Top 10 Reasons why Family should Always come First

Introduction: –

Family is the connection to our past and a bridge to our future. Everyone strives to work hard to give a better living to their family. Even though we have a stressful life, it cannot pass alone. A house becomes a home only when people live together with harmony inside it. Blessed are those who, have someone by their side during the thick and thin phase of life. A family that, eats, laughs, plays, and sleeps together always stays together. The family members may separate due to distance, but, cannot distance their love for each other. However, busy you are in our lives you are sure to return to your home. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons to always keep your family first: –

10. Together Forever: –

We meet many people in our life span but share a special relationship with some. The relations may not stay the same as time passes. But, our family is the one that will stay with us forever. We are sure to count on them during our good and bad phases of life. They will be happy when we succeed and sad when we fall. They are the ones you can always rely on. A family that eats together stays together.


9. Dependence: –

Every member of the family is dependent on one another in different ways. A child is reliant as he receives food, clothing, and shelter. The housewives rely on receiving the funds required to run the house. The grandparents need care and attention from their loved ones. Those who want freedom realize the value of a family only after departing from them. No one can spend their whole life alone. Everyone needs someone who can stay by their side to support them. It is a strange fact that they need to become independent comes along with dependence.

8. Care and Comfort: –

We all always busy in our daily lives, trying to have a good future. With, the aim to secure our future, we are neglecting our present. We all are getting distant from our loved ones. Due to the desire of earning money, we are not able to spare time for our family. On one side, a child keeps waiting for his father to return home from work. On the other hand, when, the parents grow old they, keep waiting for their kids to return. The care and mental peace that we experience from our family cannot be found anywhere in the whole world. A hug from a father and the lap of a mother is what everyone longs for.

7. Safety and Security: –

The care and concern that we receive from our family are very precious. Whenever a child gets hurt, the whole family is tense and takes care of him. The love and affection that every member of the family has for one another are worth treasuring. It is a relief when any family member is with us while going to a lonely, or, strange place. While, coming back home, the late night, the calls show the affection of our parents for us. It is tough to live safely in this world, but, having, people by our side, makes it more accessible.

6. Mentors in Life: –

Friends are indeed the family we choose ourselves. But, at times it happens that we are left alone or cheated by them. At such time our siblings and parents will be standing by our side. Our friends can force us to get trapped in some wrong deeds, but, our family will be, the one to guide us. We must never ignore the advice and warning that our family gives us. Even though they may sound harsh sometimes, but their experience of life can never go wrong. They are our best support, always wanting us to succeed and be happy in life.

5. Growth and Learning: –

The support of the family is necessary for the better growth of a child. The ethics and manners taught to him at an early age help in his upbringing. He learns to respect every individual and help the needy. The parents must notify the behavioral changes taking place in their child. The foundation laid during the early stages of life reflects at the time when he becomes a man. Children learn faster by visualizing things, so, it is necessary to have a friendly atmosphere at home. Each experience in our life we have and every person we meet teach us something new in life.

4. A Happy Place: –

In today’s fast forward world, it is difficult to find time to sit and chat with your family for a while. When you all gather around, leaving all the worries behind it is the happiest time. Every member of the family laughs, eats, plays, talks, and sleeps together remembering the good times. Family is the one that stays together, during the highs and the lows. You can spend a lot of quality time together and discuss your problems freely. It is a place where no one needs to pretend to be someone else. Everyone is relaxed, happy, and content if they know that there is someone to cheer them up. Having a loving and caring family is like a big support system in life.

3. Accepting the real you: –

Now – a – days, to meet the expectations of higher authorities, everyone has become pretentious. We fear to present our authentic self to the world because of the judgemental society. Whereas, when we are with our family, we are happy and carefree. Our parents and siblings can never let us down. Instead, they stand by our side and help in becoming a better person. We can act, sit, and talk freely about anything in front of them. Hence, home is a place which comforts our mind and body.

2. Reliable: –

Sometimes we have a fight with our colleagues or too much burden of work. At such a time, having someone by your side is very necessary. When we are upset, lonely, or angry, we can sit with our family and talk. Watching a movie or going for an adventure trip helps to control stress and anger. We can also rely on them for helping us with our daily chores. We can look up to them to fulfill our financial needs and find solutions to problems. Family is like a shield that stays with us forever.

1. Unconditional Love: –

In a relationship between a man and a woman, there may arise various misunderstandings. But, in the family, everyone is pure hearted. Even if the parents argue over a matter, they resolve their issues quickly. When the brother and sister fight, everyone pampers them, helping them to reconcile. If a child is upset, every member loves him to make him smile. In a family, there must be love and understanding among all. Everyone, in the family, wishes to stay as close as possible. Sometimes due to work issues, everyone has to stay away.

Conclusion: –

Family is indeed one of the most priced things in the world, so always keep your family first. Those blessed with a family should be grateful to God. It is only because of our family that we have reached great heights. They guide, love, scold, advice, nurture, and protect us every time. As Mitch Albom has said that, Sticking by your family is what makes it a family. So, remember to stay united and connected in life.