Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds

Dogs definitely are our best friends! Who can resist the charm of those earnest, trusting eyes, that ever-inquisitive nose and a tongue which can never stay away from our face? If you’re a dog person, it automatically qualifies you for more brownie points! Dogs can be great companions, the best of friends and even the one thing holding you back from depression. Studies have proven that having dogs as pets have marked effects on combating anxiety and mood swings. If you’re anything like us, you believe that no dog is too small! if you’re considering getting a doggo as a pet-to and want the biggest dogs out there for maximum cuddle potential, look no further! Go through our list of top 10 largest dog breeds, and pick the furball of your choice!

10. St Bernard

These cuddly companions can turn out to be 70-90cm tall and a whopping 165-260 pounds heavy! Originally used in the Swiss Alps and the freezing poles to help in rescue operations and occasionally pull sleighs, St Bernards are loyal, loving companions. These dogs are gentle, kind and great with children and other pets. They are intelligent and learn quickly, and are suited for colder regions. This means that you have to trim their fur regularly if you want to keep them in warmer areas, and create an appropriate temperature-controlled environment for them in case it gets too hot.

9. Cane Corso

This dog’s name derives from the Latin term for ‘Protector’, and for good measure! This Italian-origin dog has been used by generations of Italians as guard dogs for houses and cattle. Known and used for its intelligence, agility and quick action towards predators, these dogs make loyal companions who also have a great memory. This dog measures 70cm and weighs 120 pounds, which makes it both tall and agile. This hunting dog is also well-muscled, which implies that this outdoor dog needs a lot of exercise! Countless hours of running and playing with a loving doggo? We don’t mind!

8. Boerboel

This dog originates from Africa, and is also called the South African Mastiff. This strong, muscular breed is agile and loving. This breed is perfect for tropical weather as well at its fur is short and doesn’t shed much. The Boerboel breed loves interacting with kids, and is bound to be as protective and nurturing as a mother herself. This 175 pound dog can be easily trained as well. Although this breed isn’t meant for apartment living, it can be maintained in a condo as long as it has access to long hours of evercise.

7. Kangal

These dogs are from the exotic East! Kangals are of Turkish origin, which shows in their strong, massive build. They were used as guard dogs and to shepherd cattle. They are agile, alert and always on the lookout for anything that might harm their owners. Kangals have strong and sturdy legs, which means that they require exercise to keep up their stamina and build their muscles. If you live in a farm or own livestock, Kangals are your best bet. In this dog, you get a friend and a guardian all at once.

6. Leonberger

This smart canine seems like the best of both worlds! A cross between the Newfoundland and the St Bernard, the Leonberger is a handsome dog which combines the build and silky fur of both its ancestors. A result of careful cross-breeding, this dog can be used as a companion dog, a guard dog and also a herding dog. They weigh upwards of 150 pounds. They are renowned for their intellect and quick learning abilities.

5. Dogue de Bordeaux

This French beauty goes by many other names – the French mastiff, the Bordeaux dog and the Bordeaux Mastiff. This 150 pound heavy guard dog has an unusual achievement to its name – it boasts of the highest head-to-body size ratio! If this trivia doesn’t convince you to make this your dog of choice, there’s also the fact that these are true working dogs, who were used for many, many jobs in France. Right from guarding homes, shepherding cattle and even pulling carts, the Dogue de Bordeaux is the most famous thing in Bordeaux after the wine!

4. Kuvasz

This adorable ball of fluff is the definition of dorky! The Kuvasz dog is white or ivory in color, and has thick layers of fur which may curl up, giving it an almost sheep-like look. Renowned for its clownish sense of humor, this is the kind of dog which you can rely on to guard your house or livestock, and yet be ploughed to the floor as it jumps on you to lick your face. This 120 pound dog is loyal and independent too, and very protective of its family. These are not suited for tropical weathers, but make great companion dogs to go on long walks with.

3. Bernese mountain dog

This Swiss breed is even sweeter than chocolate! The Bernese mountain dog has a cool, calm and even temperament, which makes it an ideal home companion. It is known to be affectionate, loyal and never aggressive. The thick fur entails that the dog be kept at a cool temperature. It weighs about 120 pounds, and can be used for herding, pulling and guarding as well. Keep in mind that these dogs are not suited in apartments; they are more of an open-field type of dogs.

2. Newfoundland

These balls of fluff are far from just pets! These dogs trace their origin to Newfoundland (surprise surprise!) and were bred to help in fishing operations. They are used to haul nets, catch fish and rescue anything that falls overboard, including people. This means that they are strong, agile swimmers. While these dogs are playful, they are equally intelligent and are trusted companions. They are known to be incredibly loving and gentle towards their owners, and are very faithful too. These are also suited for temperate and colder climates, because of their thick fur. They weigh 250 pounds, and measure 190cm from nose to tail!

1. Great Dane

Make way for the tallest dog in the list! This dog truly is ‘Great’, for it measures 90cm in height! Great Danes are agile and quick on their feet, as they were originally hunting dogs. Having evolved by banking on a keen sense of smell and sound, these dogs are great for guarding houses. Although they are known for looking very intimidating, Great Danes are loving towards their owners. They also make for perfect studio apartment dogs who don’t need a lot of exercise. The next time you come home from work, don’t be surprised if you find your 170 pound dog lounging on your couch! (Psst! Here’s more incentive – Scooby Doo is a Great Dane too!)

Before you decide to buy or adopt a dog, keep in mind the tasks at hand. A dog is a living, emotional companion who needs love, care and affection. Remember that you have to bathe it, feed it, play with it and shower lots of love on it. Only if you can provide the necessary care for the dog, buy/adopt one. Dogs have feelings too!