Top 10 Bizarre Competitions from around the World

Remember when we used to participate enthusiastically in competitions as a children? Sometimes, we would even invent our own games. All around the world today, fully grown adults play absolutely bizarre games and compete against one another not only for prizes, but often simply for the sake of fun. Read this article to know about some of the most bizarre competitions from around the world. Some of these may make you shudder, while most will simply amaze you and fill you with weirdness.

  1. Cheese Rolling Competition

There is an annual Cheese Rolling competition that originated in the Cotswolds, England. Played on Coopers Hill, the competition is quite dangerous and often has ambulances on standby. It is absolutely absurd but is a tradition that has been followed for many years. This competition is played by rolling a ‘roll of Double Gloucester hard cheese’ down the hill. It is given a one second head start after which participants start running after it. The running often becomes rolling, sliding, and tumbling. Over the years, paramedics have found people at the bottom of the hill in different stages of injury, from sprains and scrapes, to broken bones. The winner gets to take the entire roll of cheese home.

  1. Toe Wrestling Championship

This bizarre competition originated in 1974 in Wetton in the United Kingdom. It was originally invented by four drinkers in a pub. In this extremely odd sport, participants must link toes with one another and lay their foot flat against each other. The aim of the competition is to pin the opponent’s foot down for three seconds and not get caught or pinned. Each pair of competitors plays three rounds and the one who wins two out of three is declared the winner.

  1. Cockroach Racing Competition

This absolutely creepy competition originated in 1982 in Queensland, Australia. It is held on 26th January every year and the event is known as Australia Day Cockroach Races. This racing has also spread to the United States. Cockroaches could be bought at the venue or brought from home by the participants. The proceeds of the event earned from charging participants for entry go to charity.

  1. Air Sex World Championship

This competition was supposedly invented in Japan in 2006 by a group of men who had no girlfriends. It involves fully-clothed people simulating sex actions with an invisible ‘partner’. Similar to ‘air guitar’, participants must fully emulate the act of having ‘air sex’. Participants are given about two minutes to do various activities from foreplay and seduction, to actual simulation of intercourse. The only rule is that there must be at least one invisible person or object to whom the participant is ‘making love to’.

  1. Midget Throwing

This competition is also known as dwarf tossing. The midgets or dwarfs are made to wear special heavily padded clothing. Sometimes, they may also wear Velcro on their costume. The competition has two variations and involves people throwing these midgets onto mattresses or onto Velcro covered walls. Participants are judged based on who throws the dwarf the farthest.

While this competition is obvious extremely humiliating and offensive to the dwarves, it is still practised today. Although over the years there have been several initiations of bans for this competition, none of them have fallen through because of one main argument: this is a major source of income for many dwarves and denying them this could cause more harm than good.

  1. The World’s Ugliest Dog contest

While most of us would like to believe that ugly dogs don’t exist, this group in California has embraced the ugliness, so to speak, with their annual contest to look for the world’s ugliest canine. This contest is held every June in Petaluma, California as a part of their Sonoma-Marin Fair. Not only is the dog given the prestigious title, but the owner also gets a prize of one thousand dollars. The contest began in the 1970s and the title of ‘The World’s Ugliest Dog’ has now been trademarked by the group.

  1. The World Worm Charming Contest

Worm charming is a method used to attract worms to be used as bait for fishing. While the ‘art’ itself is gradually dying out, this is also a rather popular contest held in Willaston, England. This contest began in the 1980s as a friendly match between schoolboys. Each contestant is given a 3×3 area of ground from which they must attract as many worms as possible. The best technique, it has been said, is to hit the ground to produce vibrations. This startles the worms and encourages them to come out.

  1. Best Dressed Dead Possum Contest

In New Zealand, schoolchildren are actively engaged in dressing up dead possums as well as they can. The event was held as a part of fundraising event, and was reported to have raised about four thousand pounds. While the fact remains that this competition was ethically problematic because it involved using dead animals almost as a form of entertainment, the faculty of the school in New Zealand said the event was quite ‘fun’.

  1. Bee Wearing Contest

The images of bee wearing contests are terrifying. People are covered in layers of bees, with not an inch of skin visible. This contest is held in China, and the record for most bees worn is at 350,000, which weights up to almost 87 pounds (39.5 kg) of bees. The last known contest was held in 2011, when the two contestants managed to attract and wear 26 and 22.9kg of bees respectively.

  1. Pea Shooting

This competition has been held in Cambridgeshire, England since 1971 and began as a fundraising contest. Even today, it continues to be a way to raise funds. While this is rather mellow when compared to most other contests on the list, nothing makes it less bizarre. The contestants shoot the peas using pea shooters. The contest works a lot like archery, and contestants are made to shoot dried peas at a 12 by 12 inch target made of wood. As of now, there are women and male championships held in England, although the ‘sport’ is now gradually gaining popularity in the US.

This article hopefully made you laugh a little. The human race is one that is wonderfully bizarre. Nowhere else can we such creativity even in competition. The next time you visit one of these countries, be sure to participate in these sports! It surely will be the experience of a lifetime.