Top 12 Baby Shower Cakes.

Introduction: –

A woman is blessed when she is adorned with the responsibility of bringing a new life to this world. It is rightly said by Dalai Lama XIV that ” Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your actions.” For welcoming a new baby in this world, many traditions are followed around the world known as ‘ baby shower.’ Here the close friends and family members are invited, games are played, and everyone enjoys by dancing to the music beats. But most importantly, there is a cake cutting ceremony, which is also a way to reveal the name and gender of the baby. If you wish to organize a baby shower then, below are some of the famous and prettiest baby shower cakes which will add to the glory of the event.

12. Malted Coconut Cake: –

This light blue colored cake is an ideal cake for those who are blessed with a baby boy. The combination of egg white and creamy coconut buttercream gives the cake a tasty texture and a beautiful look. It is even suitable if you are going to organize the baby shower event during the Easter days. This tempting cake has a perfect resemblance to a birds nest with small eggs inside it.

11. Nursery Rhyme Cake: –

If you wish to see the bright future of your child or to educate your child about some of the famous nursery rhymes like Humpty – Dumpty, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Five Little Ducks, etc. then this cake is the best choice. Because the beautiful three-layered cake incorporates nursery rhyme characters dressed in items of clothing, you can easily order it for both the boy and girl making the event successful.

10. Elephant Clothesline Cake: –

This eye-catching cake is ideal for both the baby girl and boy. The blue and pink colored elephants along with the small green grasses, enhance the beauty of the cake. It leaves an impression on the guests. Elephants have a friendly, protective, and energetic nature, so it is an indication to your guests that your family loves the baby a lot and will nurture him throughout his life. As children love elephants in the zoo, so your baby will love this cute elephant cake.

9. Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes: –

It is effortless to serve the cupcakes to the guests instead of the cake slices. Because they are well organized in small sizes and require smaller plates. If the cupcakes are made from chocolates, it is like an icing on the cake! All generally love the chocolate flavor. So, combining it with raspberries or Nutella and designing in a heart shape will add to its beauty. This creamy cheesecake and Oreo crust is bound to become a mouth-watering cake leaving the audience amazed.

8. Vanilla Blossom Cake: –

Many kids prefer vanilla flavor, just like chocolate. It is a very yummy cake as it is made from vanilla, but the highlights of this cake are the beautiful colored edible flowers, either blue or pink. As the flowers are a symbol of growth, freshness, and happiness, the cake looks beautiful with the flower blossoms. Hence, it is sure to enhance the beauty and the atmosphere of the event with fragrance.

7. Daffodil Cake: –

Orange fruit is loved by all so; it is a great idea to bake a cake with orange and cream. This orange scented cake accompanied with sweet-tart cream gives the cake a light, airy texture. It is an excellent option to grace the event if you are organizing it during the springtime. To enhance its beauty, you can decorate it with some edible flowers like pansies and violets. Daffodils symbolize new beginnings, so it is a perfect cake for your baby shower event.

6. Whale Baby Shower Cake: –

Finding a type of cake which is appropriate for a baby boy then, this whale cake is the one. It has an eye-pleasing look depicting two blue fondant whales at the top. This cake is made from lemon, curd, chocolate, vanilla sponge, buttercream, and raspberry jam. It is one of its kind which is equal in taste and appearance. As the wales at the top symbolize the naughtiness in the boys similarly, the waves at the bottom represent the smooth growth of the baby.

5. No-Bake Cheesecake: –

While organizing a baby shower ceremony at the last moment the order for your cake gets canceled. Then you can easily bake a loaf of your own and carry on with the enjoyment. At times when there is a large gathering you need to devote attention to every person, it is better to serve the refreshments in small sizes. You can decorate the cake with a thick layer of buttercream and add blueberries for boys or raspberries for girls as a topping. As this cake does not require any baking, it saves a lot of time and effort and still appears delicious.

4. Triple Layered Lemon Cake: –

The beautiful triple layered lemon cake is sure to become the highlight of your baby shower event. Its lemon flavor with whipped cream, lavender sprig and crust made from Nilla wafers adds to the beauty of the cake. As lemon symbolizes sunshine so this lemon cake will bring happiness and brightness in the lives of all the people present in your event. Even though it is a simple cake with lots of nutritional value, it is a cake worth ordering for your baby shower event.

3. Raspberry Pink Velvet Cake: –

I am sure that just by looking at this beautiful pink cake, everyone will be left surprised. It is an ideal cake symbolizing love. Its delicate pink texture with juicy raspberries on the top along with a creamy cheese frosting makes it mouthwatering. You can even enhance its beauty by adding fluffy meringues and edible velvet flowers around the cake. Pink is one of the favorite colors of every girl, so that it will impress all the ladies out there.

2. Hummingbird Cupcake: –

Hummingbirds are a symbol of love and joy. A hummingbird cake which is made from bananas and pineapples is a great way to grace the occasion. As cupcakes are more natural to serve, you need not worry about managing your baby care and hospitality of your guests together. The rich blueberries on the top of the cake are a perfect choice for a baby boy shower. The flavors used in the cake symbolize the tropical climate of our country that showcases love and togetherness.

1. Pink Ombre Cake: –

This beautiful pink colored swirl cake can easily captivate the attention of your guests present at the baby shower ceremony. It is an ideal cake for a girl baby shower as it has a lot of layers and swirls of different flavors. It is best suited for occasions where there are a vast number of invitees and will make the event memorable.

Conclusion: –

A baby shower is an occasion celebrated for thanking the lady for blessing the family with a child. As Jon Krakauer says, ” Happiness is only real when shared,” so we must always keep smiling and stay connected. Times like these show us the right sides of the people and give us the idea as to who is the well-wisher that will stand by us during our good as well as bad times.