Top 10 Fun Things Children can do During Summer Vacations

Summer vacations for children is a synonym for freedom: Freedom from school, homework, tests, exams, assignments and stringent teachers. It gives a license to children for sleeping late, rising late, playing till late hours, eating tubs and tubs of ice-cream, going for sleepovers and enjoying their lives according to their wish for two months.

Wondering what to keep your restless little monsters occupied with? Here’s a list of 10 fun things children can do during summer vacations:

10. In-house shenanigans

Children can indulge in an array of games to be played indoors. It could be card games, pencil & paper games, memory games, puzzles, board games or video games. If children are bored of these mundane games, add some spice to the routine of indoor games by introducing interesting games like a costume party, treasure hunt or indoor bowling. All these games are a bunch of thrill and excitement.These games are a sure-shot way to make your child enjoy with his/her friends within the borders of your house.

9. Step outside for fun

Outdoor games can be a great source of fun and refreshment for children. There are endless games that can be played outdoors like musical chairs, blind man buff, tug of war, limbo, beer pong, etc. Children can also enjoy their favourite sports like football, tennis, cricket, basketball or simply go on a cycle ride. For more brave and daring kids, camping and trekking are also some of the activities that guarantee great fun and thrill. All these outdoor games, sports or adventures help in the overall physical development of the child. It boosts their stamina, helps develop muscle strength, increases flexibility and helps gain self confidence. So let your children out to enjoy themselves, which in turn leads to their wholesome development and also amuses them.

8. Let them go finding Nemo

One of the favourite summer activities for children is swimming. Swimming is probably the best way to beat the heat during summer vacations, which in turn leads to physical development. Swimming cools the body, helps refresh, keeps the child physically fit, increases flexibility, helps in muscle strengthening and coordination. So let your children go finding nemo.

7. Gardening

Make your child indulge in out-of-the-box activities by encouraging him/her into gardening. Teach your children the importance of plants and encourage them to plant them in your garden or backyard. Make this activity more fun by inviting your children’s friends and offering everyone gloves and gardening equipment and asking them to sow seeds for their favourite plant. This fun activity will also promote awareness of planting and its benefits among children.

6. Join a summer camp

Summer camps are a great source of fun for children since ages. It is a piece of heaven for children who get a break from their schools to enjoy themselves for some days. Summer camp is a hub of various activities like art and craft, singing, dancing, self-defense, indoor/outdoor games and moral studies. These activities keep your child engaged and his brain under a constant learning process. After all, “All work and no play males Jack a dull boy!” Thus, these are a sure-shot way to provide refreshment and merriment to children.

5. Visit a zoo or an amusement park

Th most fun-filled places for kids is  a visit to the zoo or an amusement park. These places are power houses of entertainment and merriment. Visiting a zoo makes children meet the animals they’ve only been viewing in books. The thrill created by the roar of the tiger or the hiss of a snakes gives children unmatchable exhilaration. This is therefore a learning experience coupled with so much fun. An amusement park is another place where the children’s happiness knows no bounds. Sitting in their favourite rides, playing ball games, grabbing their favourite candy floss is sure to make the children feel like they are on cloud 9. These place are sure to transport children into euphoria.

4. Cooking & Baking

Children are the curious onlookers when they see their mothers cook, hoping to provide a helping hand or overtake the kitchen. This vacation give them a chance to prepare their favourite dish (with precautions of course). You can make them prepare omelette or sandwiches. You could also add more fun to cooking by making your children bake a cake. Baking their favourite cake and and decorating it with gems and chocolates in an activity every child will surely enjoy. Moreover, you can also invite their friends to cook and then enjoy a fun meal together when all their hard work pays off.

3. Learn a new language

This summer make your child indulge in an activity, that can be beneficial in the long run- learning a new language. It is always fascinating for children to hear and learn a new language. Having new words and vocabulary in their kitty adds a feather to their cap.They feel proud and confident and ready to face the world. So make them join a class for the language they wish to learn. This would keep them interested and excited, thus making learning fun!

2. Martial arts

Martial arts leads to overall physical fitness. It boosts your children’s stamina and increases their flexibility. It is also known to inculcate life skills like responsibility, discipline and goal setting. Moreover, it helps them to learn defend themselves and pin down attacker, which is necessary with the increasing crime rates. This art helps in an overall, physical and spiritual development of the child. Thus, learning martial arts is a must for children as it helps shape the child and mould him into a better and stronger person.

1. Exploring talents

Summer vacation is the time of the year when children are freed from school and tuition hours, learning and mugging, tests and assignments, etc. So this summer vacation explore the talents of your child and encourage him/her to strengthen his/her talent. Your child could have the gift of gab, or the mind of a genius or a hand of a painter or even the flexibility of a dancer. Make your children indulge in something that they love to do and in this way, any activity will always be fun for them. After finding out their gifted talents, make sure you encourage their passions and help them strengthen it. Such talents can earn them accolades or make them walk with their chins up and in turn swell your heart with pride.

Studying all year with short breaks makes it difficult for your little kids, make sure you make this summer vacation count by giving them the time of their life. So here are some fun ways for your children to do during summer vacations, before the school year starts again.