Top 10 fighter jets in the world RTP

With the growing arms race and the nuclear threat, it is no surprise that battles have turned into a necessity for maintaining peace. Due to this looming threat every country is making sure to match the strength of their enemies. A mastered aviation is a necessity for a betterment in a country’s offensive and defensive skills and this purpose can be achieved through fighter jets.

Fighter jet is defined as a really high speeded military aircraft used primarily in attacking other aircraft during wars and guard the skies. These air-to-air combats are challenging and a jet’s strength is determined by its speed, maneuverability and size. They are mainly used in establishing an undisputed air superiority since the horrid days if World War I. Without it, there is absolutely no chance of survival of a nation’s citizen.

Any nation concerned with its national security will not compromise in terms of these fighter jets’ prowess and their enhancement and because of which many countries have given rise to some extremely powerful fighter jets that can cast some serious fear into the hearts of their enemy and here we’ve compiled such war aircrafts:

10. Dassault Rafale

The Dassault Rafale meaning “gust of wind” or as some might call it a “burst of fire” in a more military sense is a French twin engine aircraft and also is a multirole fighter aircraft designed and built by Dassault Aviation. The minimum landing speed is115 knots or 213 km/h; 132 mph; while in flight, airspeeds as low as 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph) have been observed during training missions. The aircraft’s cockpit is fully compatible with night vision goggles (NVG). The top speed of the Dassault Rafale is 1,912 km/h and the engine types are Snecma M88 and Turbofan and weighs around 9,979 kg and its length is 15 m.

9. Eurofighter Typhoon

The max speed of this massive 11,000 kg beast is 2,495 km/hr at greater heights while 1,470 km/hr at low altitude with a range of 2,900 km and on the other hand, the ferry range is 2,300 mi or 3,790 km and it can also climb at an impressive rate of 62,000 ft/min or 315 m/s. Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Kuwait, Austria are some of the examples that own this flying destruction to their name.

8. Sukhoi Su-35

The su-35 is the designation for two separate, heavily upgraded derivatives of the Su-27 air-defence fighter. They are single-seat, twin-engine, highly-maneuverable aircraft, designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau and built by the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aircraft Production Association. Its speed is around 2,410 km/h while the ferry range is 2,430nmi or 4,500km. Overall, range is 3,600 km or 1,580 km. It can climb at an incredible rate of 55,100 ft/min!

7. J-10

The Chinese fighter jet’s maximum speed is 411.6 m/s normally and 651.7 at altitude. The  radius for combat is 2,540km on high-low-high missions. The maximum range is estimated to be 3,400km that too without refueling.  The J-10 is built with a single engine and the aircraft’s first batch consisting of about 50 aircrafts is powered by AL-31FN turbofan engines made by Russia. This batch was delivered to Chinese air force between 2004 and 2006. Countries including Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan and Thailand have shown interest in owning this aircraft and to make the purchase.

6. F-18

The american aircraft can achieve a max speed of 1,900km/hr at an altitude of 40,000 ft and it has a range of 2,346 km without refueling. It has a ferry range of 3,330 km. The length is 17.07 m while the weight is 10,810 kg. It has 2 general electric F404-GE-402 turbofan with a combat radius of 722 km in interdiction missions. A necessary power and a strong weaponry, this fighter jet is the powerhouse of maintaining national security.

5. Mig-35

The MiG-35 is a Russian multi-role fighter plane that was developed by Mikoyan design bureau in the early 2000s. It weighs around 11,000 kg and its length extends up to 17.32 m. Powered by two Klimov RD-33MK, this aircraft had some brilliant qualities to its name. Mig-35 has a max speed of 2400 km/hr at altitude. The range of this fighter plane is 2,000 km with a ferry range of 3,100 km and consists of 3 fuel tanks!

4. F-16 Fighting falcon

This American fighter plane made the first fight in the year 1974 and now over 4,400 of these aircraft have been built. Weighing around 6600 kg, the length of this aircraft is as huge as 15 m. Falcon was created by the unusual agreement between the US and four of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries viz. Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, and Denmark.

3. Chengdu J-20

This aircraft was designed to compete against other fifth generation fighters, such as that of America’s F-22 Raptor and Russia’s PAK-FA. It is speculated that J-20’s development was assisted by the Russian MiG aviation company. This Chinese aircraft’s length extends up to 23 m and can achieve a speed of 2,700 km/hr.

2. Sukhoi PAK FA

This Russian aircraft weighing around 18,500 kg with a length of 22 m is no less than a beast in the skies. As per the earlier plans this aircraft was supposed to be launched in 2017 but now due to incomplete production it couldn’t happen and it is set to launch in 2018-2025. It will be a twin seater fighter plane and is supposed to be the competent of America’s F-22 Raptor. US believes that the Russian PAK FA is only an advanced fourth generation fighter plane as opposed by Russia’s claim of it being a fifth generation plane.

1. F-22 Raptor

With an ability to achieve a max speed of 2,410 km/hr, the F-22 Raptor has lots of perks to its name. It is a single seated aircraft and has 2 engines, belonging to the fifth generation of fighter jets. 195 of such aircrafts have been built costing around US$66.7 billion as of 2011. The aircraft has excelled in stealth and performs amazingly in aerodynamic criteria giving it a never seen before aircraft capabilities to combat in air. It was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Boeing Defense, Space & Security and took its first flight on 7 September 1997.

One can simply admire the massive size of these brilliant fliers. Also, they can cast a severe and impactful damage once in operation. Technology has taken humanity to unimaginable extents and fighter jets definitely count as a significant part, not only do they overcome the inability to fly but also the mid air battle for protection of their respective nations. Their strength and their equipment of all battle required skills leaves anyone in awe. Maintaining an aura of fear acts as a caution to all potential attackers. A stronger defense mechanism has to be enacted by every country to ensure its security and that demands an all out protection and because that protection not only includes the ground and the sea but also the skies. Hence, these fighter jets are a fundamental need of guarding the skies.