Top 10 Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses in the World

“A luxury home has to be immaculate, absolutely spotless.”- Richard Dorn. 

And that is all these out-rightly luxurious and dead-costly houses are about. From the beaches of Florida to the posh streets of New York and London, the locales of the Royal Family to that of metropolitan cities. So, these Top 10 Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses in the World, or leisurely abodes are all you would want to play footsie with.The Top 10 Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses in the World comprise houses  of all kinds of tastes, elegance being the connector of all of these.

10. Kensington Gardens Palace, London- $89.4 Million

Owner- Lakshmi Mittal

 Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses

Located in the glam-street of west central London, lies Laxmi Mital’s priced possession and elegance par excellence. Back then, it hit the news for being the world’s most expensive. It has had noble previous occupants in Baron de Reuter, John Leech, The Free Poles and David Khalili.

Now, this Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses list contender- is a house that has had great fortune. It is decorated with the same marble as that in the Taj Mahal. According to the Historic Royal Palaces, the Kensington Palace,” was once a small and suburban villa, known as Nottingham House. Moreover, new monarchs William III and Mary II chose this modest mansion in 1689 to be their country retreat. Over the years, Stuart and Georgian monarchs transformed the palace into a fashionable home for Britain’s young royal families.”

9. The Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles- $102 Million

Owner-  David I. and Suzanne Saperstein

costliest and luxurous houses in the world

The next on the Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses lists, is this fabulous mansion. Mostly, spreading over a wide mass of land, the 45,000-square-foot it has twelve bedrooms and fifteen bathrooms. So, the extravagances are a fifty-seat theater, a ballroom, a gym and a pool house. In fact, there is a 1,200-foot running track, a tennis court and a even guest house.To top it all, there is in fact, a 200-yard driveway from the gate to the main house.This mansion was ideally modeled upon King Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles. Hence, it was drawn into reality by the renowned architect Richardson Robertson III.

8. The Seven The Pinnacle, Big Sky, Montana- $155 Million

Owner- Edra and Tim Blixseth

The picture says it all! This opulent house-mansion is set in the ski and golf-community’s lodge arena and  is residence owned by the celebrated couple, Edra and Time Blixseth. The Blixseth family owns the massive Yellowstone Club- a ski resort of Montana, belonging only to the filthy rich. Pinnacle has  over 10 bedrooms with especially heated interiors such as the floor, room and even the drive. It is reported that there exist fireplaces in bathrooms of this house. Most noteworthy is their massive wine cellar. In addition,they also own a luxury-ridden ski lift.

7. The Palazzo di Amore, Beverly Hills, California- $195 Million

Owner- Jeff Greene

In November 2014, this earthly Eden was called ‘the most expensive residential complex in the United States’. Moreover, it costs $195 million as per net worth. So, this posh landmass stretches across 53,000 square feet of living space, and has over 12 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and  24-car garage. Furthermore it has luxuries such as a 5,000-square foot master suite,bowling alley, 50-seat movie theater and discotheque. Taking a complete dip in affluence it boosts over a 25 acres of land. Most of all, it includes a vineyard, 150-person capacitance infinity pool, reflecting pool, tennis court, and the list is endless.

6. The One Hyde Park, London- $15.4 Billion

Owner- Rinat Akhmenov

costiliest and luxurious houses in the world

This grandiose penthouse is a predominant residential complex situated in the  locale of Knights-bridge in London. Thus, this extraordinary five-bedroom apartment redefines a luxurious modern living.With a dramatic interior designing and stellar craftsmanship, this definitely had to feature on this list.Most of all, this unique apartment set has a gigantic entry-way with an amazing view and glass-lines.As a result, he furniture and setting speaks volumes of the leisurely life its had potential to deliver. And pictures are proof ! Moreover, it contains some masterpieces from the great collection of Osborne Samuel Gallery.

5. The Fair Field, Sagaponack, New York- $249 Million

Owner- Ira Rennert

This luxurious abode is house by an American investor and businessman of over $6.5 billion worth, Ira Rennert. Thus,he features among the most influential personalities with nation’s largest privately held industrial empires.It is a beach-front house in the town of Sagaponack in New York.Most of all, it is considered to be one of the largest occupied residential compounds in US. Furthermore, the house faces the Atlantic Ocean and measure 63 acres, over 110,000 square feet that includes the 66,000-square-foot main house, an Italianate facade, 29 bedrooms, and 39 bathrooms and 91-foot long formal dining room. In addition, it has a bowling alley, basketball court, two tennis courts and a hot tub worth $150,000.Finally, it was charged a property taxed worth $397,559.00 in the year 2007.

4. The Tour Odéon, Monte Carlo, Monaco- $400 Million

Owner- Group Marzocco

Odeon Tower positioned in the Principality of Monaco. It is a 170 meters high,double-skyscraper that embodied the first high-rise in the city-state of Monaco. In fact, it features as the second tallest building on Europe’s Mediterranean coast.This luxurious space, justifies its presence in this list as it features  50 floors, 259 residences,161 lower floor apartments,10 subterranean levels with 543 parking spaces. Apart from these, despite being a ‘house’ it has retail shops, offices,business centers. Also, wellness center such as spa, a fitness center,swimming pool.

3. The Villa Leopolda, Ville franche-sur-mer, France- $750 Million

Owner- Lily Safra

The Villa La Leopolda, a gigantic detached villa of the Villefranche-sur-Mer. It is located in the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera. The villa  has been housed by the nobels of France and stretches over 18 acres of land. It was designed by an American architect, Ogden Codman, Jr.This happened when the estate belonged to King Leopold II of Belgium that he presented to his mistress Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix. Like the Blossom estate, this majestic villas was part of the country’s historic heritage too. Moreover,t is built in the style of the Belle Époque.

2. The Ruler of the Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses category- The Antilia, Mumbai – $1 Billion

Owner- Mukesh Ambani

Antilla is India’s business tycoon and Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani’s South Bombay house. First of all, it is also referred to as a ‘crown property’, with its expenses that succeed the Royal house- The Buckingham Palace. This palatial house has been named after the mystic land of Antilla .Moreover, it is situated on the prime location of Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill in metropolitan Mumbai. The house is titled as “the tallest single-family house in the world“, “world’s most expensive private residential property“,etc. In addition it indoctrinated with safety from earthquakes with as high as 8.0 reading on the Richter scale.

Hence, the first and the grandest in the Top 10 Costliest and Most Luxurious Houses in the world list is,

1. Blossom Estate, Palm Beach, Florida- $4.1 Billion

Owner- Ken Griffin

Bingham-Blossom House or the Figulus, has historic omnipresence in the domain of home and landscaped estate. Being located at the prime location of the Palm Beach County, southeastern Florida, it has been a victim of fire, that led to its demolition. Moreover, it was constructed at the south of the palatial residence of Figulus in 1919.Thus, the latter was a huge Mediterranean Revival-style complex. It was conceived in design and shape by architect Abram Garfield. Most of all, this building was a part of the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Thus, it was documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) in 1972.Thus,there is a lot to cover under the ‘House Goals’ list !