Top 10 Expensive Sports in the World

Who doesn’t like Sports right? Many people consider Sports as a hobby. They admire watching and supporting their favorite Team or Player. In fact, the term “Sport” comes from the Old French desport meaning “liesure”. However, we do find someone who has an endless affection towards a particular Sport and such people considers Sport as a Passion instead, as a mere time pass and they give anything necessary to pursue their dreams. For Instance, Novak Djokovic-is an infamous Tennis player who dealt with hard times during his childhood. But that doesn’t stop him from being one of the best Tennis Players of all time.

Money has always been a primary requirement for anyone seeking better training. There are people like Novak who work hard to acquire required money for accomplishing their dreams. But, Is Tennis the only sport that demands a lot of Money? And, Is Novak the only one who went through hard times to pursue a career. The Answer is a definite NO. There are a lot of sports that require higher capital investment.  If you could make it to the end, be ready to get shooked for the 2nd Spot and, the number of zeroes required to take part in the sport placed in the first position.


Unlike traditional Auto Racing, Rallying is a form of motorsport that is not convened on a well-constructed track, instead held on public Roads using tuned automobiles that are capable of facing rough terrains ranging from hilltops to desserts. Definitely, a highlight among the variants of motorsport, Rallying requires plenty of talent, skill, and money.  You heard it right, Talent alone is not enough to compete in rallies. Money is a primary requirement. Why?-Well, Most of the contestants use tuned/customised automobiles. Stock Cars/Automobiles won’t be able to make it to the competition since it will fail miserably against the modified ones. In addition to the car itself, it’s a necessity for the driver to wear Fire Resistant Clothing and High tech Gloves which doesn’t come cheap as well. After doing the math, it will take one at least $90,000 to maximum $140,000 depending upon the customisation made to the car. Ken Block, a renowned rally driver’s Ford Fiesta(completely modified) costs around $500,000(the more you know).


A sport that requires no introduction at all, Tennis is one among the most popular sports in the world. But at the same time Tennis is also the one that demands a lot of money as well. Not only hiring an expert coach costs a fortune(approximately $40,000) but participating in an event require abundant resources. Travel expenditure and accommodation being the prime factors for the high expenditure, other costs include stringing and gear maintenance. Not discouraging Tennis aspirants, Once a player is matured enough to win titles he/she is entitled to a whopping salary ranging between $150,000 to $200,000. But it will take one $100,000 to $200,000 to get to that point. Spending $100,000 to earn $200,000 is not a bad bet, as far as I’m concerned.


A game that barely requires running, Golf is arguably one among the challenging sports out there. Imagine hitting a ball into a pocket that’s kept far away without any proper indication except for a short red flag, if you think that’s easy-Congratulations you will make a good golf player. Here is what you need- Time, Money and a Good Vision. So let’s just skim through the expenses, shall we? First off, we need a good pair of gloves and a nice caddie. The caddie is optional as one can lend someone else’s when it’s unused, otherwise one should buy a full-time caddie which costs around $16,000 to $18,000. Once you have them ready, you need to purchase a Pro Golf Bag which holds fabricated sticks used to drive the ball into the target. On an average estimate, these bags cost around $15,000 to $20,000 (The most expensive Pro Golf Bag cost around $70,000).

7.Horse Riding/Equestrianism

Just in case Equestrianism is a little too ambiguous to understand, “Equestrianism” is derived from the Latin word that translates to horseman in English. Hence Equestrianism or simply Horse Riding is a sport where a person demonstrates his skills of riding, steeplechasing or vaulting with horses. What’s expensive in riding horses right? Well, let’s just get this straight-According to BETA(British Equestrian Trading Association) an estimate of £3,600 is spent on each horse. Wait, that’s not the all-The economic value of the equestrian sector stands at £4.3 Billion of consumer spending across a wide range of goods and services each year. Now, who said Horse Riding is cheap and inexpensive?


