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Top 10 Pregnancy Tracker Apps

The pregnancy phase is one of the most exciting periods of every woman’s life. However, it is a time when the body undergoes a lot of changes, and mom-to-be is not sure what to do and when.

Being available of pregnancy tracker apps in the market, it has become very easy for potential mothers to keep a track on new changes happening within the body. One can know when to expect a particular shift and how to deal with it etc. Here are the top ten pregnancy tracker apps that you should use to ensure a healthy and happy journey to motherhood.

#1 WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD app helps you to keep track of everything from managing appointments with your gynecologist to listing down the symptoms that you may want to discuss with him or her on your next visit. The contraction and kick counter is useful in keeping a tab on the baby’s development and also an exciting way to understand how much the little being inside you has grown. It also comes with a storage option to save your belly photos in case you are running out of space in your gallery. It also updates you weekly with pregnancy articles to keep you prepared for what is about to come.

#2 Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

This App is very informative and explains how to deal with pregnancy. This App makes life much easier for a person. It provides you with tips from experts to make this phase smoother. It also provides weekly information on the growth of your child. You are also provided with information regarding yoga exercises that can be tried out to keep yourself healthy. It contains the visualizations of the womb to help you grasp the ideas better.

#3 Who’s Your Daddy?

Now those days are gone when childcare was just a woman’s job. With more and more fathers coming out to share the burden, it is essential that not only the mother but also the father is aware of what is going on with his partner’s body. This App helps the male partner get acquainted with the information he requires to track the changes happening in his partner’s body over the nine months so that he is prepared for what is about to come and doesn’t make it overwhelming. With a well-informed partner, the woman will also feel more secure and can rest assured that they are both in on this pregnancy together.

#4 The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

Get this App to see weekly visuals on how much your baby has grown inside you. Not merely that, The Bump Pregnancy Countdown helps you connect with the Bump staff, experts on pregnancy, and fellow mothers to clear your anxiety by asking them queries real-time. The App also comes with a product review section and streamlined registry features through which you can decide upon which brands and products to use and which to avoid for your baby, after the pregnancy.

#5 Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

While most apps come with generalized information on pregnancy and how to deal with it, this App corresponds to the stage of pregnancy that you are at and gives you tips on how to deal with that. For example, when you have just started, it will help you with maternity shopping and how you can dress when you have just begun to show. Not only does this make it less overwhelming by helping you deal with one stage at a time but it also makes you feel that there are many out there who are experiencing the symptoms that you are, reassuring yourself that everything is fine. The App also helps you connect with other expecting parents with whom you can share your fears, anxiety, and excitement, making them a part of your journey and being a part of theirs.

#6 Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

While your baby is essential during these nine months, so are you. This App makes sure that you give yourself as much attention and care as you are giving the new baby. With a feature to get personalized information based on your body demographics, age, and health condition, the App helps you understand your body better and gives you feedback on how to take care of yourself by providing your particulars. You can also track your weight gain and set notifications to remind you to take your vital supplements.

#7 Sprout Pregnancy

Note down your thoughts and feelings can help you sort out through them much better and give you a more peaceful time. Sprout Pregnancy enables you to journal down your thoughts and share them with other potential mothers to keep a personal track of your changes and deal with them. You can receive tips from other mothers on how to deal with the problems, if any, that you are going through and return the favor when they need you. Not just that, where the other apps give you a weekly visual of your baby’s growth, this App provides you an image that is updated to the very moment that you are looking at it to provide you with a more accurate picture of your baby.

#8 My Baby’s Beat

There is nothing more exciting, and heartwarming than hearing your baby’s heartbeat. However, it may be a problem that you have to wait for another doctor’s appointment to listen to it. My baby beat App solves the problem by helping you listen to your baby’s heartbeat whenever you feel. All the to-be-mom has to do is to lie down on your back and place the microphone on your bump. The App provides with sample sounds so that you know precisely what to listen. You can also record the audio to let your partner or other family members listen to it.

#9 Glow Nurture Pregnancy App

Being a storehouse for all your pregnancy-related information like doctor appointment reminders, photos of your bump and keeping track of your pregnancy statistics, what sets this App apart is the continued support and information for even after your delivery. The App helps the mother keep track of breastfeeding and pumping timings and also provides personalized information on what to expect and how to deal with them in the upcoming months.

#10 Full Term Pregnancy App

This App comes with an exciting feature that allows you to calculate your contractions accurately for your next appointment. All you have to do is press the green button when contractions begin and press the red button when it has stopped. The App will do the rest of the job to calculate the duration of your contraction, frequency, and the time between two contractions. It will help you monitor if what you are experiencing is usual or if it is time to hurry to the hospital.