Top 10 Nuclear Active Countries

What was a novelty, a rarity, in the times of the first and second World Wars is a show of power and is present in abundance today. When the word ‘nuclear’ comes up anywhere, twin horrible images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki emanate in our mind’s eye. The destruction and havoc that was raised there left traces for generations to come. They said that it was a necessary step to end the long war once and for all. But, don’t we all know that war breeds war and destruction brings destruction? That was the day that ingrained in everybody’s mind that nuclear power is the only safeguard that every nation needs to safeguard their own people, even at the cost of the extinction of our entire race.
Here is a list of the top 10 countries that are at the head of Nuclear Power and means of mass destruction.

10. Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran is, unsurprisingly, ranked number 10 in the list of Nuclear power nations. Since the times of the Iranian revolution and the Iran-Iraq war that resulted in the death count of over 1,00,000 innocent victims, Iran has always been surrounded by controversy of some sort or another. Also, the step taken by Iranians to take U.S. Soldiers hostage worsened their relations with the Americans forever. Since then, the U.S. army has invaded Iranian soil many times to ensure there are no nuclear warheads in their possession. Still, even though, there is no concrete proof of nuclear power in the hands of Iran, everyone still suspects.

9. North Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ranks number 9 in the list of Nuclear power nations. It is a matter of grave concern because the North Koreans are dubbed as a somewhat impulsive and reckless bunch of people who declare war at the slightest of provocation. They have a history of launching nuclear warheads upon the United States in the past and are prone to do it again. For this very aggravated attitude, the North Koreans are a hated group and it is a daunting fact that they have 10 nuclear warheads in their possession.

8. Israel

The State of Israel or the Jewish State ranks number 8 in this list. They too are a highly controversial country because of their constant issues with the Palestinians and other Muslim countries. They have close to 80 nuclear warheads in their possession and are rumored to be funded by the American army due to their common hatred for the middle-east Islamic wars.

7. India

The Republic of India ranks at number 7 in the list of Nuclear power nations. The constant issues with once brother-nation of Pakistan justified it in the heads of the Indian higher-ups to amass their own nuclear power in answer to any external threats. They have 90 to 110 nuclear warheads in their possession. Being on good terms with Russia has greatly benefited the Indian defense forces by accumulating many excellent quality warheads from the Russian people.

6. Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan ranks number 6 in the list of Nuclear power nations, a fact that remains a constant thorn in the side of the Indian defenses as well as all other nations that fear the Islamic impulsive tendencies. Pakistan, being the second largest Islamic country is also the only real nuclear power country in the running for this list. They have 100-120 nuclear warheads in their possession.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island ranks number 5 in the list of Nuclear power nations. Being the fourth most populated nation in Europe and undoubtedly the richest made it inevitable for the British forces to seek defense security of their own. The capital of U.K. being London, the financial capital of the whole world is still the best to live in, irrespective of the nuclear power. They have close to 225 nuclear warheads in their possession.

4. China

The People’s Republic of China ranks number 4 in the list of Nuclear power nations. Being the most populated country in the world and second largest in terms of land pushed the Chinese to amass nuclear warheads of their own. They have close to 250 nuclear warheads in their arsenal presently. One of the most developed nation that is famous for its self-sustaining nature and of producing any and every little thing on its own is definitely way ahead in the race of nuclear power nations.

3. France

The French Republic ranks number 3 in this list. Although, the French participated in the First as well as the Second World War, it is still hard to believe that such a beautiful country ranks so high in the list of amassing weapons of mass destruction. The capital city of France is Paris, famously called ‘The City of Love’. The Eiffel Tower stands proud here as a symbol of love. But, regardless of it all, the French army has nearly 300 nuclear warheads in its arsenal.

2. United States of America

The United States of America ranks number 2 in the list of Nuclear power nations. Although, being responsible for fifty-two states is a daunting responsibility and enough justification for a lot of decisions the U.S. has taken over the years. Still, nothing can justify their decision of wreaking havoc over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Second World War. Apart from Japan, the United States is not on good terms with Russia, China and Pakistan either. The constant feuds with one or the other nations have now made it unavoidable for the Americans to retain nuclear power. They are the proud owner of 7400 nuclear warheads in their arsenal.

1. Russia

The Russian Federation proudly ranks number 1 in the list of Nuclear power nations. The largest country in the world is known to create the best quality nuclear power. They are also known to sell their ammunition to other countries. If it is the best quality weaponry you seek, ask the Russians! They are the proud owners of nearly 8000 nuclear warheads presently. Even though, the U.S. is dubbed the super power in most other factors, the Russians have clearly secured an edge over them in this area of nuclear warfare.

The above count of nuclear warheads in these nations is daunting enough already, needless to say anything of the future. Undoubtedly, there are nations that claim to use nuclear power as one more alternative for fuel requirements of the increasing population. But, it is clear that situations are still not dire enough to call for such an alternative. And, no justification is legit enough to merit possessing nuclear warheads if you claim to not want to use them. This is the sad reflection of mankind that even the images of Hiroshima-Nagasaki plight did not dissuade us from keeping such monstrous creations in our possessions and still speak for peace. On one hand, we display our nuclear power to scare others and on other, we stand for peace. Our hypocritical tendencies know no limits.