Top 10 Most Poisnous Insects of the World

Are you scared of insects? I assume majority of the readers would answer ‘No’ to this question. Even I would say that insects are not scary or harmful because they are so tiny and petite. But, do you know that despite of being small in size, some insects are very dangerous? Most of the insects have such powerful bites that they can even spread infection inside a human body and some insects can bite so badly that their poison can even lead to the victim’s death. Yes, this is a proven fact. We already know about the dengue and malaria insects but there are many more insects who are deadly and extremoulsy venomous. They are highly poisonous and their bite becomes impossible for the humans to handle. Hence, we list down here ten most poisonous insects of the world.

Beware, you guys!


Let me start with one of the scariest insects ever. And they are none other than the fleas. These are the external parasites and they are ever hungry for the mammal and repltile’s blood. Their bite is so strong that they cause severe itching sensation on the skin which can lead to major infection as well. Also, these itches and the bites can cause red bumps on the body of the victim. They majorly bite around the tougher areas like waist, elbows and the knees. Because of this, humans suffer more pain as they suck the blood from the area having tougher bones.


No wonder how they have the cheesiest name ever but still they are in the list of the most poisonous insects. They got their name from their habit of kissing on the human lips when the humans are sleeping. They suck the blood of the vertebrates and grow in this way. Well their kissing is not out of fondness and they can transmit Trypanosoma Cruzi parasites while kissing and through this they kill around 12000 people in a year. Rashes and continuous itching are some of the effects of their bite.


Again, this insect also got its name from its habit and that is giving powerful than bullet sting. It is the largest ant species in the world. One feels like he is shot to death once bullet ants have stung. Its sting is 30 times more powerful and harmful than a honey bee’s sting. Its sting can cause pain in the victim’s body for one full day or even more. The area where they sting, swells and becomes red and itching, paining and burning sensation are its effects.


The best thing about these most poisonous insects of the world are their names. These are basically the  Afro honey bees. These killer bees are immensely aggressive and harmful. They keep on stinging repeatedly and also attack in the group. They are deadly because they attack the most sensitive part of the humans and that is their eyes. Their poison given to the humans in a group can even lead to the person’s death. Their name says it all and they are actually killers.


To begin with, they are as disgusting as they look. These are basically the internal parasites and live under the human skin. They can cause very bad effects on the skin of the human with their bite. They are so dangerous that they slip in inside the human skin and penetrate through the skin and humans can feel their movement in their skin. They are highly dangerous and one should keep themselves safe from such insects.


These are equally ugly insects. They won’t harm the humans unncessarily but once they are hampered they keep on stinging continuously. Ofcourse, their sting is harmful and the effect remains on the body for weeks. A white scratch is caused around the area where they bite on the skin. Their poison can cause a lot of skin problems and basically they cause allergic reactions on the skin. You would obviously feel the burning sensation too as they are the fire ants.


Driver ants are also the most poisonous insects of the world. If they attack in the group then they can even scare the huge elephants too. Yes, you read that right, even the elephants are scared of them. They can create a strong wound on the skin where they attack. They can kill other insects as well and this shows they are so powerful. If their bite is a prolonged one then the skin around the bite is swollen and red with severe pain.


These are the largest hornet in the world. Through their bite they can not only spread allergies but also they can dissolve the human tissues within a short span of time. And if they attack continuously then they make sure  that they cause death of the victim. These are fearless and also aggressive. They feed themselves on the honey bees and its larvae and it is believed that they can kill upto 40 bees in a minute. They are really giant and savage. Their name may be fancy but their sting is definitely not.


These are again the African flies. These also feed themselves on the blood of the vertebrates. Through their each sting they can inject potent toxin inside the victim’s body. If the statistics are to be proved then around half million people of Africa lost their lives due to this insect’s attack. They are famous for spreading sleeping sickness in the victim in the initial bite stage. And if it is not detected and treated well from this stage itself then it can lead to fatal problems.


What is the most dangerous and poisonous insect of the world? You guessed that right, they are the mosquitoes. They can spread the harmful malaria and dengue diseases. They spread germs as well from one victim to another. Malaria is a deadly disease for sure and it can also lead to various other diseases like yellow fever and encephalities. We may have not taken mosquitoes so seriously but believe it or not they are most poisonous and venomous.

These were the most poisonous insects of the world and each one of them are equally harmful and deadly. They are known for their interesting names and powerful stings. There are only few of them whose bites or stings would not lead to a victim’s death. It is a known fact that insects are famous for spreading deadly diseases and we have listed down few of them. It is very important to keep yourself protected from such poisonous and harmful insects.