Top 10 Places known for Hospitality

“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before”- Dalai Lama

How beautiful is the feeling of waking up at a new place one fine morning, with a completely unknown city waiting for you to explore. When you go to a new place your environment changes drastically. The moment you set your foot on a foreign country, your lungs inhale a completely new and fresh breath of air that belongs to that place. Your body and soul gets surrounded by energy waves, they have never experienced before. And that’s how you know that you are about to make memories that will stay with you forever. But nobody knows if these memories will be good or bad. Will the city’s air welcome you with open arms or make you feel like you don’t belong here? Will the waves invigorate you with its positive energy or bring you down with its unwelcoming aura? A place is built into a city by its people and their hospitality. If you want to enjoy a nice and refreshing vacation, you must choose wisely as to which place you spend your time at. We have made a perfect list of top 10 places known for their hospitality, so that you don’t have to think too much when you are in a vacation mood.

10. Ireland:

Three Irish cities: Dublin, Galway and Cork have been nominated in the list of top friendliest cities in the world. The lively atmosphere and abundance of live music can make you addicted to the place. Add to it the surprisingly friendly nature of the people here. If you go for a walk along the country road, be sure to be saluted by every driver that passes by. Irish people never forget to greet tourists they encounter on their way. They are always willing to help, whether you lost your way or you don’t know which bus to take.This place will make you want to settle down here for the rest of your life.


Indians welcome guests by joining their hands, bowing down and saying Namaste. This gesture has a very deep and spiritual meaning. It means, ‘may our minds meet,’ indicated by the folded palms placed before the chest. The bowing down of the head is a gracious form of extending friendship, love, respect and humility. Indians also worship their Gods in a similar way. This ritual resonates perfectly with the traditional Indian belief that the guest is our god- “Atithi Devo Bhava”. The culture here is an epitome of excellent hospitality. The rich Indian cuisine will leave your taste buds elated and satisfied. Indians leave no stone unturned when it comes to welcoming guests.

8. Thailand:

Thailand, the land of smiles is the world’s most visited tourist destination. The world economic forum ranked it the 13th friendliest country in the world and trust me, there is not one but many reasons behind it. The lovely people, the delicious food, the colorful festivals, the soothing Thai massage; the list is endless. Always ready to help with a smile, the Thai people will win your heart with their genuineness, warmth and hospitality.

7. Bhutan:

This country with its beautiful monasteries, amazing culture and jubilant people will leave you amused and awestruck. The people here are incredibly happy and always ready to share it with others. They have a unique way of measuring its success in terms of it’s citizen’s happiness. This method, devised by the king of Bhutan came to be known as Gross National Happiness (GNH). And in the report published in 2016, an impressive 43.4 percent of Bhutanese were “extensively” or “deeply” happy—a mood that’s on full display in the capital of Thimphu. And this happiness is contagious, so if you are looking for a mood refreshing vacation, Bhutan is your destination.


” In Scotland, Hospitality is king” says a scottish blogger as he proudly writes about the scottish style of welcoming tourists and making them feel at home. The scots take hospitality very seriously. Not only do they make sure that their guests don’t face any sort of inconvenience during their stay, but are also ready to pay a full refund of the bills in case of any mishap.

5. New Zealand:

Hospitality is a tradition for the Maori people of New Zealand. This tradition called Manaakitanga means “Prestige to the guests”. And it is the traditional value of Manaakitanga that makes a New Zealand vacation unique. The people here believe that looking after visitors and caring how others are treated is of utmost importance. A particular emphasis on feeding guests is shared by the kiwis. Here, it is common for hosts to treat their guests, especially at large and significant occasions, to local delicacies. Thus Manaakitanga plays a very important role in the hospitality of the country.

4. Vietnam

This is one of those places that will keep you coming back for its hospitality. Vietnamese like going out of their way just to welcome their guests and serve them well. They spend lavishly when hosting a party. So make sure you goto a party with a hearty appetite and strong stomach. Furthermore, if you happen to attend a banquet, they will honour you by serving you the best piece of the chicken (the head). So if you are a foodie this the perfect place for your dream vacation.

3.South Africa:

Head to South Africa for a long vacation and this rainbow nation will welcome you with open arms. South Africans especially the people of Cape Town, are the friendliest hosts. The religious and cultural diversity here makes this place really fascinating. The locals will welcome you and engage you in candid conversations, and everyone here has an interesting story to tell.

2. Morocco:

This is a poor country and yet it is richer than any other place when it comes to hospitality. Moroccans are known for their friendliness all around the world. They value building personal relationships, so they will invite tourists to their house for a feast right after the first meeting. They show genuine concern about their guest’s well being. Moroccans have the ability to win hearts with their hospitality.


Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is known for being exceptionally lively. It’s also the best place to come, if you want to get deeper into the thrilling Icelandic music scene. Hospitality comes naturally to the citizens of Iceland. Icelanders are known to be extra ordinarily helpful and friendly. Tourists who visit this place, never forget to share their wonderful experience here. Its the friendliness and warmth of the people of Iceland that makes this country’s hospitality outstand all other places.