Top 10 Things to Do in Life When the World Seems a Bad Place

Do you feel frustrated from mundane life, and do not know where the joy of living has gone? Did you have a salty breakup and have not recovered from the blow? Does the world feel spiraling down, and you can not understand what to? Worry not! You are not alone. Everyone has a phase in their life when nothing makes sense, yet you have to search for happiness. I have a small list of things you can do to make yourself comfortable and help you find your hidden happiness. Do not lose hope, stay calm, and hold tight; satisfaction is just around the corner.

Find below top 10 things that you can do when world seems a bad place

1. Finding and polishing hobbies

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Okay, I agree this is the most common and generic suggestion, but I will be lying if I say it doesn’t work. Finding a new hobby can be tedious, time taking, and completely out of your comfort zone. But that is the fun part of the journey called life. You might discover a hidden talent and even surprise yourself. If you already have expertise say you like to sing, then you can work on it. You can join in singing classes and polish your talents. If you were trained in a particular art skill to say watercolor painting, you could tutor children by giving home tuition or even do online tutorials. Always remember, all you have to do is begin in your life.


2. Get up for an active life

Feeling low means, you will be physically weak too. Getting wrapped up in a blanket and not moving at all seems like a great idea and a comfortable one too, but it is not the answer. Eating junk food and isolating yourself will do you no good and in fact, make you more miserable. Being active and indulging is outdoor activities helps in keeping you in contact with the people and the environment. You do not have to do something extreme, even doing yoga early in the morning in the fresh air can help you stay active. Go for a jog, cycling, or swimming, if you want you can also join a gym where the health trainer can guide you. Being in touch with the environment and mother nature has proven to keep the body healthy and rejuvenated.

3. Reviews

Are you a tech-savvy or loves video-games? If yes, then you can make blogs or video reviews for the gadgets or games you have tried so far. It implies anything you like to do or have a collection. The sky is your limit! You want to solve puzzles then you can review different types of mazes. If you are fond of calligraphy pens, then you can consider them too. If you love makeup, then discuss the lipstick you own. It does not matter what your passion is; you have to give it a voice. You can start your blog post or even a YouTube channel and who knows you become the next big youtube!

4. Finding new places

Do you feel stuck in a single space? Do you think the city has nothing to offer you? Well, you might be wrong; there must be places yet left to be discovered by you. If going on trekking is possible in your city, then for sure you should try it. Being a foodie can come to great use, you can visit different restaurants and café where you can try their top menus or even try something new and bizarre. If you can save up money for a trip then sure do that too. You will gain so much experience and beautiful memories, don’t limit your life.

5. Adopt a pet


You might think getting a pet is a hard job and requires another skill set, although I do not deny you nothing reflects your personality more than your pets. You can adopt a human’s best friend, a dog, or the mighty cat, or you can start with a goldfish or whatever pet you always wanted. Get the child in you his/ her childhood pet. Having a pet teaches you so many things about life, and they become a great companion.

6. Turning pages


Although this is one of the healthiest choices and I strictly (indeed strictly) would suggest to retrain yourself to the books and novels and not the TV series or movies (you can’t Netflix that’s the rule). If you are curious about a TV series and if there exists a book it is based on then always, I repeat always choose the book first. It gives you an insight into the writer’s mind and imagination. But, your vision is your power when it comes to books.

7. Spiritual journey

Although it might sound a little old fashion or even hippy to some people. But, finding your spirituality helps you calm down your mind and makes you notice the happiness which you never acknowledged. You do not have to follow a cult or go to church; you do what you feel is best. Even helping poor people with their meals count. Philanthropy doesn’t have a price tag; you can do as little as buying a homeless a cup of soup, and it will make you happy. You do not need a religion to find your spirituality.

8. Take a break for Carpe diem!

How frustrating it is to live the same mundane routine. Wake up, get ready, work, eat, sleep, repeat. It does not sound fun, indeed. It is always a good idea to take a break once in a while and also find happiness in your job. It does not matter how big or small your job is; what matters is you should enjoy it. If you feel you need a break then sure take a break — nothing wrong in indulging yourself once in a while. You can do small things for yourself, like getting a foot massage or making a small piece of jewelry or even have a relaxing day at a spa. Everything counts!

9. Spent time with family


If you live alone, then you know how small the world can become for you. It is always a good idea to connect with family members and spent time with them. Spending time with friends and family should not be limited to Thanksgiving dinners and Easters. Love resides in family bonds, rekindle, and recall all the childhood stories with family and friends.

10. Choosing Therapy 

If you are depressed, then even simple tasks can get hard to do. Also, getting out of bed seems like a difficult job to do but don’t feel alone. All you have to do is reach out, raise your hand for someone to grab you and pull you up. Falling hurts, but it also means you can dust off the dirt and fly again. Get a good psychiatrist, and he or she will listen to you and guide you. You are never alone, depression although taken lightly is a severe mental burden.