Top 10 Best Cigarette Brands

Man has never been too late to discover the bounties of Nature. With the discovery of the tobacco and its uses, the question was how to use it in the best possible way. Though chewing of dried tobacco and smoking the rolled leaves was in practice, the urge to commercialise the entity made man to rediscover new techniques of tobacco use. And thus cigarettes were born. Soon it developed into a luxury good and the competition to bring diversity in the tobacco industry began.

We take a look at some of the brands that have been at the top of the race in the making of quality cigarettes all over the world.

10. Goldflake

Made from the bright golden yellow tobacco flakes, enriched with honeydew flavour, goldflakes are awesome middle range cigarettes from ITC Limited, the leading tobacco company in India. Besides Wills Gold Flake there are other brands that make goldflake cigarettes too, including Bacons’ Gold Flake, Hignett’s Golden Flaked Honey Dew, Salmon and Gulckstein’s Gold Flake.They come in a wide range of varieties and qualities – Gold Flake Kings (84 mm), Gold Flake Kings Lights (84mm), Gold Flake and Gold Flake Lights. These cigarettes are quite smooth and the flavour of the smoke is quite exhilarating. If the smoke is inhaled to a deeper extent the taste is enjoyed to the maximum. Also, the smaller ones are cheaper and better than any other cigarette in this range. If you want to live life king-size, you have got to smoke a goldflake kings!

9. Insignia

This is another grand cigarette from the house of ITC limited. Considered as one of the most expensive cigarettes in India, Insignia smokes are at par with some of the best international luxury brands like John Player Black, Cartier, Dunhill and Sobranie. They come in attractive matt black packages and are sold in a single variety. These cigarettes are known for the smoothness in the flow of the tobacco smoke through the filter and the associated taste. If you are one of those who believe not just in quality but in class too, this is exactly what you might be looking for to refresh your spirits!

8. Benson & Hedge

If you want the taste of pure Virginia tobacco, get a taste of these English cigarettes. The smoke is quite moderate and does not ruin one’s throat. It is a great choice for those who prefer cigarettes that are neither too strong nor too weak in flavour of the smoke. These cigarettes come in different varieties like Gold, Silver, White and Gold Superkings, and rolling tobacco. They were the first to introduce the concept of ‘dual-flavoured’ cigarettes, which included a pork-gelatine capsule in the filter to alter the taste of the smoke if desired. B&H has been one of the most famous and widely available good cigarettes in the world since 1873.

7. Pall Mall

It is one of the highest selling brands of cigarettes by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. It was one of the first in the segment of premium cigarettes and had set standards in design and taste for both short and long cigarettes. Their technique of stuffing the tobacco is quite unique and the added charcoal is like the icing on the cake! They are sold in a number of varieties like Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Black and White which refers to the different strengths of the tobacco and menthol content of the cigarettes. They had even come up with 100mm long cigarettes, which however did not last long due to market competition. These are the best one can get in this price range.

6. Camel

This American brand of cigarettes was the first to introduce the concept of pre-rolled tobacco for smoking. They developed a flavour of their own using the best of Virginia and Turkish tobacco. The packaging of Camel cigarettes has been quite famous because of their attractive graphic design and catchy quotes, besides the use of Turkish paper in the fashion of Egyptian cigarettes. These cigarettes burn quite evenly and smoothly, thus leaving an impression of the superior flavour for a long time. They are also quite richer in tar and nicotine content than most other cigarettes. If you are a fan of cigarettes, this is a must smoke for you!

5. Lucky Strike

These American smokes have been one of the top selling cigarettes of all times. They are specifically famous for the use of roasted tobacco rather than the form dried in the sun, which is supposed to enhance the flavour and make the cigarettes more desirable. It was introduced in Virginia as chewing tobacco and later shifted to making pre-rolled filtered cigarettes. ‘Luckies’ have been one of the most favoured cigarettes by women of all time, because of the smooth taste and richness of flavour. Some of the varieties are made stronger in taste with natural additives, though the natural ones are equally unique and distinctive.

4. Dunhill

If you want to smoke some real quality, Dunhill is what you might be looking for. Made by the British American Tobacco company, they are one of the most expensive luxury brands in the line of cigarettes available. They are available in nearly all over the globe and are priced higher than the other cigarettes in the same class. They are available in a large number of varieties having different contents of nicotine and tar. People love Dunhill for the unique smell and the lingering taste of spiciness and undertones of sweetness. What more! The Dunhill switch comes with a bubble of mint in the filter, which can be used to release a rich blend of minty taste in the mouth.

3. Parliament

One doesn’t simply smoke a Parliament for no reason. If you had caught a glimpse of Charlie Sheen in their ads in the 1990s, you would of course know what we are talking about. Filtered cigarettes became popular not before the 1950s. Marketed by the company Philip Morris, these were the first of cigarettes to have recessed paper filters that allows only the nicotine to reach the smokers mouth. They come in varieties including menthol flavoured, and different sizes – Green Pack (Menthol Full Flavour), White Pack (Menthol Lights) Kings and Silver Pack (Menthol Ultra Lights) Kings. They are known for their excellent taste and light smell. Their unique filters make them low in tar content and thus a favourite among those who dislike the harsh smell of cigarettes.

2. Davidoff

The unique taste and style is what sets Davidoff cigarettes apart from the rest of them and makes them one of the most elite in the line of luxury cigarette brands. Currently owned by Imperial Tobacco, the brand markets a range of cigars, cigarettes and pipe tobaccos. The cigarette range includes varieties like the Magnum, Magnum Lights, Supreme, Classic, Mild, Lights, Slims, Super Slims, Ultra lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights, One and Gold. Davidoff also makes a line of cigars known as “Zino” and a line of cigarillos. They have made the Dominican premium cigars the number-one bestsellers worldwide. Davidoff cigarettes can make you feel the history, culture and tradition of rich and quality smoking. Once you taste the style of a Davidoff, you cannot simply go back to smoking something else!

1. Marlboro

You see a Marlboro everywhere, be it a magazine ad featuring Marlboro Man, or the world of motorsports. Made by the company Philip Morris, these are the largest selling cigarettes in the world. These elegant cigarettes were however, introduced for women in 1924, and emphasized on its feminine features, which included a red band to hide the lipstick stains from the filter! However, it gained its market among men after 1950, when the cigarettes began to be more generalised in make. Marlboro cigarettes come in a variety of flavours, sizes and packages all over the world. Marlboro cigarettes provide a completely different smoking experience, because of the strong yet smooth flavour. The brand is quite famous for its association with Formula 1 Grand Prix, as a sponsor for famous teams like BRM, Iso Marlboro-Ford, McLaren and Ferrari.


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