Top 10 Reasons why Flirting is Better than Commitment

The premier thought that comes to our mind when in a relationship with somebody is ” I should not flirt, I am in a relationship”. The majority of people who will be reading this article will have their brows raised in disapproval. When a person is in a relationship, he has a deep connection with his partner but there are possibilities that he develops a normal minor affectionate relationship with somebody else.

Flirting may start with a simple hello, a drink at a bar or a hug more than second etc. It may be the cute guy you found at work. It can be your male friend too with whom you gel up well. Flirting can be done in healthy ways too. There is a fine thin line between cheating and flirting. Flirting is about doing silly and fun things together while not getting romantically involved with each other at the same time. More often, it does get converted into a relationship unless you lose control over yourself. The best part about flirting is that you have fun with somebody without worrying about getting judged. It’s like a no-strings-attached sort of thing. It’s like an uncomplicated, easy and a light relationship.

Let us look at some reasons that prove how flirting is better than a commitment:

1.The idea of feeling trapped in a relationship

The notion of a relationship is often associated with the idea of being confined. As the initial happy stage of a relationship ends, the two people who decided to hold on to each other forever start feeling imprisoned. Feeling for somebody else in the slightest manner seems to be mental cheating and we tend to stop ourselves from showing interest in other people. But little do we forget ,the more we try to control our basic demands, the more trapped we feel in life. Better to be out of a love relationship and talk to people you feel attracted to. This way you feel liberated and enjoy happiness you tend to fetch for yourself..Flirting is a fun activity

2.Flirting is a fun activity

How exciting it sounds when you are about to see your crush at a party? You involuntarily do preparations to impress her with your imbibed talents.But these feelings don’t last long for a specific person and you soon envisage a new route right after you are done flirting with the previous one. Flirting with people is a person decision and if you are somebody whose always up for some fun then go for it. It is something which is desired by almost everybody because of its nature full of freedom.

3.Flirting also reduces stress

You had a tough day at work and need to uncoil? Go for a drink or dinner with a bunch of friends to lessen the stress which bundled up due to abundant work. Talking to a new girl also seems right just as hanging around with a convoy of co-workers seems sound. You are bound to feel fresh after a small fun flirt session and a few drinks with your mates.

4.Flirting is said to boost self-esteem

Everybody wants to feel wanted and loved. You know you are in a relationship with somebody for years and there comes a point when he doesn’t seem interested in small or big things related to you.And, when you start flirting with other boys and see how responsive they are, you get an immediate satisfaction and high boost up in your self-esteem. Checking out whether you are still absorbing or not isn’t any mistake ever. So, go out and flirt and don’t give up on yourself.

5.Flirting helps you to go higher in life

When there is an appealing work at the workplace, you work too hard to stand out from the rest. But in front of your girlfriend, you don’t work or study to show your performance from the fear of being judged or criticized. All you want is getting noticed when you’re on the top. There is no harm in flirting if it stimulates you to become better.

6.Flirting helps you in improving your looks

Boyfriends or girlfriends get so used to you that they hardly are able to notice your new hairstyle or dress you just bought. But when it comes to new guys or girls, everything changes.They notice you and their attention acts as an impetus to your new improved looks. You feel like dressing in the best possible way to grab the attention of different people. And, wanting to be pampered by somebody is a no big deal.

7. Bad eating habits are changed drastically

We tend to eat in a messy way when out with our partner. We also tend to binge on unhealthy foods with the thought of not being judged if gained weight. But as you start flirting with other guys, your bad habits change into good habits and you start eating healthy with the fear of wanting to look good all the time and of being judged by a new person. You shall lose all the stubborn fat in no time. Try it out instantly!

8.It motivates you to workout

Your partner keeps telling you to hit the gym now and then but you are lazy to do so. Hitting the gym is not an easy job until you meet your cardio teacher who is way too attractive. Everything seems easier once you’ve met your teacher with whom you can flirt in a fun manner. You will never be healthier in your whole life. You can’t wait to go to the gym every day. Have you found your smart teacher yet?

9. Flirting helps you to value yourself

we forget about our identity when dating a similar individual for quite a while. It brings playing with another person to recollect how interesting and fun we are. In view of a few contentions you had with your beau, you may believe you’re irritating and unusual. You will just perceive how wrong you are the point at which the person you’re playing with begins seeing the best in you. It will make you esteem your identity.

10. Flirting helps in improving your communication skills

Keep in mind how you used to converse with your sweetheart before she was your better half? All the invigorating discussions and astute jokes? That is altogether gone at this point. You’re utilized to each other and anything you say will be sufficient. You don’t need to attempt. Not until you begin playing with the new girl or boy.You start making efforts, initiatives again and eventually you communication skills get better and better with every new try.