Top 10 Places Known For Hospitality

Being a person who started relocating myself multiple times at a very young age, one of the most important thing that I realized was if the people are not welcoming, friendly and helpful, staying in any place can be a nightmare, regardless of the amount of money you carry. We have read numerous accounts of people who traveled around the world, with less money. How do they do it? The main reason behind this is the hospitality provided by their hosts.

When you are off on your vacation, the last thing you want to encounter is grumpy and rude people of the host country. Having friendly locals will make your trip a more memorable one. If you are fortunate enough, you may encounter such people. But there are some countries, where the entire country is known for hospitable locals. If you are looking to such pleasant and heartwarming countries, head on to one of these countries. Beware, you may come across some surprising names.

1. Iceland

A Nordic island nation, defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and lava fields, sounds dreamy right? Iceland is one of the nations that receives very few hours of sunlight during the hard cold winters. But all that are compensated by the warmth inducing friendliness of its citizens. Most of the Icelandic citizens believes in the elven myth. Maybe those elves have spread some magic among this perpetually happy people. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to visit such picturesque locations and towns which look like parts of the toy city.

2. Fiji

Fijians are also considered as one of the friendliest people. This country, lying in the Southern part of Pacific Ocean, is one of the wealthiest among the Pacific islands. Even though poorer than most of the other countries in other parts of the world, the locals of this country are quite welcoming and make very good hosts. The citizens of this country are very open minded owing to the early inflow of Indian, Chinese and Europeans. These people always have a wide smile on their faces and have a great heart that loves to share. They dance and sing for you that you can’t help but join in with them.

3. Canada

Being a vast country, the citizens of this country also have huge hearts. Recently, when we hear Canada, the one word which pops up in our mind is “Justin Trudeau”.  Just remember how Mr. Trudeau himself welcomed Syrian refugees to their country. No matter where you are in the country, everyone ranging from the traffic police officers to receptionists, from school teachers to Ceo of companies, everyone is exceedingly polite. Even in big cities like Montreal and Toronto, the likeliness of hearing a horn blare is very minute. People are so polite that don’t be startled if someone apologizes when you accidently hit them.

In addition to friendly Canadians, the country offers magnificent scenery from wild coasts to towering mountains, an abundance of wildlife and much more. Head to Newfoundland and you can mingle with the many locals that have Irish ancestry, making Newfoundlanders perhaps the most friendly on earth. I am packing my bags already.

4. Ireland

Looking for a place where people will welcome you as a long lost friend? How about some friendly banter and good hearted teasing? Then, “fáilte go hÉirinn!!” (Welcome to Ireland!!) These sweet people live their lives according to the ancient traditional laws called Brehon Laws in which one of the rules is hospitality. In fact, Ireland is known as the “Land of Thousand Welcomes”. It is a country where you can make a friend without even trying. Walk into a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and it is guaranteed that you will walk out with a new friend who will entertain you with stories and witty puns. Certainly one must say that they live up to their Brehon hospitality law.

5. Senegal

Surprised, huh? Yes, an African nation other than South Africa or Morocco made to the list. Proud of their reputation as happiness exuding people, these people live up to that expectation. You can see that friends in this country, both men, and women, walks arm in arm, smiling from ear to ear. They are people who prefer colorful attire. Women here loves wearing headdresses with their colorful and traditional billowing boubous. Don’t be surprised to find yourself being invited into someone’s home to eat one of the local mouthwatering dishes. Of course, you can also enjoy its many deserted beaches, tropical forests, and dazzling nightlife too.

6. Morocco

Morocco is a North African country which is not almost African. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, this country is heavily influenced by the Arab and Western cultures in equal measures. It is estimated that there are roughly over a dozen of cultures in there. Hence, this explains their high tolerance and openness for various culture and the warmth they show when vacationers come to their homeland. In fact, the locals take in these backpackers under their wings, take them around and give them pieces of advice on where to go and what not to miss. One thing is guaranteed. You can relax on the Moroccan beaches savoring a cup of mint tea along with the locals.

7. Nepal

Nepal is one of the most underestimated yet highly appreciated country by the tourists who visited this “heaven on Earth”, as called by the ones who visited. This small Asian country lying in the deep valleys and high mountains of the Himalayas with seven out of the top ten highest mountains of the world is a haven for adrenaline junkies. Travel surveys name them as the “Nicest people on the Earth”. They have distinctive cultures and many different languages. But the people of this beautiful country unite on one common thing: their gregariousness. The presence of a large number of monasteries and temples makes the crime rate every low and makes them very kind and tolerant people. Maybe on one of your climbing expeditions, you will get to visit a Sherpa home and indulge in their hospitality.

8. The Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago of seven thousand islands in the Western Pacific Ocean situated in the South East of Asia. The Philippians, mostly women, are widely known around the world for their pleasing and friendly nature. They are very much open to the tourists visiting their country. Everyone from the kids to the old people will entertain you with glee. They might even take you to their famous national hobby, karaoke sessions with open arms. Be ready to spend night long karaoke sessions with the local hosts. The beaches of Philippines are even a sanctum for rock climbers because of the dramatic limestone formations on many beaches there. You can find the famous pink beach here. It is estimated that there are over 50 white sand beaches in the Philippines. All these combined with the friendly locals will make your stay a memorable one.

9. Bosnia and Herzegovina

This country is one of the most visited countries of South-Eastern Europe. Lying close to the Middle East and being a part of the Ancient Ottoman Empire, the locals of this nation is well influenced by the old Arab culture of hospitality. They are big on various cultural festivals that are being conducted. People from all over the world respect and fly to Bosnia and Herzegovina to be a part of their Sarajevo Film Festival and the Sarajevo Jazz Festival. The nation is renowned for its natural beauty, its unusual architecture, its fine cuisine and its unique music. Every year, the number of people visiting this nation increases, bringing a spotlight to the open-heartedness of the citizens of this small but culturally rich nation.

10. Macedonia, FYR

Landlocked between Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, this country is a magnificent country is sure to make you fall in love with it with its cultural, geographical and artistic attractions. It is true that art makes a man more sociable, open minded and warm. Remember to visit its architecture, art, music, poetry and attend one of the famous art festivals of this country. Sip and enjoy the inexpensive tasty wine while you devour tasty, cheap but healthy cuisine of this wonderful country.


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