Top 10 Most Expensive Auction Items

Introduction: –

There are some of the notable personalities in the world which are known as legends. Their works and contribution to society have a high impact on the masses. We love them forever even when they are far away from us. Big auctioneers organize the auctions of some of their valuable items. An auction is a place where the prices are set and the parties present start bidding. Hence, the person having the highest bid gets the item. Here are some of the expensive auction items in the world: –

10. Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Baseball: –

Mark McGwire, also known as Big Mac, was one of the best baseball first basemen. He holds an excellent league career record of 10.6 at-bats per home run. In 1998, he became popular, after scoring a record for most home runs in a season. He also won against the Chicago Cubs Sammy Sosa. The famous best selling comic book writer, Todd McFarlane, bought McGwire’s 70th Home Run Baseball. The final bidding price by him was $ 3 million in the year 1999. As he is a huge baseball sports fan, it is obvious for him to possess the famous home run baseball, to his collection of nine other balls. It is the highest selling price for any sports equipment to date.

9. Guarneri Del Gesu Violin: –

Guarneri is the grandson of Antonio Stradivari, the famous Italian craftsman. His full name is Bartolommeo Giuseppe Antonio Guarneri and is popularly known as Luthier. He was born in the Cremona Family and has a rivalry for Stradivari. His instruments were superior and diverse in comparison to Stradivari. Hence, they have a very dark, meaningful, and soothing tone to it. His instruments and songs are a reflection of the family traditions and have a very unique style. Only 200 Guarneri instruments are in good condition to date. He also is the one to complete one of his father’s cellos which has a label on it stating the date 1731.

Although, there are only a few instruments left in the world, their quality is worth to stand in an auction. This violin is 250 years old and a Russian Lawyer bought it making it the highest instrument to be in an auction forever. He bought it at a whopping price of $ 3.9 million. An Israeli maestro, Pinchas Zukerman, also played it in a private concert after 70 years.

8. Marilyn Munroe’s Happy Birthday Dress: –

It is a dress of a popular actress, singer, model, and sex symbol popularly known as a blonde bombshell. She was successful in changing the thinking of the public towards sexuality through the roles in her movies. She always presented her jolly and happy side to the world but was very lonely inside. Marilyn died at a young age of 36 due to a drug overdose. Her gown was very beautiful, sleek, and transparent having various jewels on it. She sang a melodious song at the birthday party of the president John F Kennedy in May 1962. Munroe’s acting coach’s widow displayed this dress at the Julian’s Auction House at Los Angeles in 2016. The vice president of Ripley, Edward Meyer bought this dress proudly for $ 4.8 million. He said that this dress embarks the beauty and the importance of the 1960-70 Era.

7. 1957 Ferrari 250 Tessa Rosa: –

This is for all those who wish to have a Ferrari once in their life. This Ferrari 250 Tessa Rosa is a popular sports racing car, built by Sergio Scaglietti. To conduct the Le Mans and World Sports Car Championship for 24 hours, the engine has a capacity of 3 liters. The speed and design of these sports cars are their highlights. Out of these 21 cars, Ferrari Tessa Rosa is the most expensive. It has also won 10 among the 19 international races from 1958 – 1961. This eye-catching Ferrari was in an auction of Sotheby and RM Auctions. Hence, in 2009, it set the bidding price of $ 12.2 million, which is the highest for any car to date.

6. Wittelsbach Diamond: –

Every woman loves wearing diamonds, as they are attractive and distinctive. But, what will your reaction be, when you hear someone giving a highly expensive diamond to their daughter? In the 17th century, King Philip IV of Spain gave a 35.56-carat blue color diamond, to his daughter, as a dowry. It is passing for centuries among the Austrians and the Bavarian royalties. After World War I, when Bavarian became an independent country, the diamond became the States possession. In 1931, Christie’s Auction House tried selling it but, did not get any buyers. Later, in 1964, a private collector, bought it and sold it for $ 23.4 million in 2008.

5. Roman Era Statue of Artemis: –

It is a bronze sculpture, featuring the Greece goddess, Artemis, and a wild stag. Earlier, it had an arrow in her hand. The statue of the goddess is 36 inches tall, and the stag is 16 inches from the base. It is known to be the best artifacts, symbolizing the classical era. This 2000 years old sculpture, is the highest antique piece ever sold at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. There this imperial bronze sculpture was sold by the director, at a jaw-dropping price of $ 28.6 million. Today, this artifact lies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a piece of display.

4. Leonardo Da Vinci Codex Hammer: –

Leonardo was a man of wisdom and an Italian polymath, of the Renaissance Era. His main areas of expertise were drawing, painting, engineering, sculpting, architecture, anatomy, mathematics, etc. Some of his works like Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and, Vitruvian Man are a remarkable piece of art. The Codex Leicester consists of the scientific writings, by Leonardo Da Vinci. It shows the vision of the Renaissance era and links the art with science. It is a 72 pages long document, handwritten in Italian, using mirror writing.

The name comes from the British nobleman, Thomas Coke, as it was in his possession in 1917. Then, in 1994, Bill Gates won the auction for this manuscript by paying the highest price for any book to date. It has the record of the 2nd highest selling manuscript, for a price of $ 30.8 million. Three years after purchasing this manuscript, he was the one to introduce a digital version of it to the world.

3. Badminton Cabinet: –

It is an ancient chest of the 18th century, to gets its name from England. The chest was in the Badminton House for a long period of 2 centuries. This 152 inches tall and 91.5 inches wide ebony cabinet, is a combination of quartz, agate, lapis lazuli, and other precious stones. It was put in the auction in the year 1990 and bought by Barbara Piasecka Johnson, for $ 16.59 million. It broke its own record when it came again in an auction, and bought by Prince Hans Adam II in 2004, for the highest price of $ 36 million. He later gave it to the Liechtenstein Museum in Austria.

2. Pablo Picasso’s Nude Green Leaves and Bust: –

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter, designer, printmaker, poet, and play writer. He is one of the most respectful and influential artists of the 20th century. The painting Nude Green Leaves and Bust is a series of portrays. It is a dedication to his mistress, Marie Therese Walter from the year 1932. He spent just one day to complete this painting which consists of blue and lilac canvas. This 1.5-meter tall painting was sold in just 8 minutes at the auction of the Christie’s on May 11, 2015. It is the highest selling painting with a deal price of $ 106.5 million. The painting also beat the previous record of the Walking Man I by Giacometti. He even surpassed his own record of $ 104.1 million in 2004 for the painting, The Boy with a Pipe.

1. Tresses from Elvis Presley: –

Elvis Aaron Presley was an American singer, musician, and actor. He was popularly known as the King of Rock Music and for hairs and hips. Elvis is one of the best selling solo artists and has won 3 consecutive Grammy Awards. He also got the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award at 36 years of age. He ranks number 1 in comparison to popular artists like John F Kennedy, Beethoven, and John Lennon. So, in 2002 in an auction, the tresses of his hairs were sold and bought by one of his fans at the Chicago Leslie Hindman auction for a head-spinning price of $ 115 million.

Conclusion: –

Here is the list of some of the top expensive auction items of all times. It is an astonishing fact that there are some great admirers of these well known and famous personalities of the world. These items are rare and it is sheer luck to possess such valuable items in real life.