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Top 10 Places Famous for Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgeries has lost its old prejudice, and more and more people are getting these today. The industry has its risks, and yet, it is emerging as a competent one. It is because people can modify physical traits that they were born with into something close to how they like them, instead. It is almost like a dream come a real moment for people who are highly dissatisfied about how they look. It is said, there are a few places that have become especially famous for these operations.

Here is a look at a few of them.

#1 South Korea

South Korea beats all the other countries in this field. Plastic surgeries has become such a common occurrence in the place that people often gift Plastic surgeries for birthdays or other celebrations. Eyelid surgeries are especially popular here. A 2009 survey shows that one out of every five women in Seoul has undergone a plastic surgical modification of some kind making showing how widespread the practice is. Nose jobs and liposuction are other popular treatments people take here. For the people here, getting plastic surgery is just like going to the beauty parlor.

#2 United States

With a large number of picture-perfect celebrities coming from America, it is not surprising that plastic surgeries are a standard procedure people follow here. The US stands the first in the most number of breast implants done and the second in other body modifications like liposuction, butt augmentation, and abdominoplasty in the world. 17.9 percent of all the plastic surgeries done in the world took place in the US. The most popular surgery here is thought to be Botox injection for non-surgical modification and liposuction, also known as lipoplasty. For a surgical change. Miami, New York, and Los Angeles top the list in the cosmetic surgery hubs within the country.

#3 Brazil

Brazil is one country where even the government is in support of the surgery by waiving off the taxes for this. This move has also helped increase the medical tourism to the country. Brazil has the second most number of plastic surgeries done in the world to its record with a 2.5 million procedures performed in the year 2016. The increased pressures to look thin are also contributing to the plastic surgeries done here. Rio de Janeiro has, especially, become an important location to spot plastic surgeons. The most popular cosmetic surgeries done in Brazil are thought to be breast implants and liposuction.

#4 Japan

The attitude that Japanese people have towards achieving perfection and the technologically advanced equipment available here help make Japan one of the five most crucial plastic surgery hubs of the world. The most number of surgeries done here is for double eyelids, a process is also known as blepharoplasty. Nose jobs and face or calf slimming are also quite popular. Tokyo is the primary location to get plastic surgeries done in the country.

#5 India

India is a favorite place for doing your cosmetic surgeries as well, especially with the booming Bollywood industry in place here. Not surprisingly, Mumbai has a medical tourism industry that reaches a billion. The Academy of Anti-Ageing and the Indian Society of Cosmetic Surgery are urgent centers here. The surgeries provided in India are more economical compared to other countries, which is also a reason why tourists come here to get their cosmetic surgeries done. That said, it is a reality that more foreigners are undergoing plastic surgery here than Indians themselves.

#6 Thailand

Thailand prides itself for being a place where transgenders can get seamless transformations into their newly discovered selves. With its low cost for breast augmentation and nose jobs, this is an attractive medical tourist for cisgendered people as well. With efficient and trustworthy plastic surgeons, this is also a place that gives a lot of importance to people’s confidentiality, which comes in handy for many customers. The Thailand surgeons are certified by American and Australian boards, which also makes it a further attraction for a western set of medical tourists. The capital city of Bangkok is the hub in the country.

#7 Mexico

Mexico and the US are located close to each other. Americans come to Mexico for getting comfortable and inexpensive plastics surgeries like tummy tucks, face lifts, and weight loss to get done. Mexico also provides with a diverse variety of cosmetic surgery options like breast augmentation, liposuction, butt augmentation, nose jobs, etc. Professionals and well-qualified surgeons offer the service. The place provides easily affordable and quality surgical modifications to a vast population coming from the US.

#8 Taiwan

There is a concentration of cosmetic surgeries, in Taiwan, on the facial region. It is because most people perform cosmetic treatments for anti-aging effects and usually undergo a Botox injection. About 221,000 plastic surgeries are expected to take place in the country per year. Many cosmetic surgeons are certified by the Taiwan government, making them more authentic, and people find it easier to trust these surgeons. The surgery results at the place also give a natural look making the medical tourists happy and satisfied. The reasonable price is also a bonus point. Wish Clinic is one of the most popular plastic surgery clinics in the country. Most of the people coming here for surgeries are from China.

#9 Australia

Australia is no less when it comes to the popularity of plastic surgeries done here. Breast augmentation and implants, tummy tuck, and nose jobs are especially popular. People sought after getting makeovers after pregnancy frequently as well. Sydney and Melbourne are two hubs for rhinoplasty in the country. However, do remember that in Australia, anyone with a primary medical degree can perform surgeries. While looking for a plastic surgeon in Australia, make sure that they have been certified as a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, which ensures their institutional knowledge and expertise in the field.

#10 Italy

Anti-aging is a popular motive for plastic surgeries in Italy. Due to the same reason, just like Taiwan, the most sought after treatments are for Botox injection and injectable fillers to erase wrinkles, circles around the eye, lift your chin, etc. Liposuction is also a standard procedure people go after, here. The estimate is that about 815,000 surgeries take place in Italy per year. People of Italy take up breast augmentation surgery very often. Italy performs a vast number of plastic surgeries. The reason is that popular beliefs consider Italians are to be more conscious when it comes to looks.


Whether you want to go under the knife or not is your personal choice. However, if you do decide to go in for it, remember to weigh your options and choose the best place for you to get the surgery done.