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Top 10 Most Important Allies Of The United States Of America

The United States of America, unrivalled in its monstrous political, economical and military might, has dominated the entire globe for the major part of past century. However, the international relations have changed with the rise of new economies in Southeast Asia and the downfall of some in the middle-east. The United States, presently, finds its once strong sphere of influence under threat of collapse amidst the rise of radical islam and that of China as the world’s second biggest economy. The U.S. might have its hands full anytime these days and now seems like the time it needs its allies the most. Here we take a look at the list of the ten most important allies the U.S. has got in its corner.

10. Philippines

The asian country of Philippines, a former colony of the U.S. is one of its oldest partners in Asia and a crucial strategic ally in Southeast Asia. The bilateral relations among these two countries has been described as strong; beginning right from the independence of Philippines in 1946. From 2006, both countries have enjoyed a staggering 60% increase in bilateral trade which now totals up to a whopping 2.5 billion dollars. However, the ties are more than just economical, the Philippines with its  position in the Pacific has helped the U.S to shield the budding economies in the Southeast from the imperialistic political and military ambitions of China. Despite numerous incidents of mutual cooperation and friendship, the current state of affairs is a bit rocky under the presidentship of Rodrigo Duterte who aims to make the Philippines independent of the influence of the U.S. and shift towards China.

9. Poland

It is undeniable that the Polish have faced stark oppression at the hands Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for most of last century, their long and hard struggle against the Nazis and the communist have made them one of the most staunchest of the U.S.’s allies. Poland is a key member of both, the European Union and the NATO. It is one of the most stable and consistently pro-american European countries. Poland’s shared border with Russia has proved to be time and again, instrumental towards NATO’s efforts to monitor Russian movements across the border.  The U.S. and Poland have taken part in several military exercises and war games over the previous decades as a show of support in case of a Russian offensive.

8. Germany

Post-World War 2 Germany and the U.S. have enjoyed warm and amicable bilateral relationships with each other. Germany is the de-facto powerhouse of Europe’s military strength and has played a crucial role over the years in limiting the spread of the Soviet Union and the now Russian Federation. Germany and the U.S. agree on most of their ideals and policies such as higher democratic values, the war of terror and against human and narco trafficking although they might disagree on the topic of  international military interventions. The United States enjoys a healthy economic relationship with Germany that totalled a stunning 47.7 billion dollars last year.

7. Japan

After the conclusion of the second world war, Japan was subjected to seven years of military control by the U.S. during which Japan underwent crucial economical and cultural reforms that laid the groundworks for it to become one of the most successful economies of current times. With the decline in political control over Asia by Britain and other European powers, Japan has proved itself more than able to bind local countries together and had acted as a stabilizing agent for the entire Asian continent. Japan has since, been a loyal supporter of the U.S. acting as a bulwark against communism from China as well as North Korea. U.S. and Japan host naval exercises regularly in their cooperative efforts to discourage any and all aggressions from North Korea.

6. Australia

Australia has been regarded as the best friend of United States of America in the Pacific and the reasons for this are fitting. Australia has taken up the role of a local super power in Southeast Asia and the Pacific following the decline of European colonies in Asia. Australia has also been faithful to the U.S. in times of war; which is something only a few allies can boast of. During the Vietnam war, Australia backed America with around 61,000 men and resources; during America’s war in Iraq, Australia was one of its prime supporters both politically and militarily. The proverb “we find our true friends on the battlefield” fits the case of Australia-US relations more than well.

5. South Korea

The relationship between South Korea and the U.S. is called a “relationship forged in blood”. The United States came to South Korea’s aid and defended it against the brutality of the Soviet backed invasion from North Korea aimed towards a coercive unification of both countries. After the war the United States assisted the wounded nation in matters economical, technological and the military. South Korea has today become a model developing country. The generosity of the U.S. was reciprocated by the Koreans through their active participation in U.S. led wars and interventions. South Korea remains, to the bone, a grateful and a loyal ally of the U.S.

4. France

The Franco-American alliance goes way back to the American Revolutionary War when France helped America in its fight against the British Empire for freedom and sovereignty. The relationship has been maintained well and is regarded as one of the best bilateral relationships in the world. France is an important member of the European Union and the NATO. The French government doesn’t always align itself with the U.S. and the public is often critical of the U.S. foreign policies, however the U.S. is still seen as a benevolent and mighty ally of France by all.

3. Israel

Although the Israeli-American relations were born out of mutual need, its strength has proved to be unparalleled. The United States has used its veto power in the United Nations for 42 times in favor of Israel, which is a testament to the importance of their political alliance. The U.S. public was deeply sympathetic of the newborn Jewish state in 1948 due to the prior events in Nazi Germany. Consequently, Israel became the biggest receiver of U.S. foreign aid and military assistance. But, this relationship has not been completely one-sided, Israel has proved to be instrumental in implementing the U.S. foreign policies in the middle-east and detering the spread of radical Islam westwards. Today, Israeli-U.S. relations are one of the most important geo-political relations for both countries as well as for overall world peace.

2. United Kingdom

The two glorious nations share a common lineage, religion, language and institutional structure. The United Kingdom which had been the primary colonist of the U.S. has gradually evolved into a partner with shared vision and goals. The two countries endured political tumult, the revolution in France, the two world wars and all the chaos in between as close knit friends relying on each other for guidance, resources and political support. The two countries have made countless mutual efforts towards global peace, trade, academics and security. Through cooperative efforts, the navies of the two countries have practically secured all of Atlantic and the Arctic ocean and stand ready to defend their allies all over the world. The alliance between the two countries is not only exemplary but most important for maritime trade safety.

1. Canada

And lastly, the the privilege of being the supreme ally of the U.S. rests with their northern neighbor, Canada. The two way bond between both countries not only transcends the layers of politics and trade but goes deeper beyond to friendship, mutual trust and good faith. The U.S. and Canada have turned out to be on countless occasions, each others twelfth hour samaritans. Canada, a NATO member, has taken part in the majority of recent wars led by the American government. The two countries are the world’s largest trade partners and they share an open demilitarized border of 8891 Km. They regularly share defence and security resources to rat out terror cells hiding out across all of North America. Both nations regard each other as their most important allies and enjoy each other’s unflinching and absolute support in all matters whatsoever.