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Top 10 Perks of Dating an Introvert

A man should always date a woman he genuinely likes and vice versa. Yes, at times dating happens prior to love and you’re reading this because you yourself are an introvert or met someone charming who is. Even though, I feel that you should stop being so judgemental and not look for pros and cons in everything, let me tell you why introverts are the best in relationships. Well, that doesn’t at all mean that contradicting personalities lag somewhere, it’s just that they have certain attributes that we all crave for, in relationships. And, always remember that it’s not an introvert or extrovert that builds a relationship, it is your joint efforts. We don’t need to compliment just each other, we also need to complement our relationships. Let’s now look at the perks of bondings that an introvert can give to you without efforts:

1. When Eyes Speak The Words

I don’t usually dress up or attempt to appear pretty, most of the times I’m in my brother’s clothes or something looser. But, whenever I dress up, I always see some ladies in my house looking at me with so much awe and admiration, that I always say that I will only marry a guy who will look at me like that. They don’t compliment me with words shower or anything specific, but I know. This is what happens when you date an introvert, they might not praise your godly beauty all the time, but you can see it in their eyes. Their expressions will tell you more about the relationship and count on me here, lips can lie but the glances never.

2. Your Secret Bearers

A man who never spills his own beans will surely keep yours safe too. An introvert will never wash the linen in public, he will never let anyone know what you have trusted him with. He will guard it like his own and he won’t judge you for the same. He likes his world confined to himself and he respects the same for your secrets too.

3. You’ll be ‘listened to’, not merely heard-

I really despise my mother or brother, or any friend who won’t look at me when I say something to them. I keep asking them to pay attention and I hate it, even more, when I gather a lot of strength and enthusiasm to convey something significant, at least significant in my little world, and they just hear and forget it. Well, this doesn’t happen when you’re with an introvert. They bestow you an undivided attention and listen to everything that you have to say.

4. They are trustworthy-

Above all, introverts are trustworthy, they won’t vomit your ugly secrets and scars in front of people, they won’t cause you humiliation, they will keep them buried safely inside their hearts. An introvert is highly self-centered and he won’t spend his valuable personal moments with someone he is not attached to. And when he is attached, he will keep your secrets secret, just like that of his.

5. They won’t hurt your sentiments-

When an introvert likes or loves you, you can be sure of the fact that they’ll never hurt your sentiments. They won’t tell you things out of momentary mood swings or frustrations. They won’t release their succumbed emotions on you. An introvert thinks before he executes, he replays it in his mind a hundred times and won’t do things that will cause you pain.

6. You’re always the apple of their eyes-

The world on an introvert is limited, and unlike Rapunzel, they don’t keep their hair hanging outside for someone to climb up to them. They’d rather prefer the remote castle. Now, when they give you access to their world, you’ll always be special to them. The nature of a man is like pure water, mostly liquid and solid or gas when daunted with extremes of conditions. An introvert will stay so, and if you have a say in their future and life, you can be sure about their heart mirroring you the fairest and the prettiest.

7. They can be shouldered upon-

When a calm, deep sea lets you have a path amidst itself, it ensures your well-being and safety. Remember Isabella Swan, or just Bella, being attached to Edward and always “Human-up”, when he needed it? Introverts treat you just their own when you’re with them. Their instincts don’t welcome anyone soon and subtle, but when it does, it serves them with utmost honesty and dedication. You can always shoulder on them when you find it hard to head on, they will always stay beside and motivate you. They will always make time when you need it, they don’t have many people with them, but they do take care of those they like in many ways, actually, every possible way.

8. They will maintain your dignity-

I once had a friend, at whom I screamed madly and loudly, and, that too, in public. But, he never said a word to me or about me. When I apologized to him, he told me that he understood my condition and can’t insult me for that. That really meant a lot. They understand the concept of respect and dignity and won’t go on fishing and losing control and their mouths when upset. They remain calm and stick to their cools, they teach you understanding over discussions and arguments. They don’t have much hunger for attention or fame, and they will never attempt to show you down.

9. Their relationships are selective and genuine-

Introverts don’t let everyone peep inside their protective walls. Their comfort cushion often extends to themselves and if they let you in, you must be special for them. They are seldom impulsive, they think, observe and then slowly lift the curtains. Their relationships last longer and are often stronger than most, and the reason is their selectiveness and standards. Sometimes ships sink and merely a log is enough to take you across the Brooke, the relationships with introverts are usually the latter. The relationships with them are heartfelt and not a pomp or ceremony.

10. They always keep your needs above-


An introvert is a person who is largely self-centered, but, when in love, they tend to bring you inside their horizon too. They start thinking about you, being sensitive and caring and also look out for your unexpressed needs. They are skilled in grasping silence and emotions and sometimes open doors for you that even you didn’t notice. They are usually empathetic and rather than singing melodies in your tragedy and showing sympathy, will try to pull you out of the mess. They are not lonely, they choose to be alone and then they choose you over their choice of being alone, it is, but obvious that they are beginning the journey with keeping you above them.



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