Top 10 Health Benefits of a Morning Walk

The growing urbanisation and this race for commercialization has deprived us of enjoying an embrace with the environment. But who wouldn’t wish to have some jolly time that can also improve your health? A morning walk is nothing less than an experience in itself. Firstly, you don’t get stuck in huge traffics amidst all the honking. Secondly, it’s a brilliant time to ponder on issues. You’re all alone and can just stroll. Observe the life around you, there’s nothing more interesting. Lastly, it’s not even slightly difficult thing to do. Get up, put on the attire and just step out!

It can be so much fun with your favourite music playing and your brain focused on losing calories. Realizing that you’re actually doing something exhaustive but beneficial should keep you motivated. You might find mature, stern and really old people jogging as if they are in their 20s or maybe young couples strolling in the parks or kids playing. You can always find people engrossed in conversations ranging from politics, music, classic movies, actors, games, school, delicacies, etc. How can one not enjoy the sight of diversity?

Obviously, there are several other incentive reasons for going for a morning walk that mainly includes the health benefits. So, if these aren’t enough reasons to push you out of your bed then here we have compiled 10 health benefits of a morning walk:

10. Skin benefits

An increase in blood circulation is beneficial for your skin. Blood is mainly the carrier of essential nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. It also removes waste and useless materials and toxins from the body. Hence, with a simple brisk walk in the morning, one can increase the flow of blood. This will ultimately benefit by increasing the supply of oxygen to the cells. Skin will start to glow and one might get rid of all those blemishes. Morning walks have proved to be an immensely simple factor in reducing acnes, pimples, zits, etc.

9. Reduces Cholesterol

A natural amount of cholesterol in body is good for health but today’s excessive consumption of oily and unhealthy food can increase this level beyond safe limits. When cholesterol is deposited in excess, it blocks the arteries and reduces the flow of blood. This blockage can be severe as it may become a cause of cardiac arrest or strokes. To prevent such outcomes, one has to take precautionary measures in diet and morning workouts. Morning walks can be highly advantageous when it comes to maintaining normal cholesterol levels. This simple routine will not allow the deposition and prevents the blockage.

8. Weight loss

This is not something new. It’s a very common knowledge that burning calories reduces weight. Not everyone can maintain a check on their diet or exercise because it’s not easy unless you’re motivated and morning walk is the simplest activity to reduce calories. It is the least a person can do for his/her body. Walking continuously for some time in morning will burn those calories that are becoming a hurdle in weight loss and a healthy body.

7. Minimizes cancer risks

Cancer is an emotional and a physical horror, both for the sufferer and their family. Early morning walks are an inexpensive and a simple prevention against this terrible disease that doesn’t discriminate. Researches show that women diagnosed with breast cancer have a higher chance of survival if they go for a morning walk. Morning walks are effective against prostate cancer and also colon cancer. The increased blood circulation also helps in reducing the side effects of chemotherapy.

6. Prevents arthritis

A sedentary lifestyle or a lazy attitude towards life might make the various joints stiff and there can several complications in proper movement. One can take a morning walk to help prevent arthritis because it is very gentle on the joints and thus isn’t very hard. Daily walking for at least 30 minutes will help in maintaining strong bones as it strengthens the bones, joints and the muscles. This will come handy at a later stage in life as a prevention against arthritis.

5. Improves hair growth

Walking helps in increasing the blood circulation throughout the body which is an important aspect for maintaining a hormonal balance. These hormones are responsible for the proper functioning of the body and also the growth of hair. An active lifestyle will greatly benefit in hair growth and reduces hair fall too!

4. Increases lung capacity

Early morning walks will make your body demand more oxygen. This accelerated and excess demand of oxygen will make your lungs work even harder in pumping oxygen to each and every cell in the body. This is extremely good for your lungs when done on a regular basis since it increases the capacity of the lungs and more amount of oxygen is taken in which will make a person even more energetic. One has to make sure that they start brisk walk at a slow pace, say, 20 minutes and then increase gradually thereafter to prevent excessive exertion.

3. Prevents miscarriage

Motherhood is a beautiful blessing. It is such a noble task to carry a living baby and the ability to nurture life is amazing in its own way. Nothing can shred apart an expectant mother’s world other than losing her baby which she had cared for the most. Early morning walks can prevent just that from happening to any woman and it is so simple that an expectant mother can easily do it. Morning walks will balance the hormones and prevent gestational diabetes. It will protect uterine contractions from causing spontaneous abortions.

2. Increases appetite

It is seen that people often skip their breakfast and the hunger rises to such levels that they cannot control themselves from consuming heavy, oily food in the middle of the day and the calories thus consumed cannot be burned efficiently because the day comes to an end with sleep taking over. Early morning walks will immediately cause hunger and a need for food will be felt soon. This will help in having a full fledged breakfast with essential quantity of nutrients and thus prevent one from eating unnecessarily in the middle of day.

1. Reduces stress

An early morning walk will induce an increased blood supply to the brain because of the rich oxygen present in the atmosphere. This will relieve a person of stress which is a cause of depression and anxiety. A simple and a very doable work, walking can have a huge impact on someone’s mental health. Increased calmness and attentiveness will increase the brain function and also help in getting a good sleep which is essential for a healthy body and mind.

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day”, one can easily realize the importance of fresh air and the serene environment and all it takes to achieve that is nothing more than just a strong will!