Top 10 Mysterious Unsolved Murder Controversies

As far as I’m concerned, Mystery and Thriller are an essential component that makes a book or a movie interesting. That is why I love Stephen King and Sidney Sheldon. Even though Stephen King’s books are more inclined towards horror, his books personify some of the gory deaths that we will discuss on. Records show that there are more than thousands, if not a million of murder cases that are yet to be closed. The reason being the lack of evidence against a suspect. However, among the said unclosed cases, there are a few that are considered almost impossible to close.

Some of the cases don’t even have a single eye-witness. Humans are smarter and weirder, that is why they are able to construct such plots to execute a murder. The sarcastic part is that we get to see heroes winning against the villains in a movie, but in real life-its villains who win(Sad but true). Here is a collection of mysterious and unsolved murder cases that will prove the said statement.

10. Barry Sherman

This is a recent incident that puzzled the entire team of detectives, Barry Sherman, and his wife were murdered in their mansion. The theory was entirely different at first but, once they investigated the case in depth, the detectives came to a conclusion that Canadian billionaire couple were murdered by multiple assailants. Reports determined that the couple were killed as a result of strangulation. Even though the police could come up with the theory of assassination, none of them could predict the suspects yet.

9. David Wicks

David Wicks is a talented musician who played bass for a metal/rock band called Razormaid. After releasing only one album, Razormaid disbanded due to some undisclosed reasons. He worked in a gas station ever since the band broke up. On 21st of December, a mysterious man(or woman?) walked into the shop wearing a green coat and completely covering the face with a black cover. The killer quickly ran past David and sprayed gasoline on him and burnt him alive. After being taken to the hospital, David reported that he was targeted. He wasn’t able to speak and move, consequently, he died a few days later. The killer is yet to be found and the only evidence is the bike he(?) drove, which was parked a mile away from the shop.

8. Bob Crane

Bob started his career as a drummer at the age of 11. He then started getting into the movie industry. But in June 1978, afternoon at his home in Arizona, Bob was found dead by his co-actor who visited his house since he couldn’t attend a star meet. Bob was killed by an unidentified weapon which is unknown of its origin or existence till now.

The main suspect as per Bob’s son was his friend Henry Carpenter. He believed that his father wanted to sever his friendship with Carpenter and even called him and broke his friendship a day before his death. But none of the evidence points Carpenter as the suspect, however, a brain tissue which was found from Carpenter’s car was found around the 90s. On the contrary, it was also believed that Bob’s widow Patricia Olson was also suspected from his will. But the Crane murder case still remains unsolved

7. Tupac Shakur

There was a time when East coast and West coast rappers brawl more often for absolutely no reason. Unfortunately, Tupac Shakur became a victim of it. Stop! There is nothing proven yet. All we know is that Tupac was shot by a mysterious person. There is no such confirmation on whether or not the killer belongs to either of the rap faction. Moreover, a similar incident occurred once again, this time around killing yet another rapper-Notorious B.I.G. I wish the case will close soon, as the killer really require maximum punishment as he not only killed a human but also destroying the glorious age of hip-hop.

6. JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet, a talented child prodigy was unfortunately killed before she could make name for herself in the movie industry. Daughter of beauty pageant Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet was first kidnapped by a suspicious person or group and demanded a lump sum of $118,000 to get her back. The killer sent a ransom letter on which he(she?) threatened JonBenet’s father. However, it didn’t take much longer for the killer to kill JonBenet as the body was found in John’s basement. The police suspected that the ransom note was written by JonBenet’s mother and that the ransom note and appearance of the child’s body had been staged by her parents in order to cover up the crime. However, it came up as a mere gut feeling as the police couldn’t find enough evidence to prove the case.

5. West Mesa Mass murder

West Mesa mass murder, it actually refers to the remains of 11 women who were buried in the same spot, also referred to as West Mesa bone collector. The 11 victims were all women, a fetus was also discovered from the remains which were then found that one of the victims was four months pregnant. The victims were all women drawn to the drugs and other illegal dark activities. The remains were first found in 2009 by a woman who was walking her dog when it found a human bone. The crime occurred around 2001-05. The suspects were both men, but both them died afterward. Later accused who was sentenced for raping mid-school students was suspected by a tree tag on the burial site which connected the suspect to the West Mesa mass murder case.

4. The Black Dahlia Murder

I came across this particular case when I was curious to find out why the Metal band of the name “The Black Dahlia Murder” named themselves as such. The result was inevitable. Elizabeth Short, an aspiring actress was brutally killed by a suspicious person. The reason why the murder was committed is not clear yet, moreover, the detectives could not even locate the killer. Since the initial investigation, over 500 people have confessed to the crime, some of whom were not even born at the time of her death. Luckily enough, the killer has not made another murder. But one was enough to keep people vigilant and frightened.

3. Elisa Lam

I tried my best to solve this case myself, but, I wasn’t even close to what happened next after her mysterious disappearance. After being missing for more than two weeks, Elisa Lam was found in a place someone won’t even predict. She was last seen in an elevator, and the CCTV footage recorded her weird actions. It seems as if she is hallucinating. After that, her body was found floating on the overhead tank of the hotel. Till now, people don’t even what happened and the case has 0 pieces of evidence and witness.

2. The Zodiac Killer

Zodiac is a serial killer around 1968-70s. It was identified and confirmed that 7 people were murdered and 2 were injured. First murder that he committed was around 1968. After a year later he committed another murder but fortunately, one of the victims was saved only to recall the horrible event of the attack.

Afterthis murder, the newspapers received three letters with 406 cryptograms which were then decoded by professionals, claiming to be written by the killer. It was ordered by the killer to publish this on the front page or else he threatened to kill more people. In that letter, he wrote about how happy he was when he killed humans who are “dangerous” in his point of view. He also added that after he dies he would be sent to heaven and those people who he killed would be his slaves. After this letter zodiac was silent for three years, then he committed another murder and sent another letter with 340 cryptograms which were not decoded till this date. All of his letters contained a “cross-circle” symbol which was believed to be his identity.

1. Jack The Ripper

As far as I’m concerned, Jack, The Ripper might be the worst case of the murder case and the most mysterious one as well. In previous cases, the detective was able to at least judge the number of killers. But, in the case of Jack the Ripper, the detectives were confused on determining the number of killers included. All they could get was a set of three letters among which the “From Hell” letter was highly publicised. The letter was written so as to provide half of the kidney of a victim and the remaining half of which was fried and ate by the killer himself. Jack the Ripper who primarily targeted women prostitutes is neither identified nor caught.