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Top 10 Life Situations that Bring People Closer

Man is a social animal. We, as human beings, have often felt the desire to establish bonds and seek companionship since time immemorial. But in today’s world of materialism and commercialization, people are almost denied the comfort and warmth of new bonds and relationships. Life has become so monotonous and drab that all people think about is how to defeat others to win the race of life. However, there are certain situations that arise in life that are bound to bring people closer, knowingly or unknowingly. Here we are looking at some of these situations.

1. Festivals-

Festivals not only allow people to experience shared joy but also give them memories to cherish. Every festival in the world aims at bringing people closer by inducing a common interest in them. Ever since you are a child, you are taught to socialize in festivals and family occasions. You meet new people, you exchange gifts, you wish each other, you talk with the people you meet and learn new things. There is a sense of unity and oneness that festivals embody. We all need a reason to celebrate. And celebrations invariably bring people closer by allowing them to enjoy collectively, as a community.

2. Birth of a child –

No matter how distant people are from each other emotionally, the news of the birth of a child always manages to eliminate all kinds of misunderstandings or problems existing in a relationship and allows people to share a mutual feeling of affection and love.  A new-born baby marks the beginning of a new ray of hope and dreams. The innocence of a baby’s face is enough to melt people’s heart making them willing to appreciate the magic of life together.

3. Mishaps-

Just like celebrations bring people together, the feelings of sadness and sorrow too have the ability to bring people closer. A mutual feeling of suffering induces sympathy and affection for the other individual which, in turn, creates a common platform for them. Stronger bonds are formed in the harshest environment. Like we have seen in the popular American TV series “The Walking Dead” how people tend to stick together in adverse conditions, in real life too, people need each other to survive their miseries. A genuine consolation and support in times of troubles magnetically bring people together. The events like loss of an individual, accidents and failures cultivate the desire to seek support and consolation from other individuals.

4. Vacations –

Travelling opens your mind and soul to a variety of experiences. It offers you numerous opportunities to interact with new people and make memories. Even when you are travelling with your friends or family the new adventures that you undertake, the new experiences that you gain and the joy that you share – all add up to making beautiful memories together. Activities like witnessing the sunset together, making a snowman together, building a sandcastle together are the most natural and beautiful ways to establish a sense of togetherness among individuals.

5. Disagreements-

It might come as a surprise to you but fights and disagreements often tend to bring people closer. While two people are busy arguing in favor of their perspective, they also become aware of the other person’s point of view. While it’s natural for two people to be adamant about winning the argument, it is also observed that a fight clears any kind of misunderstanding existing between those two people. Again, when a person takes the initiative to end a disagreement by apologizing, the bitterness is eradicated and a new bond is established. So, it will be correct to say that like love brings people together, fight too, in a way, bring people closer.

6. Common interest –

Needless to say, some of the best relationships are formed out of shared interests. When you have similar liking, you automatically have a lot to talk about. It provides you the best platform to strike up a conversation and get to know the other person. You can figure out a person better if you know what kind of things he or she likes. Probably this is why some of the strongest bonds are formed over shared interest in movies and music. If you happen to like the same actor or the same writer or the same sportsperson, it automatically gives you enough scope to get to know each other over a conversation that is to be enjoyed by both the parties.

7. Common hatred –

Again, just like common interests help develop a new bond; common hatred too gives you a lot to talk about. If both of you seem to hate a particular song or player, automatically you will get pleasure in cursing them together. The connection you share with the other individual is most likely to become stronger if you both have something in common.

8. Long journeys-

There are people who like to travel alone and then there are people who travel to meet new people. In both the cases, situations arise when someone tries to strike up a conversation with you. In the beginning you might not like to be disturbed but as time passes you often start to share a new bond with other people on long journeys. How long can you keep quiet and travel all by yourself with pin-drop silence? Travelling alone can become monotonous after a certain point of time. Even if you’re travelling with your friends the journey gives you a lot to remember. By the end of the journey you are sure to feel a lot closer with the individual you have been talking to.

9. Loneliness –

Some people romanticize solitude. But in reality we all seek companionship when we are feeling low. It’s human tendency. You always desire to have people beside you with whom you can share your sorrow. If you stand by a person in the time when he or she needs you the most then this gesture is sure to bring you both a lot closer than before. These small things in life can make a big difference.

10. Pets –

All the pet lovers will undoubtedly relate to this. A pet can be man’s best friend. Be it dogs, cats, rabbits or fishes, if two people share the same interest in the kinds of pets they love then they automatically begin to share a bond. Pets have the ability to turn two strangers into people who care deeply about each other. A conversation about your pets genuinely piques the interest of the parties involved in the conversation and enable them to establish a real bond.