Top 10 Makeup tips for Beginners

You must have heard of those “power of make-up” videos on YouTube. Believe me, some of them will blow your mind! But if you are a beginner, even putting on a little foundation can seem overwhelming! And I know this because I spent years putting on the wrong shade of foundation on myself till I finally found my match (“dusky girl in India” problem!). And then there is the eye makeup, lip makeup and techniques like contouring and highlighting!

Just when you might start understanding the basics and head to the drugstore, the variety of shades and formulas will nauseate you!

So to make things a tad easier, here are some simple makeup tips for the confused beginners:


There is makeup for every skin type! The products for every skin type are made using different formulas. If you have oily to combination skin, look for products which give a matte finish. If you have dry skin, go for cream based products.


A primer prepares you skin for all the makeup you are about to put on it. After assessing you skin type, look for a suitable primer. For oily skin, find a pore minimizing primer. Such primers are mostly silicone-based and control oil production. If you have dry skin, use a hydrating primer or a moisturizer that you trust. Try to use a primer which is not tinted. Apply it liberally to your T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin area). The main job of a primer is to prep your face and it will also help your make-up to stay put for a longer time. If you want to go a little extra, you can give those color correcting primers a try as well. A green primer will cancel out redness, a purple one will cancel out dullness and a yellow one will conceal discolorations.


The biggest mistake beginners make is walking home with the wrong shade of foundation. As this will the base of your makeup, it needs to be the perfect match. If you are just starting out, don’t look for foundations online because you will not get a very idea of the ideal shade and returning them would be a hassle. Try it out in a makeup store and pick the foundation meant for your skin type. To get the right shade, test it on your jawbone and see whether it blends properly or not. The right foundation will look just like your skin, but better! Make sure to test the foundation in natural lighting as well. To make the hunt a little easier, you may read the reviews of certain products online as well.


Makeup applicators are important. While using your fingers to apply the product may seem like the obvious thing, it can get messy. Begin with a beauty blender or a makeup sponge. These are supposed to be used damp and they provide a flawless finish! If you don’t want to invest too much on a sponge (yes, they are pretty expensive), go for a foundation brush. Using the right applicators will make it much easier to blend the foundation into your skin.


If you are going to contour for the first time, do not start out with cream contour! Just don’t! Cream contouring takes more effort to blend and as beginners, you may get confused about your contour looking natural or not! A slight judgement mishap and people will think you got mud on your face! Instead of jumping to contouring, start with a bronzer. Powder based products are far easier to blend and you can build the product up if you wish to! Use an angled makeup brush to contour or bronze up your face.


Start out with basic kohl liner. A black liner looks classic and does a great job defining your eyes. If you want to try eye shadow, begin with a single shade. Golden and black eye shadows can give quite the dramatic look as well. If you love the Smokey eye which is subtle enough for you to wear every day, then use an angled eye shadow brush to apply black eye shadow just as you would your eye-liner. Use your liner to line the very edges of your eyelids and you will have the most subtle yet glamorous Smokey eye!


While putting on foundation, don’t just focus on your face. Blend out your makeup till the neck area so that your makeup does not look too different and evident. Also, put a little bit on your ears and eyelids as well. All this being said, you can also explore other options. Foundations may sometimes seem too heavy, so you can opt for a BB- Cream as well. A bb-cream provides a much more natural finish though the coverage will be light.


After completing your look, you must set it with a makeup setting spray. This extra step will help to lock in your makeup and you won’t lose faith in makeup so easily in a hot climate!


There are just countless makeup cosmetics available in the market and online. However, a beginners makeup kit need not be filled with all of those. You need 6 basic products to start and slowly explore your way into them. A beginner’s makeup kit must have the following:

A Foundation- remember to pick the right shade.

A concealer- a concealer will help to hide any discolorations and can also be used to highlight the under-eye area.

A bronzer- this will help to add warmth to your face and help it look more natural instead of just flat and single shaded.

A blush- to add some color to your cheeks.

A kohl liner- to define the eyes.

A lip color which you feel you can pull off most easily!

An important thing which all the ladies and not just beginners need to start following is the expiry dates mentioned for the products. Once we buy the products, we tend to keep using them for a very long time without keeping the expiry date in mind. Makeup products are made using lots of ingredients and the formulation changes after a certain period of time. So throw out the cosmetic if its outdated.


Removing makeup at the end of the day is actually a very important part of a good makeup routine. After all, it is a layer which eventually has to come off so that your skin can breathe! Invest in a good makeup remover and cleanser. Makeup can be a little harsh on your skin and may leave the skin dry. So after removing all of it, follow up with a moisturizer. Use lightweight products and cotton pads to wipe off the residual makeup.