RTR – Top 10 Marvelous Sculptures of All Times.

Introduction: –

Sculpting is an art of representing any famous personality, or event taking place at a particular reign. It includes stones, wood, metals, iron, steel, and other alloys. Many sculptures exist since the prehistoric period to the modern times. Each sculpture depicts a story of its own, which is worth discovering. Therefore, here is the list of the top 10 marvelous sculptures of all times: –

The Great Sphinx of Giza: –

The 240 feet tall limestone statue is the oldest monumental sculpture of Egypt. It has the body of a lion and the head of a human.The purpose of building this statue is still unknown. It exists during the 2558 BCE to 2532 BCE. During this period, the Pharaoh Khafre, of the 4th dynasty was the ruler. The sculpture is also one of the largest sculptures in the world. It stands 66 feet above the ground, on the west bank of the Nile River, in Giza. It is carved in the shape of pyramids having different layers.

Christ – The Redeemer: –

This sculpture depicting Jesus Christ got completed in the year 1931. The huge sculpture of 98 feet is easily visible from any corner in Rio de Janeiro. It is popularly known as Christo Redentor, in Portuguese. Heitor da Silva Costa and Paul Landowski were the designer and creator of this sculpture respectively. Famous French engineer Albert Caquot and Roman sculpture Gheorghe Leonida also contributed towards its formation. The wide-open arms ranging 92 feet depict the welcoming nature of Jesus Christ. It is the cultural icon and a symbol of Christianity in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. This statue also got more than 100 million votes to include it in the 7 wonders of the world list.

The Thinker: –

In 1881, Auguste Rodin created this masterpiece and completed it until 1902. This sculpture represents philosophy, depicting a huge man resting his arms below the chin. Originally it was known as The Poet by Rodin. Many replicas of this statue were created during and after Rodin’s death. The 6 feet tall and 1.4 meters wide bronze statue of The Thinker is the most memorable. Auguste Rodin was known as the father of modern sculpture, which is evident from this masterpiece. This sculpture suffered damages during the terror attack in 1970. Since Rodin’s death, this statue lies in the Rodin’s Museum in Paris, France. Hence, even today, it is one of the most lovable and famous artworks of all times.

The Statue of Liberty: –

The 93 meters tall statue representing the Roman Goddess, Libertas is a beautiful sculpture. This sculpture was a gift from the people of France, to the people of America in the year 1886. The goddess carries a torch above her head and carries a tablet in her left hand. The tablet includes the date of US independence in Roman numbers. An artifact executed using copper, iron, gold, bronze, and steel is a neoclassical sculpture. French sculpture and engineer, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and Gustavo Eiffel created this masterpiece. This sculpture is also in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is a symbolic representation on the US coins and stamps and is the international icon of freedom in the world.

The Kiss: –

The story behind the beautiful sculpture of Auguste Rodin is very heartbreaking. He created it in the year 1886, depicting two lovers almost kissing each other. It has a great resemblance with the event from the 13th century. An Italian noblewoman falls in love with her husband’s (Giovanni Malatesta) younger brother (Paolo). Since Auguste wished to depict the pure and deep emotions of the lovers, he choose portraying them naked. When the noblewoman’s husband became aware of her affair, they were embrasing each other, but couldn’t, and were killed on spot. Hence, this marble sculpture originally known as Francesca da Rimini lies at the Rodin’s Museum, in France.

Venus de Milo: –

It is a beautiful piece of work by Alexandros of Antioch created in the year 1820. It is 203 cm high and depicts Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, and passion. On April 8, 1820, Yorgos Kentrotas, a peasant got the remains of this sculpture at the village of Tripiti. Therefore, King Louis XVIII of France possessed it and, then transferred it to Louvre. The arms of this sculpture, along with the bracelets, earrings, and a headband, are missing since ages. It is also popularly known as Aphrodite of Milos and belongs to the Hellenistic period. Venus de Milo is one of the greatest artworks of the Greek civilization.

An Ecstasy of Saint Teresa: –

The famous sculpture, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, created this sculpture in the year 1652. He is known as the master of the Baroque sculptures, that was famous during the 17th to 18th century. Saint Terese, a Spanish Nun, was known for her works, beliefs in God, angels, and divine energy. She shared a lot of instances of her encounter with God, angels, and her process of death. After 40 years of her death, Lorenzo created an Ecstasy of Mother Teresa. The sculpture is made using paint, stucco, and marble. It depicts the angel piercing an arrow inside her heart, sending her to a spiritual place. He got this idea from Teresa’s spiritual biography, which describes in detail a lot about her visions and encounters. The statue currently resides at the Cornaro chapel, in Rome.

Manneken Pis: –

The name of this sculpture represents a small boy urinating in the fountain basin. Hieronymus Duquesne created this bronze masterpiece in the year 1619. It depicts the rebellious attitude of Brussels during the 17th century. It stands 61cm tall at the Rue du Chene Road junction. This sculpture is one of the famous attractions of the city and was a favorite piece of theft. Many kings, lords, and dignities offer gifts, clothing’s to this statue. It is decked up with different attires during famous occasions and events. The glorious sculpture lies at the Museum of the City in Brussels.

David: –

Here comes yet another masterpiece by the famous sculpture Michelangelo. It is one of the greatest symbols of the Renaissance Era depicting the biblical hero David. This 5.17 meters tall marble statue is created during the year 1501 – 1504. The decision to build it took place in 1464 by Agostine de Duecio, but he didn’t complete it. Initially, it was planned to place the statue on the Florence Cathedral, but as its weight was 6 tons, it was not possible. It is a symbol of resistance of the public against the powerful people. This statue is now at the Accademia Gallery, and its replica rests at the previous location.

Pieta: –

It is one of the most famous sculptures of all times created by Michelangelo to date. He is popularly known as the most influential and experienced sculpture of the Renaissance Era. At the young age of 24, he built this masterpiece Pieta. It is a Christian art form depicting the Virgin Mary with dead Christ. The grief of Christ’s death after the crucifixion is visible on the Virgin Mary’s face. The statue is known as many other names like Blessed Virgin Mary, and Lamentation of Christ. Michelangelo faced criticisms after depicting the Virgin Mary as a youth keeping in mind the age of Christ. To counter their accusations, he said that the youthfulness of Virgin Mary depicts her purity and divinity. It is the only sculpture, which has a sign of Michelangelo. This statue lies at the St. Peters Basilica, in the Vatican City.

Conclusion: –

It is not easy to compress the long list of marvelous sculptures constructed over the years. The above list may vary according to your viewpoint. Still, these sculptures hold great importance and appreciation to date.