Polo a.k.a Sport of the Kings is team sport played on a horseback. For easy understanding, Imagine a sport that blends the characteristics of Golf, Equestrianism, and Soccer. You have to ride on a horse carrying a wooden mallet in your hand which is used to drive a small hard white ball into the opposing team’s post. Each polo team consists of four riders and their polo ponies. Polo is called as Sport of the Kings for a reason. You have to be rich to play this sport, as simple as it gets. Polo is easy to play once you make a good relationship with the horse you ride. But buying a horse and training it, is not an easy job to do. For that, you will need to hire coaches and trainers. On top of that, for participating a competition one must pay an abundant capital for a membership which costs around $1,000 to $2,000 PER WEEK. When it comes to ponies, the average estimate including feeding and training would sum up to £8,000 to £9,000 PER MONTH. Do your math and count the number of zeroes for ONE YEAR.

5.Air Racing

Air Racing is one of the few motorsports where Pilots can take part in. This deadly sport is not meant for everyone who knows how to handle a plane. It requires a lot of skills and it will probably take a certified pilot months, if not years to master these skills. Even if they practice and conquer the skills, they will need at least $100,000 to buy a fighter jet. No joking, it costs more than $150,000 to pursue a career in Air Racing. The infamous Zivko Edge 540 costs around $250,000 excluding maintenance costs. As much as it is fun to watch, Air Racing is extremely dangerous and one mistake in the plane will blow it up, so maintenance costs are usually high.


What is Cheaper than an Aircraft but costly compared to a Car?-A Sail Boat. Sailing is a sport that utilizes the wind acting on the sailboat to propel it along the direction of the wind flow. The key equipment in this sport is, of course, the Sail Boat. On an average estimate, A Sail Boat costs around $200,000 to the maximum of a million dollar. Unlike most of the Events, Sailing doesn’t take place much often. This increases the maintenance costs as most of the time the boat sits on the shore. Apart from these expenses, it is quite easy to start sailing, all you need is a good compass and a calm mindset. Coaches are available and hiring them won’t cost much as well.

3.Modern Pentathlon

An Olympic Event that will surely put the spectators towards the edge of the seat, Modern Pentathlon is a tiresome sport that consists of 5 different events ranging from Shooting to Fencing. The event is inspired by the Traditional Pentathlon held during the Ancient Olympics. The five events being – Fencing, Shooting, Equestrianism, Swimming and Cross Country Running. The event list clearly reflects the need for money, You have Equestrianism holding the major share and the rest of the events having a considerable amount of share as well. As far as trainers go, an athlete requires 5 trainers from 5 different fields to give them proper training. Estimated Anual Expenditure range from $150,000 to $200,000

2.Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping is an Olympic Event that welcomes all the professional ski jumpers to compete. All Professional Skiers are required to have insurance since the sport is extremely dangerous. The Ski alone costs around $3,000-for a big event such as Winter Olympics, the athletes are given professional training which costs a lot more compared to other sports. Roughly, the budget for Ski Jumping is $250,000. The athletes are literally “Playing with Money” here.

1.Formula 1 Racing(F1)

If you’re into motorsports it’s almost impossible to not to stumble across Formula 1 Racing. If you live under a rock here’s a quick anatomy of this sport. Formula 1 is named as such since the entire sport is based on a single formula involving the change in ride height. A rider must meet the rules and regulations so as to qualify and take part in this sporting event. For that, it’s necessary to have a cutting-edge technology for adjusting the ride height, which is done by tuning. Customisation=Money. Plus this time around it’s not the regular 4 door car that you are tuning, instead of a single seater Super Car. Here are the statistics that will prove the statement. According to the survey, Ferrari spent a grand total of €386 Million in the year 2016, ahead of Mercedes with a budget of €310 Million. Next time when you are watching F1 don’t blame the driver for the small mistakes he makes on the track, he is more cautious than you-that is why he chose F1 in the first place.

It seems as if we are living in a generation that consolidates on money instead of talent. Majority of the determined sportsmen belonging to a poor family won’t be able to compete in the aforementioned sports. Hence there is an urgency for sponsors to give the sportsmen belonging to this category a chance to prove their worth.