Top 10 Reasons Why College Life Is Unforgettable

Let’s admit that college days are the best days of one’s life. You get new friends, new experiences, and many new people with entirely new personalities. College life is like the turning point of everyone’s life, and that’s why it is memorable. If you are already graduated from college, you must have an idea about the things which made your college life remarkable. College days are the most carefree days, and you realize it when you enter the corporate and busy life. It is like a series of fun events and memories which make your college life unforgettable.

We have a list of top 10 such things.

10.Friends for life

The friends you get in college life will always be in your life because you have gone through adulthood together, suffered together, and enjoyed together.  Friends in college help you overcome failures and to celebrate your success too. Many of the college friendships last life long, and that is the real treasure you get from the college. Birthday celebrations with friends give you the best birthdays for a lifetime. You are no more allowed to celebrate birthdays decently because birthday bumps are always on the way. Also, the continuous party demands are there. Many people are of age more than 60 and still hang out with their college buddies.


9.College Canteen

Most of the memories get generated at the college canteen, and hence, this is one of the favorite places of college students to hang out. Students bunk classes to spend hours here. Along with sharing food, people share lots of memories here. Thousands of jokes, teasing each other, treating each other and a lot of fun things happen here. Meeting friends from streams is the most exciting thing to do at the college canteen.

8.Groups and Fights

If you are passed out, you must be laughing at the fights that you had in your college life. Some of them might be serious, but most of them are very random that you don’t even remember the reason. Fighting with your friends for something very minute causes, enmity with another group, all these things are bound to happen in college life. But these things will also make your college life unforgettable.

7.Events and Festivals

Right from day 1 of college life, you are informed with various activities in college. From volunteering an event to organizing the one, you meet many people and form an extraordinary bond with them. While doing all this, you go through many things, and you grow through it. Apart from all this, you enjoy events like college gatherings and various special days like traditional day and several theme-based days. Many people get a job based on their organizing and management skills, and that makes those events even more special for them.

Also, bunking classes for events is another cherry on the cake because it is a great excuse to get rid of boring lectures.

6. Struggle for Notes

In school, we attend lectures and study every day, but that’s not the case in college. People bunk lectures and then struggle for notes just before the exam. Standing in queues at Xerox centers, begging in front of class toppers, scanning handwritten notes and then taking print of them is a whole hectic process but that’s important to get letters and to pass the exam. While struggling for records, you get to know the people, and you may bond with them over the struggle of getting notes.

5. Deadlines

The most annoying part of college life is deadlines for assignments and projects. But this annoying thing makes your college life fun. While doing all this, you can experience the most amazing moments with your friends. You get to crack many jokes, you get to tease your friends, you get to sing various songs, and most importantly, you get to make memories. Staying awake the whole night and then eating Maggie at 3 am is not going to happen in corporate life. It can happen only in college days.

4. Teachers

One thing is for sure that teachers in college are not like teachers in school, but some of them give you the right direction. They want to support you and guide you, even when you leave the hopes of trying. They play the role of your parents when you are away from your home. Some teachers are strict, and you must have mimicked some of them with your friends.

3. Hostel

If you live in the hostel, you can live the most of your college life. The hostel gives you lots of fantastic as well as the worst experiences. You learn to live on your own. You bond with people over TV series, hating the same people, hating mess food, eating outside and ordering food, notes exchange and what not. The part of college life that is most missed by people is hostel life. You get people for a lifetime, and bond with them is just unbreakable.

2. Attendance

Most of the colleges have particular attendance criteria, and that’s like the pain for students. College students hardly wish to attend lectures except for some scholars. And that gives rise to the proxy, which is an integral part of students’ life. Even teachers know of this trick, and sometimes they ignore it. But to keep up with attendance, the struggle is real. On top of that, the games you play secretly with your friends in boring lectures is the best part. And after being caught, getting punished together is more fun.

The things that we do in boring lectures are slapping a friend on the head who is sitting in front of you, secretly watching your crush, throwing airplane and chits and this list goes on.  These things are surely worth enjoying and missing.

1. Exams

The original and horrifying part of college life is the exam time. The struggle for notes, staying awake whole night to cover syllabus enough for passing, getting important questions ticked from toppers, begging in front of friends to teach you, eating late night snacks and the list goes on. But now when you remember this time, you will surely laugh at it.

Bottom Line

Not all memories are sweet and phenomenal, but your college life becomes remarkable because of them. Being a college student, you have dealt with valuable experience and career decisions, and that has made you a strong and independent person. You change as a person, and those changes give you new courage to move ahead.

College life is an undoubtedly integral part of one’s life because of numerous bunks, college campus memories, college canteen, and lifetime friends. We often wish to bring those days back soon.