is not advised by doctors. There is no urgency for the first bath of the baby. When the babies come out of the womb, there is a waxy layer on their body which moisturizes their skin and keeps them safe from bacteria and infections. Bathing the baby right after the birth will strip him/her off this layer and would leave them vulnerable. Along with this, newborns take time to adjust to the temperature of the outside world, which makes giving a bath a dangerous situation for them. For a few days, parents should wipe their newborn with a baby wipe to clean them rather than bathing them.

  1. Convenient to use in the absence of parents.

With the increase in the number of working parents, babies are left either with relatives or babysitters. Not everybody is comfortable in bathing a baby to clean him/her. Using baby wipes to clean the baby is a good option for people who babysit children and look after them as it doesn’t involve any mess.

  1. Remove oil and other water-insoluble substances.

Using a soap every time while cleaning the baby between diaper changes can be harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin. However, merely using water may not remove all the toxic substances. Baby wipes can help in removing any oily or water-insoluble materials from the body of the baby.