Top 10 most incredible hotel pools in the world

They say size doesn’t matter, but oh they’re wrong. Size, shape or a jaw-dropping view among many other factors makes a pool everything that it is. Lazing by a pool getting all tan with a magazine in hand or taking a dip to cool off, it all sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? For those of whom, pools are heaven, we’ve got a treat for you. Here are ten of the world’s most famous and mind blowing pools ever:


  1. The Four Seasons, Shanghai, China

When we say this is no ordinary pool, we mean it. The sheer size and breathtaking view from this wonder of wonders will blow your mind! Universally voted as the world’s sexiest hotel pool, it’s the ultimate dream destination for couples all around. Laid up on the 41st floor of the posh Four Seasons, you can even exclusively book it for yourself and your partner after 11 PM. This gives a breathtaking view of the Century Avenue and three of the world’s tallest towers. You can also request the hotel management to give you your own personalized ambience set right by their experts and a great spread of wine and canapés.


  1. Laucala Island, Fiji

It’s hardly ever that you get to experience such luxury. The Laucala Island is privately owned buy business owner of the RedBull franchise and stretches over four whooping square miles! But that’s not all. Its spectacular pool is even more flabbergasting. The deeper pool is glass edged and gives everyone around a phenomenal view of the island from underwater. The other one is a little shallow and is lined with palm trees and gives you the feeling on relaxing on the bed of a utopian universe. The whole thing stretches up to 2000 square meters and is a must visit to pool enthusiasts all over the world!


  1. Amanyara, Turks and Caicos Islands

Amanyara’s swimming pool is a natural wonder. The Black Volcanic Rock pool is as picturesque as pools get. The pool is dotted by luxury daybed where you can relax after a glorious dip and revel in the beauty that surrounds you. Jean-Michael Gathy, known for his spectacular pool designs is responsible for this masterpiece. The hotel is surrounded by coastal greenery and emits the aura of a seaside paradise. The hotel is also home to 40 pavilion houses and designed to luxury. Now doesn’t that look like a place you can’t say no to?


  1. Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Italy

This hotel has not just one spectacular pool but three! If you’re looking for some adventurous swimming time, go out to their water on water swimming pool which has an actually swimming pool embedded into the lake. Spend your time relaxing in a perfectly safe and splendid pool while feeling like you’re floating in the ocean! The Flowers pool in the back of the hotel is more secluded and a quaint spot where you can have some private time surrounded by Riviera Palm trees and tulips and a huge assortment of other flowers. The T Spa Infinity Pool is the most private of the lot and is a strip of azure with a breathtaking view through glass doors. It also sports five different types of Jacuzzis!


  1. Alila Villas, Bali

While Bali is known for its long sandy beaches and spectacular island, it also sports some of the most magnificent hotels known to man and among them, one prides a very stunning pool. While the hotel has its own stretch of beach, visitors prefer to take a dip in its strikingly beautiful pool. The 50 meter pool extends up to the ocean painting a mirage that the both almost merge. The hotel is designed to have a natural tinge to its rooms along with influence of old Bali.  It also lets in cool sea breeze and makes sure there’s a perfect balance between luxury and natural ambience.


  1. The Joule Hotel, Texas

Having the whole world under your feet is quite literal here. The Joule Hotel in Texas has a pool that high above the city and cuts over the hotel side giving you a view of suburban life below. An enthralling experience? We think so! The hotel was built after renovating a neo-Gothic building and sports clever design and great pieces of art. They also have a world class spa and an indoor pool if you’re up for some relaxing private time. So, be sure to visit the Joule Hotel, next time you’re in Texas.


  1. Amandari, Bali

Yet another jewel of Bali is Amandari. And it’ll take you back to explore Bali’s culture. The hotel has hand-crafted stone walls by local artisans, shrines, and walkways that are all set to showcase Bali’s culture. Their suites and Villas have private gardens and outdoor pools to get you to connect with nature. Traditional Bali massages and therapies are available at the hotel along with the wellness spas. Also, the pool is flanked by cut out terrace fields which only adds to the aura.

  1. Hotel Du Cap, France

France is known for its pretty architecture and designs and Hotel Du Cap is one such example.  The hotel and pool overlooks the turquoise Mediterranean sea and has a plethora of water sports to offer. It has separate villas away from the actual hotel with private pools and luxury services. It also has a Kids club with a bunch of activities to keep the little ones occupied throughout their stay. A splendid spa and other activities ensure an elegant and pleasant experience.

  1. Grace Santorini, Greece

From chic rooms to luxury villas, Grace Santorini offers you different rooms of convenience. The boutique hotel is seated atop the world famous Caldera and looks even better in the evenings, painted crimson with sunset. A dedicated yoga and Pilates workshop is there to pamper you throughout your stay. But the main highlight of the place is a breathtaking pool which also happens to be the biggest in Santorini and provides a spectacular view of the Caldera. Candlelight dinners with your partner, poolside is an experience you must not miss!

  1. The Sanchaya Bintan, Indonesia

One of Asia’s top 20 resorts, The Sanchaya prides its ‘Great Estate’ which encompasses a labyrinth Dining Room, Library, Bar and a spectacular Wine Cellar. The Estate itself stretches over 9.6 hectares of tropical garden and is a great place for a stroll in the morning. A 50 meter infinity pool in the center with a view of the skyline and the gardens is all ready to soothe your problems. Thai and Balinese massages among many other types are available for those who are looking for some enjoyable relaxation.

So pack your bathing suit ’cause you’re in for some serious pool time fun!