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Top 10 Qualities Any Man Would Want in His ‘Girl’

With online dating apps and other services, finding a partner has become easier for today’s generation. With the evolution of the process of finding a mate, the qualities that people look for in each other have changed as well. Unlike what women tend to believe,men are not always behind a good looking partner. While this maybe one of the initial characteristics that make them notice you, there should be much more to you than a pretty face for him to really fall for you. Here are a few qualities that any man would want in the girl of his dreams.

#1 Being Yourself

While it is true that guys like it when they see a woman dressed up for them, it is also true that this is not going to get you that steady relationship. What matters to men more is that you are your true selves with them and not putting on a fake face. It’s okay if you want to wear makeup for your date and doll yourself up but when he has come to stay over, let your hair carelessly and pull on a pair of pajamas. Guys like to see you for who you are.

#2 How You Treat People

To a man, what is important is not just how she treats him but others as well. Respecting others and their opinions, being empathetic, having a kid heart are few of the things that makes a man notice you instantly. Be sensitive to others’ feelings and try to give them your advice. This shows that you care for others and look out for them. They also look out to see if you are respecting yourself. It’s good to compromise your preferences for others but letting yourself get pushed over all the time shows that you are all into pleasing others and do not have a clear set of what you believe is right for yourself.

#3 Having an Unknown Side

Of course, guys like women who are open to them and do not keep dark secrets about their past hidden. However, this does not mean that you just give away your entire life on the first date. The ‘chase’ is not over even after you have started dating him. Men like women who have a mystery about what’s going on in their lives that have it all sprawled on the social media. They like to be surprised and there’s nothing more exciting than finding out crazy and interesting things about the girl he loves as the relationship progresses.

#4 Physical Attractiveness

It is the reality that men are attracted to women who are good to look at. However, don’t be too disappointed if you don’t fall into the society’s ‘beauty’ standards. Men like to know that you have taken an effort to look good for them and that’s as much an attractive factor. Instead of simply pulling on a T-shirt and jeans when you meet him, put some eyeliner and tie up your hair fashionably. You can also try out a look that he has’t seen you before in for the next date and you would throw him totally off the track from thinking he has got you all figured out.

#5 Give Him His Space

Guys don’t like women who want to keep track of their every move and nag behind them all the time. They need their space and want to know that you trust them enough to give them this. It is also an opportunity for you to have a life that is beyond him. Get together with your friends and go out on a girls’ night out. These will give you the space that you need as well. No relationship is going to work if you are both going to be on each other’s backs every single moment.

#6 Intelligence

No guy likes to be with a girl who has no inputs to the conversation. Men like women who are aware of the world and have their own opinions. If you are going to go along with him in all matters, that is not going to excite him. Rather, if you show the confidence to stand up for what you believe in and give him good reason why you think so, it will intellectually challenge him and get him excited to know you further.

#7 You’ve Got a Funny Side

Standing up for what you believe in does not mean that you have to bring in serious arguments every time or turn all your conversations into intellectual debates. Men like to know that you have a casual and fun side to you as well. If you can crack him up, even if it is with lame second-hand jokes, or show him the silly things that you absolutely enjoy doing, it will show him that his girl has a ‘cool’ side to her that he didn’t know about.

#8 You Know How to Turn the Heat Up

It’s good have the balance between being funny and serious but what matters more importantly to him is if you can turn him on. It doesn’t always have to do with looking attractive but about being able to bring in an air of confidence and romance to the atmosphere that he is instantly drawn to you. You should not shy away from expressing your sexual feelings and making him witness your sensuality. Embrace your feminine side and put on some clothes that accentuate your curves. You can even cook a small romantic snack to go with it.

#9 You Are Not Materialistic

Men don’t appreciate women who are all about material enjoyments. This does not mean that you shouldn’t tell him about your love fr shopping but just that, show him you have much more to yourself than finding pretty clothes to buy. It isn’t about the size of the gift that he has given you but the thought that went behind him getting it. Try to appreciate these smaller things in your relationship and see how the bond between you two strengthen.

#10 Being Similar

Though the old adage goes that opposites attract, more often than not, two people in a relationship are looking out for similarities between them to be able to connect. If you find that you and your guy share a lot in common, try to point out these to him casually and he will feel that you can relate to him. This will make him confide in you and look at you as supporting shoulder. Similarities are of most importance especially when it comes to values. If he feels that you believe in the same principles as him, there is nothing more that he is going to need to feel instantly attracted.