Top 10 Best Anniversary Gifts you can give your Wife

The more time you spend with your spouse, the more you fall in love with them. But it is no news that marriages can get monotonous. How do you prevent your marriage from going stale? Many people often say that it is the little things that hold importance. and that is very true. You need to find occasions to celebrate be it your spouse’s birthday or your wedding anniversary. One of the best ways to make your anniversary special is by gifting your wife a meaningful present. There are certain traditional gifts that are associated with certain anniversaries, here is a list of the top 10 best anniversary gifts you can give your wife –


10) 1st anniversary: Paper

You can get your wife a diary that is full of your memories together. You can compile a series of your photographs that capture different experiences and couple them with little quirky notes. You can also make a Q&A journal; but for this you need to start early. Answer a question about your wife daily and once it is entirely filled you can gift it to her. You can also make cute cut outs of different things that remind you of your wife or are liked by her such as – her favorite flower, shoes, books, etc. Everyone likes romantic poetry, you could always gift your wife a book or framed lines that reflect upon your love for her. If the both of you love to travel, you can gift her a world map that lets you color in the places you have been to. This will be the perfect gift as it will also help you decide on the next location you’re gonna visit! Who doesn’t like to travel with the love of their life?


9) 2nd Anniversary: Cotton

Check out any home that has a couple living in together and you are bound to find a bunch of colorful pillows that create the perfect ambience. If your wife loves pillows you can get her a bunch of pillows that have quotes on them. You can also get a love letter that you wrote for her or your marriage certificated printed on a pillow cover and surprise her with it. You can also get her a bunch of cotton clothes from her favorite stores. Your wife is most likely to feel like a princess when she finds you with bags full of clothes from her favorite stores!


8) 3rd Anniversary: Leather

Who doesn’t like a leather journal? Not only is the smell of leather wonderful but it also keeps the pages safe and allows your spouse to pour her heart out in it. You can also fill the journal with different quotes and stories that you know will be appreciated by your wife. If your wife likes to read you can fill the journal with excerpts from her favorite stories and gift her a collection of her favorite words. You can also write a number of observations about her that will make her feel loved. You can also gift her leather products such as shoes, belts, bags etc., whatever are preferred by your wife.


7) 4th Anniversary: Flowers/Fruits

Who doesn’t like flowers? Every movie be it Bollywood or Hollywood has romanticized the gesture of giving flowers to your loved one. Get your wife a bouquet of her favorite flowers, be it blue orchids or red roses or a mixed arrangement of them all. You can also get your wife exotic fruits that cater to her tastes such as strawberries, don’t forget to add some melted chocolate on the side! You can also buy a bunch of her favorite fruits and place them in a pretty basket. You can find a number of baskets of different colors and materials, choose the one that you believe will be appreciated the most by the love of your life. You can also get her a monthly subscription of either of these two items. If you get her a subscription, she will get a new gift every month!


6) 5th Anniversary: Wood

This is probably the easiest anniversary gift as there are multiple products that are made of wood and can be the perfect gift. Be it a new dining table set, wooden keychains with names or dates engraved on them, a wooden photo frame, a key holder, etc. If your lady has been eyeing a new cabinet or a new cupboard since a long time, maybe this is the perfect occasion to bring that in her room and surprise her.


5) 10th Anniversary: Tin/Aluminium

You can get jewelry made from tin or aluminium, they can be cute little ornaments that she can pair with different items of clothing. You can also make little decorative pieces and place them around the house for her to find, not only will she have fun finding them; they will always remind her of you and your anniversary.


4) 25th Anniversary: Silver

Which lady doesn’t like to be pampered with jewelry? Take her to her favorite store and let her pick out what she loves the most! If you aren’t sure about what she’ll like the most you can always take help from her friends and family and surprise her.


3) 50th Anniversary: Gold

One thing that trumps all sorts of jewelry is gold. Be it the exuberance of the material or the long lasting life, gold is considered to be the perfect gift for any occasion. You can hit up the main jewelry stores and buy your wife an array of necklaces and rings that she can flaunt later on.


2) Hand Made Gifts

If you go through all the things that have been mentioned above and would rather do something heart felt, you can always make something from scratch. Be it baking a cake for your wife or building a reading chair for her, the effort that is put into a gift increases its value by tenfold. You can write letters and leave little notes around the house to make her feel appreciated.


1) Luxury Items

Everyone likes to be pampered like a princess once in a while. Who wouldn’t want to live life like the rich? If your wife appreciates material things, you can buy her an expensive watch or a good perfume that will cater to her tastes. You can also get her gift cards from her favorite stores and can witness the smile that comes on her face when she brings a number of shopping bags home.


The most important thing when you get your wife a gift is the thought you put into it coupled with the effort. We often forget to make our loved ones feel important, these anniversaries act as an occasion where we can remind them as well as ourselves of the love that we share.