Top 10 Signs of A Happy Person


“Happiness is not out there, it’s in you.” The secret to happiness is being well-acquainted with what you are, embracing and making the most of it every single day of life. Thus,in short Happiness is a habit, one must cultivate it. So, do you think you are a Happy Person? Here are Top 10 Sings of a Happy Person. 


10- Happy People have Lesser Expectations

Your happiness in life is directly proportionate to the lesser number of expectations you have in life. If you have a great baggage of expectations from people and life in general, you must be deceiving yourself if you think you will gain happiness from all corners of life. The sooner you understand the art of not having ‘great expectations’, the sooner you will transform into a happy person. If you already have achieved that art, Kudos to you.

09- They do not Indulge in Dirty Blame-Game

Nothing is worse than a dirty blame game. It is better to mind your own business and avoid such fruitless confrontations, that you know would lead to nowhere. Happiness is beyond all these idle tricks to gain a moment of false honor. True honor lies in being a clean-hearted person who neither indulges in bad, nor the help of anyone with bad intentions.

08- Happy People are Not Easily Victimized

The strength of happy people is seen in their zeal for life. They are not easily bogged down by trial and tribulations in life. They defy victimization in their own way of happiness. By returning an abuse with smile, instead of another abuse can make the world such a better place. Make “If Plan A didn’t work well, Remember there are 25 more letters more letters”, a life lesson.


07- They are not fond of Belittling Others

Do you like belittling others or putting others down for your own happiness? Then, you are not a happy person. By putting others down into a sea of sorrows and pain, isn’t going to give you flourishing happiness. True Happiness comes from forgiving people and being the greater person in life. Mandy Hale says that,“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign this power to anyone else over you.”

06- Happy People do not Crib over Small Things

If you are unhappy with the tiny things that don’t go your way, do you think you are a Happy Person in general? Do you realize had it not been the case, you would have been much more happy? If you do, you are absolutely correct. The best way to live life is to be content with things and not crib over each and every bit of dis-comfort. All comfort lies in happiness and not materialized things.

05- They believe in ‘Go with the Flow’

We have all heard the proverb on time and how it does not wait for anybody and that the only constant thing in life is change. So, learning form these old sayings we can infer that the best possible means to tackle all the changes in life, good or bad, is to go with the flow of time. We may try hard to stand against that tide of time, but time is inevitable. The least we can do is to only try to pace up with time.

04- Happy People are Content and Obliged

Life is all about being obliged and thankful to god and people around for the contributions they have made. If you fail to do this and keep making people responsible for the ‘bad’ things in life, you can’t live a happy life ever. So, the key to a happy and blissful life is to be pleased with what you have, make the most of it and be grateful for it all.


03- They live in the Present, rather than the Past

“Everyday is a new day. If you don’t move on in life, you will never be able to find Happiness.” You might have seen several people, you are still stuck in their past events and their memories. Do you find them happy at all? Of course not. Some famous person wisely said that,”Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.” If you are caught up with bad memories or experiences, you surely cannot move forwards. Nostalgia sometimes becomes our enemy, like in this case. Thus, it is better to let go off things that make you sad. Therefore, it is better to stay in the present and stay motivated for the upcoming things. Remember the life motto of Carpe Diem, that is, ‘Size the Moment and Live Life.’

02- They are Benevolent and Compassionate in Nature

Being a benevolent and kind person has several health benefits. One of them is happiness. If you are kind, you are well-connected to the people around you. Thus, you are less likely to be isolated from the society. However, if you try to be indifferent to the feelings of others, you will end up being solitary. Moreover, being compassionate makes you a better human being. It introduces you to your own true self, making life easier and happy. Remember,Christian Dior had appropriately said that,“Happiness is the secret to all beauty, there is no beauty without happiness.”

01- Keep Self-belief and are Happy within Themselves

The greatest sign of a happy person is the feeling of contentment. If you are always eager for more in life, you can never be happy and at peace. Thus, the feeling of content provides you inner peace and happiness, making you a happy person. This can also be called being-happy-within-themselves. However, this should not get confused with the fact that happy people do not want to achieve greater things in life.


So, “Do more of what make you Happy”, because “Happiest People don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.”