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Top 10 Creative Funny Ways to Propose Marriage

Being in a relationship is a very rewarding feeling. When you know you’ve found The One, you have to solidify that commitment and take the big leap. When you realize that marriage is on the cards, it can be scary and daunting. But we’ve got your back! What better way to break the tension, stop being nervous and propose than to do it with a sense of humor? Every lady appreciates a good sense of humor and jokes, as it adds a cheerful, friendly touch to your personality. Go through our list and check out the top 10 funny ways to propose to your girl. Take the plunge today!

10. Yummy in her Tummy

Give your girl some good food lovin’ and sneak in a ring in her favorite dish! Before you take Beyoncé’s advice and put a ring on it, crank it up a notch by placing the ring where she’d least expect it! Ring in a cake or in champagne is so passé – stick it in a sandwich, a burger or fries! Put it in an egg tray and watch her surprise as she discovers it while making breakfast! Buy her chocolate and hide the ring inside a truffle. You could also put in inside a fortune cookie. And if your girl loves pizza, you’re set! Place the ring as the piéce de résistance in the middle of her favorite pizza and make your girl an offer she can’t refuse!

9. Game Plan

Bring a twist to your favorite game with this great plan! Be it scrabble, monopoly, chess or even outdoor games like tag or hide-and-seek, personalize it to proclaim your love to your lady. Rearrange scrabble tiles to spell ‘Will you marry me?’, print personalized playing card with the question on it, or get down on one knee after you tag her and say “You’re it!” Involve family and friends to share your joy. You can even go with the ole’ school Operation game and place a ring on the man’s heart so that she discovers it while playing and jumps in joy.

8. Flip or Trick?

If your lady loves books, this is the perfect plan! Prepare a beautifully personalized book for your sweetheart and watch her heart melt! A great idea for you would be to make a customized flip book where the ring is taped to the last page. The flip book could contain an image of the exact location you’re in, with the last segment having you getting down on one knee. Another idea is for you to have a trick book with a hollow carved into her book. Gift wrap the book and give it to her. As she opens the book, get down on one knee as she finds the ring inside!

7. Disney Wonders

Everyone knows that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Propose to your love there as you spread your message of love to the world! Get the staff in on your plan, and organize a surprise for your girlfriend. As characters from Disney surround her, get down on one knee! Adventure enthusiasts can pop the question while on thrilling rides! Just as the roller coaster is about to plummet down, look your girl in the eye and ask her to marry you. There’s a fun story to tell the grandkids!

6. Fluffy Love

Involve your pets in this fun proposal! If you own a cat (a catto), a dog (can be a doggo or a pupper), a bird (a squeaker or a squawker), a hamster, a ferret or just about any adorable animal, make your girl’s day by sending the ring with the animal! Tape the ring box to your pet’s collar and watch as it makes it way into your girlfriend’s heart. This way, her heart warms with both pet love and your love. Foolproof plan? We think so!

5. Pun-tastic Proposal

Put all your pun skills to good use and give your lady a good laugh with puns and memes. Get printouts of your favorite memes and fashion a ring into them. Go pun-tastic and groom-y with cute cards, posters, notes, songs or even writing in the sky! Get inspiration from prom-posals and take them up a notch with a beautiful ring. Use corny songs, or even bring speakers up to your girl’s window. Get your girl to say ‘I do’ in a pun-ny way!

4. Layers and Layers

This is a truly hilarious way to pop the question to your girl. Get a huge box and stuff it with newspaper or bubble wrap. Get progressively smaller boxes and put them inside each big box, like a Russian doll. Gift wrap each box so that your girl has a great time opening them. Inside the smallest box, place the ring. As your loved one opens one box after another and finally opens the last box, get down on one knee!

3. Hunter’s Bounty

Send your girl a-huntin’ with this fun game. Take your girl on a fun adventure and rediscover your romance with a funny makeover. Plan a scavenger hunt with hidden clues, multiple gifts, and beautiful poems too. Involve family and friends for extra fun! Make her perform daredevil stunts, funny actions and drive her crazy before giving her the final task: marrying you!

2. Trivia Madness

Give your movie/series/book buff girlfriend the time of her life. Plan out an elaborate themed surprise, and pop the question in a memorable way. GoT fan? Give her a Red Wedding, with Dothraki love notes. Potterhead? Gift her a magical house-themed ring! FRIENDS fan? Propose to her, Ross style.Pokémon enthusiast? Catch her with your Pokéball themed ring!  If she loves The Big Bang Theory, give her your ‘spot’ and have a themed proposal with your friends. If she loves Deadpool, pull off his stunts in his costume! The possibilities are endless!

1. Group it Up

Involve her near and dear ones or a group of random strangers in your proposal idea and make your girl feel like the queen of the world! Get a group of friends together from work, college or on the street, and organize a flash mob. Be creative with flashcards, placards, balloons or even cute notes proclaiming your love to your lady. Ask the dancers to wear coordinated clothes so they stand out even more. Plan your grand entrance and get on one knee at the right moment and steal your woman’s heart in a proposal she can’t refuse!


Marriage is a great step towards commitment, loyalty, and love. A successful marriage needs a dash of humor, a sprinkle of celebration and a whole lot of love. Take a leap today with our top ideas and let us know in the comments section which one worked for you!


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