Top 10 Gambling Cities In The World RTP

Gambling is more like a continuous, conscious trap offered by five star instalments who give good food, shopping arenas and a 20 percent chance of winning the money you just offered on your poison. But, the absolutely insane part of it is, you make some unforgettable memories that you wouldn’t make otherwise.  Today, the gambling industry is throbbing with glitz and glam, where on a dark corner sits an acute addiction that affects 1.6 billion people in the world. From drawing out lottery tickets for cheap thrill to roulette, poker and sports betting; gambling serves to the adventure in you! There are many cities in the world that offer the full course gambling menu, where Prada and Gucci merge into Spades and Blackjacks.

10.  Paris, France

From famous pastry shops to fashion revolutions, Paris offers everything on a pristine plate. This beautiful place is a dream destination of many and not only for its cuisine or grandeur but for gambling too. Now most of the people stay away from the quirk of gambling, but since that’s what we are talking about; Paris offers shady, smoky rooms where people sit around Mahogany tables with a glass of warm brandy, and gamble all day long.  The most famous gambling instalments are Cercle Haussman Casino, Aviation Club de France and Cercle Central. Moreover online gambling is legal in France and the most visited site for it is

9. Kai tak, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has an intense and complex culture. This is where you can do anything and become anyone. The dazzling tall structures, multi cuisine  arenas, the sheer awesomeness of this place is astounding. Behind all the jazz, people are rooted to their Chinese traditions, and pineapple butter buns for breakfast. Kai Tak city is the largest gambling city in Hong Kong where almost every corner has a slot machine. People can bet on horse racing or go to casinos for more traditional options. Holland America Cruise Line Valendum Casino is very famous and Silver Sea Shadow Casino at Kai Tak Cruise terminal has also earned quite a reputation.

8. Helinski, Finland

The world of Northern Lights, unexplored fields of wilderness; a place where you can lose yourself on bear watching tours and spotting golden eagles.  Helinski, the capital of Finland, and historically rich hip young city is the gambling attraction for many. In Finland, gambling is controlled by a monopolistic system of three operators- Veikkaus, Ray and Finoto. The profits earned by this system is used towards social and welfare services.Grand Casino Helinski is the most famous casino in the whole of Finland.

7. Monte Carlo, Monaco

An urban dream town, Monte Carlo is all about luxury, poshness and tall glass structures. The nights are dubbed in golden light and the harbor is full of opulent ships. Gambling is a major part of its economy as people are filthy rich. Casino de Monte Carlo, featured in movies like James Bond movies and Ocean’s Twelve; is a century old establishment and it is the place where the richest people, often the most famous gamble to different options. You can choose from Blackjack, Stud Poker, Baccarat and so on.

6. London, England

Home to some of the greatest museums and art galleries in the world;it is a destination where bookish dreams begin. Gambling here is centuries old tradition, the culture of Bingo or the game of Housie being the oldest. Other options to test your gambling skills in, are sports betting, lotteries and the casinos. Best ever gambling arenas in London are Hippodrone Casino, Kempton Park Racecourse and Asper’s Empire Casino. Well, do visit the city and add more to the legend of gambling in London.

5. Sydney, Australia

The vast wild lands, where beer and wine go hand in hand, luxurious boutiques in the day and glamorous casinos at night, Australia is everything you’ll make of it. Now, 80% of Australians engage in gambling or have gambled at some point in their life. Sydney is famous for it’s gambling destinations. The most famous casinos of Australia are Aquis Great Barrier Reef Casino, Adelaide Casino and Casino Canberra.

4. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

This sea coast is filled with huge casino towers and offer you everything with a poker chip. New Jersey has the least restrictive laws for gambling. That’s what attracts so many people to this city who get the gambling tick off their backs. So, the cream of this potluck are many to name but only some of them have made a legacy under the sun- Borgata Casino, Caesers Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort, Resorts Casino Hotel and Bally’s. If you play Monopoly, you know Atlantic City pretty well already !!

3. Marina Bay, Singapore

Hidden behind the tall glass skyscrapers and modern architecture, are smokey temples and culinary delights as tokens from different parts of the world. Asia’s little red dot as it is called, is as regal as the Merilion, that guards their harbor. Singapore is ranked third in the world, in terms of gross gaming revenue and hence, the gambling scenes here are pretty tight. So, the places you must go, to satisfy your gamble cravings are Marina Bay Sands Casino, and the famous floating casinos: Princess Cruises-Diamond Princess, Costa Cruises – Victoria and Seabourn Encore.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

When you say gambling, Las Vegas is the one place that stays true to it’s neon-lights-golden-bulb hoardings pronouncing ‘CASINOS’, wide and bold. Have breakfast under Eiffel Tower, go for a rid on the London Eye or party in ancient Rome, Las Vegas is an intoxicating cocktail that can lift anyone’s spirits. Sin City has hundreds of casinos and they all are great, but the best of the best are ARIA Sky Suites, Red Rock Resort, Bellagio, Wynn Encore, Venetian -Palazzo and Caesers Palace . Get holed up in a room for days or throw wads of cash down the rolling stone, but you will have the best time of your life ever!

1. Macau

World’s largest gambling centre, home to the most famous casinos and building that pierces the sky. Macau is a wonderland, cramped in a 11.8 sq miles of earth. If you are a frequent gambler, this is heaven. Gambling here happens in all galore. The Venetian is an eye candy for all casino hustlers, with Gondola’s to take you to the other side of the hotel, amazing singing and dance shows that take place suddenly and obviously a million options to gamble on. Wynn is spectacularly posh as well, just like it’s brother in Vegas, Grand Lisboa, the lotus shaped architecture offers the best poker in Asia and Sands is about less show more tell – made for the true gamblers!