Three Best Cloud Storage Services for Students

Until a few years back, computer systems and external devices were the only data storage options available. And the space was so disappointingly less that users had to delete previous files and resort to multiple storage choices to make room for new data. Fortunately, as digital platforms started to rule, more cloud storage alternatives came up and users got the benefit of a central server owned by another company rather than on the drive on a computer or smartphone.

This proved to be such a boon for students. Instead of relying on traditional USB flash drive storage solely, they can now take class notes, do their homework, and study without worrying about losing information if the device gets stolen or lost. There is no more time wastage on loading or unloading of files and printing or buying papers. And though cloud storage is not economically cheap in any way, considering the safety of data and convenience of usage, it has to be the best in the market.

If you are a student and care about your projects and assignments, here are some cloud storage solutions to try –

  1. Google Drive

The thing about Google drive is that it isn’t just a place to store things. There are numerous tools that allow you to make things. Word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and survey creation tools are there inside the same platform and can be shared with anyone you want. With so much in store, there is no doubt it has 1 billion users. There is 15GB of storage available for free. Extra storage can be bought at minimal charges.

  • pCloud

It is another safe and secure cloud storage solution that permits students to handle their personal folders and college files in a cloud or web-based environment. All the data stored is guarded against data security issues and encrypted as well. You get up to 10GB of storage space free, and if you ever want to upgrade, premium plans are also available for as low as a $4.99 monthly subscription. You can also share folders and files by sending invitations to anyone you want.

  • IDrive

IDrive ranks amongst the top online data storage service providers, and that is for the features, decent pricing, and usability it offers to its users. The upload and download speed slack a bit but is compatible with every operating system, including iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac. Also, it supports an unlimited number of devices, thereby allowing you to back up files and folders in one place. You can even retrieve deleted files for up to 30 days.

There are, of course, challenges that come along using cloud solutions. First comes the bandwidth limitations restricting the amount of data being backed up daily. Second, are the security issues as you are entrusting data to an outsider. And then is the endless dependency you develop on the cloud storage service provider. In case of unexpected issues, there is no help available to get the data back. Generally, this isn’t an issue with external data storage. A specialist providing RAID data recovery services can be there to help. Still, cloud storage solutions are worth a try.