Top 15 Sign Of Pregnancy Symptoms

Introduction: –

The decision of raising a family is one of the most crucial things. It brings a lot of care, precautions, and responsibilities. The couple needs to get prepared both physically and mentally to welcome the new member in their family. In such a situation, it is evident for any woman to feel anxiety and become extra alert towards the activities happening around her. There may be times when she might feel tired and stressed and have instincts about being pregnant. She might experience symptoms which indicate that a piece of good news is waiting for her. As an assumption can be disappointing, it is always better to opt for a pregnancy test. Below is a list of top 15 frequently experienced pregnancy symptoms by pregnant women:

15. Mood Swings: –

It is widespread to have a sudden disliking for any object or a food item. It happens due to the hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy. If you face symptoms like excessive irritation and depression or uncontrollable anger, then it necessary to have a pregnancy test done as symptoms like these can arise during pregnancy.

14. Change in taste: –

During your pregnancy phase, you might develop a strong disliking towards your favorite food item or may suddenly crave for something which is either too sweet or too spicy. This kind of symptoms generally occurs during the early stages of pregnancy. If you tend to develop a metallic taste in your mouth, have bleeding gums while brushing teeth, feel like vomiting after smelling fried food and coffee, then you must consult your doctor.

13. Swollen feet and ankles: –

When you feel numbness in your feet and your legs start swelling very often, or you face problems while climbing stairs, it is an indication that you might be pregnant. That usually happens because of the collection of the fluid in the tissues causing blood clots. Having low back pain is also a sign of a positive pregnancy.

12. Weight Gain: –

It is one of the most common symptoms indicating your pregnancy. When you suddenly start gaining weight rapidly within a short period, even after taking a balanced diet, it is advisable to meet your doctor. During pregnancy, it is very flexible for any woman to gain up to 25 pounds of weight so you must not get stressed or feel ashamed about it.

11. Constipation: –

Women who are pregnant or could be pregnant usually have to face a lot of problems when they get constipated. It happens because of excessive generation of hormonal fluids in the body. Due to the enlargement of the veins of the uterus, the food may not pass easily and cause uneasiness in the stomach. If you are taking any medicine which has iron contents present in it, then it can cause constipation so you must not forget to drink plenty of water to be able to eat sufficiently and maintain good health.

10. Nausea and Vomiting: –

One of the most common symptoms occurring during pregnancy is nausea. Some pregnant women have severe nausea, whereas some don’t have it at all. When symptoms of nausea get critical, it starts giving vomiting sensation and uneasiness to the stomach. It happens during the early stages of pregnancy, generally in the morning when the stomach is empty. So, try to eat light and nutritious food to comfort yourself. These symptoms may also occur due to the typical odor of certain food items, perfumes, or detergents, so it is best to stay away from such things to stay healthy.

9. Headaches: –

A pregnant woman might feel dizzy and light headed during the early stages of her pregnancy. It mainly happens because of the unusual circulation of the blood in the body or low blood sugar level. It can also lead to excessive nausea and tiredness. When you are experiencing such symptoms, it is better to stay hydrated and eat healthy meals in small quantities at regular intervals. You must also try and take 8 hours of sound sleep during the pregnancy phase.

8. Tiredness or Fatigue: –

It is often seen that pregnant women feel tired and restless even when they are doing the least stressful work during the day. They have the unwillingness to work and wish to lie down or keep sitting at one place. Some women also have insomnia, so they stay awake all night during their pregnancy phase. This symptom is likely to arise during the early stages of pregnancy, so it is advisable to eat food items that are rich in protein and iron and take an ample amount of rest so that the blood supply in the body runs smoothly and you do not feel tired.

7. Increased Urination: –

That is again one of the most common symptoms which indicates that you might be pregnant. Even though it may also happen due to urinary infection, it is better to take a pregnancy test. During the 6 – 8 weeks of the pregnancy period, women have to wake up in in the middle of the night to empty their bladder. That is because of the growth of the fetus, which forces the body to enlarge and increases the speed of the blood flow in the body. Though it is very tiring, it is a good sign as it keeps the body light and prevents constipation.

6. Short Breath: –

It is also one of the reasons why women might faint or feel dizzy. As a pregnant woman carries a fetus inside her womb, and its growth depends on the activities and health of the mother, it is likely to happen that she may sometimes feel breathless. It happens due to the extra amount of oxygen that is at times required by the fetus. If you have been experiencing any such symptoms since long, then it is advisable to consult your doctor soon to prevent any harm from happening.

5. Vaginal Discharge: –

It is the thick white substance which is emitted by the vagina a few days before the beginning of the mensuration cycle. Some pregnant women have emission throughout their pregnancy period, while some have it only during their early stages. It is nothing to worry about until you feel particular irritation or sense a foul smell during the emission. In such a case, a timely visit to the concerned doctor is highly necessary for the good health of both the mother and the baby.

4. Implantation Bleeding: –

It is one such symptom which is mistaken by most of the women as the early start of their menstrual cycle but is also a vital sign showing that a woman is pregnant. In this, the walls of the uterus start enlarging, and along with the milky white discharge, there is also a slight blood loss, which is also known as ‘spotting.’ It generally happens anytime in between the 6 – 12 weeks of pregnancy when the fertilized egg joins the lining of the uterus. Even though it is nothing to be worried about, taking a pregnancy test is necessary as a precautionary measure.

3. Missed Periods: –

It is essential to have regular periods as they indicate the healthy growth of our breasts. When any woman skips her periods, it may happen due to many reasons like weight loss, obesity, medicinal side effects, and pregnancy. If a woman has irregular periods in the general course, then she might not be able to differentiate regarding her pregnancy situation but generally, if she has delayed, irregular or missed periods it is an indication that she might be pregnant. Taking a pregnancy test will be useful in such a case for confirmation.

2. Cramping: –

Generally, when it is time for the menstrual cycle to begin, women start feeling pain in their uterus, lower back, and legs. They may also get cramps in their feet while walking and may feel tired and dizzy all day. The same symptoms also occur when a woman is in her early pregnancy stage. It may happen due to implantation bleeding, expansion of the uterus, or a presence of a corpus luteum cyst. This symptom when arises should be taken seriously, and you must consult your concerned doctor at the earliest.

1. Swollen Breasts: –

When you feel that your breasts are swelling up or you the area around your nipples starts getting darker, then it may be a sign of you being pregnant. During the early stages, women feel sensitivity, tenderness, ticklish, heaviness in their breasts, which may cause discomfort. They are very natural and occur due to the increase of estrogen in the body during pregnancy.

Conclusion: –

As getting pregnant brings a lot of responsibility for a woman, it is advisable to follow all the instructions given by your doctor and disclose and share any new changes that you experience during pregnancy. Any hesitance can lead to unexpected circumstances. As “Ignorance is the root and stem of all the evils,” it should be avoided to have a happy life ahead.