Top 10 Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Fun

Well, I feel that Hostel is like a spider-web or a cocoon that shapes you and brings the metamorphosis to prepare you for independent living. It’s not precisely independent living in the Hostel but more of a co-dependent life with your co-workers, fellow mates, and friends. It’s more like a symbiotic relationship between people. You tend to depend on your roommates for certain things for daily needs such as toothpaste, deodorant, formal shoes, stationers, and the essential thing food from home. But it teaches you a lot about independent living. One of the most important lessons is Minding your Money. You will eventually learn to manage all the household activities along with college life. There are so many of them, and I’m swaying on what should be the most appropriate top ten reasons why hostel life is so much fun.

Here are the top ten reasons which are listed below:


1. Students bond over Maggie:

Maggi is the lifeline in a place called Hostel. Maggie is something for which everyone can at least say that you know how to cook something. Not just the cooking aspect, but you become an expert of sorts. You can even beat famous street-food by creating your own special Maggi. Maggi is so crucial for every hosteler that it invariably becomes their birthday cake. Yes, people do cut Maggi instead of cake on their birthdays. It’s a vital part of their celebration process. If something goes wrong people eat Maggie, something goes right then. Also, they have Maggie. Since centuries Maggie has become an integral part of their life.

2. When in trouble, Drink Tea!

You can’t imagine hostel life without Tea involved in it. You enjoy, and you become such a tea lover that you know locations of different tea points at every corner around your Hostel. It doesn’t matter if it’s exam time, doubt solving, feeling confused all students rely on just one cup of Tea to get through the tough day.

3. Party is their hostel anthem.

Party is the anthem for all the hostel people – “they work hard and party harder.” There is always a fantastic free bar service in Hostel with trance, EDM’s, desi Bollywood music at high, loud amplifiers. Hostel Family doesn’t need any special occasion to party, it’s a part of Hostel culture, and everyone follows it. Partying is more like a tradition from several years, and existing students make sure that it’s still followed.

4. Insomnia is the new cool:

People in Hostel usually don’t sleep much. They have the average sleeping span of like 4-6 hours, and that’s it. They survive on five hours of sleep, and maybe that’s because they chose to make memories than sleeping. Hostel friends are always up for late-night conversation. People are up all night; perhaps because of studies, parties, or pranks. Imagine as if you are staying with so many people, you have so much to do, so how can you sleep? There is always this one common question asked by many is – when to sleep? At lectures obviously. Nights are fun in the Hostel, where you gossip, play games, and party and celebrate everything.

5. Everyone becomes a Philosopher:

Irrespective of where you belong, people will come to you for advice if you are a known one. It doesn’t matter in which stream you belong or which field you are doing graduation/post Graduation; at last, you will end up becoming an expert in philosophy. You get free training in developing your skills in advising the lovelorn people or broken hearts, Warnings, Lectures and so the list is never-ending. There is always a love guru, solution queen in every Hostel. I hope you meet one and they become your best friend.

6. Keeping your sanity is Important in mid of the journey:

There is one Guru Mantra for all the hostel-people that is “Stay grounded.” You become so down to earth. You know the condition of your money-pocket. So Cold-drinks, CCD’S Cold coffee, Chocolate milk, cakes, fruits are luxury for us. In the contemporary age where on-stream reality is replacing fact in every phase of our lives, having our face behind our virtual real estate is cardinal for people to feel close(er) to us. Video and text are not mutually exclusive. They never were. You should always consider the more exceptional picture and be apprised of how video and writing can help one another to convey the appropriate message.

7. The Hostel is a Social-Lounge full of Facilities:

A hostel is a place where you meet so many people from different corners of the world, and by the end of it, you eventually make contacts and grow simultaneously. Hostel People become such a pro at digital media and all the social media platforms. Hostel people exploit that part of digital media to the core. Hostel WiFi is the best thing. One can use everything in and around campus – Free downloads, Skype, Viber, Movies, TV series, Youtube, Facebook. It keeps them updated about the outer, real world.

8. Responsibility and freedom go hand in hand:

You become independent, and you get up on your own, wash your utensils and clothes. We learn many useful things as we can adjust to all situations. We become more careful and responsible human beings.
There are so many things that you learn in school and college, but the actual learning experience comes from leading a hostel life. “Hostels are fun.” you eventually need to learn and manage both the things.

9. You make memories for life:

The time you spent in the Hostel, the lessons you learned, the friendships you make in Hostel, stays with you for the rest of your life. Every coin has two sides; you eventually make both sweet and bitter memories. Bitter memories help you grow as an individual and improves your decision-making abilities. It gives you lessons for life. From sharing your room to sharing your thoughts, you get closer to your mates; probably that’s why we often regard them as Hostel’s Lifeline. Things come and go, but memories stay with us. They will remain you with you, and the love will be with you throughout your life.

10. Caring and sharing is the new way of living healthy and Fun hostel-life

Once you shift to Hostel Life, then adjustment and maintenance are your two keywords. Your life will entirely revolve around these two words. You will make enemies, make friends, and make countless stories in this phase. You will eventually realize the real value of money, and it’s importance, this realization might bring a drastic and new change in your life.


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