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Top 10 Exercises to Tone Your Face Muscles

When someone says the words ‘toned muscles’ we immediately think about toned arms or toned legs or basically any other body part which we regularly work out at the gym. However, we tend to ignore a set of muscles which significantly affect our appearance- our face muscles. Your facial muscles, like any other body part, requires regular exercise. Exercising your face muscles will give your face a toned look and take years off of your face. Don’t believe us? Try out the following exercises. The best part is, these exercises barely take up your time and change your appearance significantly.

10. The Fish Face

Despite having a funny name, the fish face is one of the best facial toning exercises that one can do to keep their cheeks slim. The fish face involves puckering your lips and pulling in your cheeks to imitate a fish. Smile while you’re in this pose. It will stretch the cheek muscles.

Method– Maintain the fish face for ten seconds. Repeat this five times.

Time required– Two minutes.

How it Helps– The fish face helps to tone down your cheek muscles. It also helps make your face look much sleeker and defines your jawline.

9. The High-Brow Frown

One way to tone your forehead muscles is to raise them as much as possible while trying to frown at the same time. Open your eyes as wide as possible when you lift your eyebrows. It might get a little confusing at first, but doing it four or five times will help you get the hang of it. Once you get the pose, hold it for about five seconds before repeating it. This stretches the forehead muscles.

Method– Maintain the pose for five seconds. Repeat this ten times.

Time required– Three minutes

How it helps– It helps to stimulate the blood flow in your face, as well as make your forehead firm.

8. The Closed Eye Brow Raise

If the high-brow frown is difficult for you, there is a simpler alternative. Keep your eyes closed tightly while raising your eyebrows as high as possible. This will tone the muscles near your eyes and your brows, while also working your forehead muscles.

Method– Maintain the pose for five seconds. Repeat ten or fifteen times.

Time required– Three minutes

How it helps– The closed eyebrow raise is simple to do, and it helps to tone the eye muscles by stimulating blood flow to the area.

7. The Tongue Raise

Another effective exercise to keep your face looking young is to raise your head towards the ceiling, pucker your lips to form an O shape and stick your tongue out towards the ceiling. You will feel a pull on your cheek and your neck muscles.

Method– Maintain the pose for ten seconds. Repeat ten times, or as much as possible, for effective results.

Time required– Four minutes.

How it helps– The tongue raise helps in stretching your neck muscles keeping the area slim, as well as keeping your cheeks toned.

6. The Forced Smile

Another cheek-related facial exercise is the forced smile. Using your fingers, pull both your cheeks down while trying to smile at the same time. Since the cheeks automatically raise when you smile, pulling them down can feel tough at first but try to hold the pose. It will stretch your cheek muscles very well and tone your face.

Method– Maintain the pose for ten seconds. Repeat five times.

Time required– Three minutes.

How it helps– Tricking your brain into keeping your cheek muscles down when naturally they raise when you smile can help your cheeks become toned much faster.

Tip- Always wash your fingers before attempting this exercise or use gloves, since its advisable to not directly touch your face with your hands.

5. The Narrow Nose Exercise

Ever feel like your nose is a little chubby and you wish it was more narrow? This simple exercise can narrow down your nose without any surgery. Keep your middle fingers on the corner of each eye, and with your ring fingers hold either side of your nose. Pull your middle fingers down your nose like you’re sliding them, without wrinkling your nose muscles. Keep the muscles tense when you do this exercise.

Method– Keep sliding the middle fingers down your nose ten times.

Time required– Two minutes

How it helps– When you slide your fingers down your nose in this pose, while keeping your muscles tense, it helps to tone down the nose and make it appear more narrow.

4. The Double Chin Bow

Having a double chin can change your appearance very quickly, so its better to keep it at bay by toning the chin and neck muscles. Take a deep breath and bow your head down to make your chin touch your neck. Hold your breath as long as you can in this pose, and then release. This puts pressure on your chin and neck muscles.

Method– Maintain the pose as long as you can hold your breath. Repeat five times.

Time required– Three minutes

How it helps– Folding the chin into the neck muscles can help you directly target the double chin and reduce it quicker.

3. The Chin Raise

Another effective method to tone the chin and reduce your double chin is to perform the chin raise exercise. Look towards the ceiling and pucker your lips as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling. You will feel a nice stretch in your chin muscles when you do this.

Method– Maintain the pose for fifteen seconds. Repeat five or ten times.

Time required– Five minutes.

How it helps– By stretching out your lower chin muscles, it helps to reduce the double chin. It also helps to target the cheek muscles.

2. The Forehead Pull

An exercise to make your forehead muscles firm and reduce the wrinkles is the forehead pull. Similar to the forced smile, use your index finger to pull your forehead down, and raise your eyebrows at the same time. This will create tension in the forehead muscles and tone them.

Method– Maintain the pose for ten seconds. Repeat five times.

Time required– Two minutes.

How it helps– Creating the stretch in the forehead muscles in opposite directions can work them and reduce the wrinkles in the area.

1. The Puffer Fish Face

One of the most noticeable wrinkles on the face are the laugh lines on either side of the nose. The puffer fish face is a popular exercise to tone that area of your face and reduce the laugh lines. Simply fill your mouth with air, imitating a puffer fish. Then move this air from side to side within your mouth. You can also push the air up and down in your mouth.

Method– Hold the air on each side of your mouth for five seconds before changing the side.

Time required– Three minutes.

How it helps– This can prevent or reduce the laugh wrinkles on the sides of your face.


Your face is one of the first things people notice about your appearance, and thus performing these exercises on a daily basis can help you get an extremely toned face and keep you looking young for years!